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Hearts with no eyes

I open up my eyes to see the morning light shining in and his eyes staring deeply into mine. He seems a little frail though and now I think back to the poison and everything that happened when I first kissed him. Is the poison killing him?

“The scientists said they don’t know what’s going to happen to me. I might die from the poison or I might live they don’t really know if we can die or not unless we can’t feed off emotions for long periods of time or are terminated by the scientists themselves. They have yet to terminate Rapture so I suppose that’s a good sign for me…” His voice trails off and I can feel hurt and pain in his voice when he speaks of Rapture. I begin to wonder what connect Thorne has to Rapture now. He obviously seems to care about him.

“How do you know Rapture?” I question.

“He’s my brother.” I’m not at all prepared for his answer and it throws me off guard. His brother? His brother tried to rape me? It doesn’t really make any sense in my mind now and I just wanted to scream at Rapture for everything he tried to do to me. He can tell the look on my face is one of utter disgust so he adds. “He wasn’t this bad when we were younger. But the experiments they killed him inside. There was this one human girl he was placed with at the age of 14. She was quiet and shy and at first he didn’t understand her but after a while he got to know her. They began to fall in love and then they took her from him. The only thing he had ever loved in this world other than me was taken away from him. They took her to what now is the snow covered field and they burned her. He and I both tried to save her. Her name was Willow and he loved her so much you don’t even know. But they wanted him to feed from her emotions and he refused so they took her and burned her.”

I gasp at this information and think of the poor girl being burned in the field. How could anyone do that to someone? Especially her she was so young she deserved better than that.

“I think he saw you in her…I think he wanted so much to believe that you were her and that it was going to be alright. It’s been years and he hasn’t gotten over her yet. I think he just wants to rewind back to the day when me met her. He loved her so much you don’t even know. He was a love-sick fool for her and she was love-sick for him they were always together and he would always protect from the scientists wishes saying her system is too weak to handle him taking her emotions. He refused to hurt her and in the end they hurt her themselves. On sunny days he says he can still imagine her smiling face looking outside the window. But that was the thing with Willow this place it made her go insane and finally near the end when they were so sick of his denial and refusing to take her emotions they knew she wouldn’t be able to stop them. He knew she was slowly losing her mind day by day but he loved her all the same. That’s the part he couldn’t save her from though from…losing her mind…her everything.

I sigh a little now and my heart goes out to Rapture. I wish I could meet her somehow. Then an idea forms in my head what if she could like be brought back somehow. I want to voice my thoughts to Thorne but I think he’ll just laugh at me now. So I don’t voice them to him and I let my mind wander.

I think of Willow now and I think of losing my mind. I won’t become what she had before they killed her. I won’t go insane. We have to escape from this place. We have to leave now. My mind is set off in a panic by just thinking of going in sane and being burned. I can’t stay here we have to escape, we have to escape now.

“We have to escape now Thorne now.” I hear myself screaming into the room. My voice echoes and comes back to me and it just sets me more into a panic. I feel like the room is closing in on me and like the world is getting smaller. I think everything starts to become darker now and it just stops moving. Slow motion becomes the center of my vision now and I feel like I can feel myself becoming more and more claustrophobic. I want to leave from here now I just wanna run away and never look back. My breathing becomes faster and faster and my heart speeds up. He takes my hand and tries to make me calm down but it doesn’t work and I can feel the walls closing in around me.

“It’s okay, don’t worry you’ll be fine just breathe in and out and calm down.” Calm down?! I don’t think so. There was no way I was ever gunna be calm right now. I was in freaking out mode and I don’t think this would help. I don’t think anything will help expect leaving this place and going out into the freezing nipping cold. I take his hand and walk over to the window. I open it and look down into the freezing snow. I jump down into it and the condescending into the white fluff and I feel that my legs are already becoming numb. I can see his eyes look down on me and he plummets into the snow along with me.

I look against the wall and the scene I see sprawled before me scares the living shit out of me. Rapture is sitting up against the wall in the deep snow and his arm is bleeding. There’s blood in strands of his hair and his face is smeared with blood. I see a knife on the ground covered with metallic color blood. I gasp now for I think he’s dead his eyes are closes and I crawl a little closer to him. I touch his wrist and look for a pulse and there is a very faint pulse there. I put my hand against his chest and I feel a faint heartbeat there also. His eyes open and I can hear him whisper something.

