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When a Great White Shark washes up dead on a Californian beach with inexplicable wounds, questions soon follow. For a few days, the shark posthumously enjoys local and national limelight. After thorough investigations into the death of the beast yield nothing, the incident is soon forgotten and life goes on.
For Tamsin however, 17 year old foster daughter of professional couple Vince and Barbara Gill, the event is a prophecy of further bloodshed much of it human. Knowing what, or rather who butchered the shark, Tamsin waits, powerless to stop the carnage she knows is about to unfold. Matters are further complicated when ‘new boy’, Bradley Hollister shows up at school. Despite ample interest shown him from other students, the enigmatic and good looking Bradley focuses exclusively on Tamsin, despite her decided disinterest. Eventually she is compelled to countenance a relationship with him that could potentially expose her and others of her kind, the consequences of which could be catastrophic.
On a chance meeting with him in town and a subsequent impromptu date, the couple are prevailed upon by three men with worst of intentions. A fight breaks out, in which Bradley’s life is threatened. To save him from being mortally wounded and nullify the threat to them both, Tamsin is compelled to reveal herself as similar being to the species responsible for killing the shark.
Subsequently she shares her secret in its entirety, the watery depths whence her species originate, and the reason why so many have taken up residence on land in the last few years. Far from being thwarted, Bradley’s love grows for the mysterious sea dweller that (like everyone else) he had mistakenly assumed to be human. Tamsin abandons her natural sensibilities and better judgement to indulge in a relationship with a land dweller that is seemingly doomed from the start. Her worst fears are confirmed when the threat of extinction returns to her species and those of them on land must leave to liberate those that still reside in the deep.
With the threat of conflict looming, Tamsin must reconcile herself to the fact that what she most wished has passed, what she most feared is imminent. In the theatre of war will love be forced to take its final bow?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: July 28, 2014

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Submitted: July 28, 2014



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By T P Clements

“This morning America has joined a global confederation of countries, the only membership requirement, the mysterious disappearance of 10s, 100s, and in some extreme cases, 1000s of its teenage boys and girls.
Good Morning everyone, I’m Katie Kassall, reporting to you for CTRN, live from our studios in Burbank, California.
In what at this early stage is hoped to be the most elaborate prank ever played, tens of thousands of teenagers around the globe, hundreds so far in the US alone, have been reported missing. Police got the first calls around 7 O’clock this morning from frantic parents awakening to the stark reality that their teenage sons and daughters hadn’t slept in their beds that night, or shown any evidence of returning home from previous evening’s activities. Police were initially cautious in their response, as this is not unusual behaviour for teenagers, especially older ones nearing the end of a school year. As the morning wore on however, and calls began to come in from states all over the lower part of the country, including much of the coast of California, alarm bells started to go off. At this stage authorities are urging parents to stay calm, suggesting that the scale of the phenomenon may very well indicate an elaborate hoax, set up on social networks perhaps in protest about something, or simply be a misguided prank. Cold comfort for parents around the world for whom every second of every minute hence has become a living hell, back to you Phil and Leslie in the studio for more on this story.”
“Thanks Katie, we’ll be talking to you later, hopefully with some good news.”
“Staying of course with this bizarre and very unsettling story, we have with us in the studio, Dr Lazarus Sum, Harvard Professor and arguably one of the world’s most respected psychologists.”
“Dr Sum, good morning,”
“Turn it off Vince!”

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