A Not so Cinderella Story

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Everyone loves a happy ending right? Yeah that’s what I thought too till I got the very thing I had always wanted. Turns out I had never wanted anything more then to escape it once I had it. But now I was trapped in this world with all the others. Is death my only escape?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A not so cinderella story

Submitted: January 30, 2011

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Submitted: January 30, 2011




“Eveleigh this is silly carnivals are for children” My friend whispers to me.

“No they are not. Carnivals are awesome I mean where else can you see a 7 foot man or a lady with a beard?” I giggle. I mean what could be more awesome then the carnival right? There’s kettle corn, freak shows, and those creepy rides. I’ve sort of had an obsession with carnivals ever seen I was little and I remember seeing this one show.

There was this one boy with the grayest eyes I had ever seen. And every time I went to a carnival I would look for those same gray eyes. They weren’t the kind of eyes you can forget easily. I haven’t found those same eyes yet. Those eyes had captivated me from that moment on.

But I was a young lady now as my dad put it. I’m not suppose to believe in those kinds of fantasy. Secretly I did though and no one would ever know my secret wish of seeing those gray eyes again. It gave me hope to carry on every year. And ever since I meet Ian I didn’t have much hope.

Ian took my hand and I tried to wiggle free of his grasp. He only held my hand tighter and pulled me closer into him. His grip on my hand was quiet firm and he didn’t seem like he would be letting go anytime soon.

“Let’s go to the hall of mirrors Ev.” He whispers in my ear. I see my friend smile a bit at me and waves me on. I shake my head no but it’s too late he has my hand and is dragging me off to the hall of mirrors. He pushes back a black curtain as we enter this room filled with all mirrors.

“You know I love you right Ev?” I hear him mumble to me. I don’t answer I just stand there looking at all the bruises on my arm. I slowly shake my head. His grip tightens more around my hand. I don’t look to see his face instead I look back at the girl standing in the mirror.

Her hair is a dull faded blue with black tips on the ends. Her eyes are as black as can be just like oxygen. She is wearing a blue bow on her head that is made of satin. Then I look back at her arms once more. I count the bruises there. One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

“You’re suppose to love me.” He drops my hand and throws a punch into the mirror. His hand bloodied and he just stares at me. I watch as the blood drops to the ground. He tries to hug me to touch me again but I just push him away from me. I can see it coming now. His other hand slowly swings around only to come in contact with my cheek.

I can taste the blood inside my mouth and I look up into his eyes. They are filled with sorrow and I can see all his pain and misery is there. But I don’t care anymore. I know he’s going to beg my forgiveness once again. I know he’s going to do it all again.

“I will never love you Ian.” I can see his eyes as an angry storm and I know what is going to come next. Instead it doesn’t all I see is a fog and a pair of gray eyes. As the world just slowly fades away.

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