“Winter spirit a girl winter spirit she did this.” Belle she did this to him. But why would she even try to do this to him. She doesn’t even know him. Maybe, oh no. Maybe she thought that he was Thorne and by killing him or leaving him for dead would scare me off or something. The wind blows hair in my face then and I can see his figure, his blue/blackish hair. He walks up to me and looks me right in the eyes.

He places his hand on my cheek where the frost bite is spreading and pain pricks all throughout my body. I can feel myself screaming and I feel like a knife is pushing itself into my head just wedging itself there. Like a frozen dagger being wedged deeper and deeper in my head. My vision is a hazy bluish gray and I can see. Rapture stands up and he grabs me around the waist then I can hear his voice.

“Listen winter sprit if you lay one finger on her I’ll kill you. You hear me? I’ll kill you. Thorne come here she needs you.” He cough and I can see metallic blood settling onto the snow. I freeze up all together and try not to think of the knife being wedged in my head. Trying not to think of the pain coursing throughout my body. Just then my lungs become clouded with shards of ice once more. I feel like little shards of glass are poking out every which way in my body. The agony of it all is too much and I just sit there and scream out into the distance. Tears streak my cheeks and Rapture’s blood begins to leave marks on my shirt.

“You see what you’re love is doing to her. It’s killing her. If you don’t let me have her and let her become my snow princess well that ice in her lungs will kill her faster than you can say snowball. I suggest you let me have her. She is mine now the transformation is already happening I mean look at her skin! It’s turning blue and frost bitten soon she’ll just be a faded memory. Give her to me and I promise I won’t hurt her and if you don’t she will die by her own hand…” He trails off and I try to figure out what he means. My own hands?

Rapture’s grip begins to loosen on me and Frost grabs me picking him up so I’m settled on his back like he’s giving me a piggy back ride. My lungs clear up a little now and the shards of ice don’t feel like they’re piercing my lungs but breathing still hurts. I can’t bear to see Thorne’s face I know it’s one of betrayal and hurt. I can bear to see him being broken they’re only room for one of us to be broken and right now I have that spot called.

He smells really good and I try not to get too caught up in this moment. As his feet shuffle through the snow I can feel the world becoming lighter and lighter around me. Like everything has just turned weightless all of a sudden. I smile into his hair and just let this moment get the best of me. And I know I’m letting him have what he wants cause I know he wants me to fall for him. He probably thinks I am right now but my heart has already been stolen my Thorne it belongs to someone else, and I will never surrender it to Mr. Ice Prince. I won’t let him turn my heart stone cold and turn it into nothing but ice, leaving me to feel nothing but the numbness; no I won’t go back there, not again...

Author's note:Well in the next chapter I am considering a flash back of her past. But I'm not sure if I wanna write that or not. I'll see what I'm going to do. Sorry if this chapter is a little too short! The next one will be longer I promise! (:I think this will make a few people like Rapture a little bit more since he actually does have a heart. I hope anyone who reads this chapter will comment and or critizie it! Oh and by the way I'm going to Tahoe to snowboard so I won't be here to take reading requests or update this story. So if you want me to read something of yours just expect me to read it later in the week when I have time. Okay well that's about it enjoy this chapter!

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Oh my gosh! Your going to Tahoe? The Nevada side or the California side? I live just on the other side of tahoe, (the Nevada side!)
I love this chapter! You were right, it does make me feel a little more sorry for Rapture, he just is heart broken... :( Poor him!
I can't wait to read more!
I also think that a chapter of her past would be an awesome idea! Ahhh I'd love it!
P.S. -Have fun snowboarding!

Sat, March 12th, 2011 6:20pm


Ahah yeah I went to Tahoe :D the Cali side. Awwh I never been to Nevada before hmmm I wonder what it's like there. :o Yeah poor Rapture D: Kay good cause I'm thinking about putting in a chapter with that idea (: Thank you for commenting!

Mon, March 14th, 2011 1:16pm

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