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More than meets the eye

I woke up to the sound of an alarm blaring in my ears and the blond hair guy trying to find a key to unlock my cell. All this noise is giving me a margin and I can’t help but see a desperate look in his eyes.

“What’s going on?!” I scream.

“There’s been a brech in the system it’s our time to escape. If I could just find some goddamn keys.” He franticly looks around for the keys. I see something gleaming on top of a little ledge on the wall.

“The wall there’s something there get it!” I shout. He looks up and see the gleaming piece of metal. He reaches for it managing to get it down. He thrusts the key into the key hole and unlocks it. He takes my hand in his and we begin to run. I’m not sure where were running to everything looks the same to me. We run down the hallway coming across a small room that has a little door on the floor of it. He grabs a hold of the latch and pulls it up. He begins to descend down the dark hole and I can only make out a shadow of his figure.

“C’mon we have to escape out of here.” He whispers. I look down and notice a ladder leading down to somewhere. I climb down into the hole and close the little door behide me. We are now in complete and utter darkness. Finally I hear a noise at the bottom of the ladder.

“Hey I made it down it’s not that far. One sec let me just light some. Shit.” I can see a light now and I can see the ladder in front of me. I countinue going down the ladder and leap off and bump into him by accident.

“Hey watch where you’re standing!” I demand.

“Well I would have if you didn’t just bump into me.” He sneers.

“Look we don’t have to leave here Thorne is still here…we need to find him. He can help us.” I say with hope.

“You mean a demon don’t you? Forget it I’m not helping any emotion stealing leech. I’m not going to find any emotion stealing leech and I am not going to have anything to do with those stupid creatures. Do you not realize there dangerous? All of them. You can’t turn your back on them for a second..” He explains.

“What are you even talking about? I think you’ve in this place too long all that dust is clouding up your head. They’re just trying to run some dumb experiments on their kind and humans to see how long they can last without killing one.” I shudder remembering Thorne’s words when he was talking about my emotions.

“You honestly have no clue do you? God you people are all the same. Anyways my name is Chaos just take my hand and hold onto me alright?” He tells me.

“Uh alright Chaos. Nice name.” I tease.

“Hey its better then what you’re name is. Oh wait that’s right you haven’t told me.” He laughs and I feel slightly embarrassed for forgetting my manners. But we were “supposedly in danger” this was no time for introductions.

“Belladonna if you must know. Let’s just keep going.” We move faster now and I can feel the cobwebs loaming over us. We are walking a faster pace now and I feel like he is dragging me. Finally we come across a dead end and then I see a ball of light that appears. He pushes against the wall and it opens as we come into a chamber with very little light and someone chained to the ground. I can hear the person mumbling and make out a silhouette of the person. But then a change of light and I can see nothing is really there. I feel fear overwhelm me.

“Keep up with me.” He barks. I run closer to him and grab his arm. This place was like a maze I don’t think we’d be getting out any time soon. My whole body is becoming cold now and I can feel a change in the air. Something isn’t right here. But I push forward and ignore how my body is screaming something is wrong. Finally I can take it no longer and I speak up telling Chaos of the weird feeling I have.

Something’s wrong here. I can sense it. But we trail forward none the less. We move forward and I try to keep myself from screaming as I’m on the verge of freaking out. I clutch his hand harder and I can hear soft whispers.

“Do you hear…” I stop as he puts a finger to my lips and scans around the room.

“Be quiet.” He instructs. My heart is pounding in my ears and my muscles become tense. Then that’s when I hear screams through the room and someone takes a blind fold and wraps is around my eyes. The person knocks me down to the ground. The screams are becoming more muffled now and I can hear Chaos and the person fighting. I can then feel something hitting my head and words in my ear.

“You’re lovely my dear you really are. It’s such a shame I’m going to have to kill you.” The voice says and I black out.

Author's note

This is the second to last chapter. And the last chapter is going to be super duper long. So I would have snacks and stuff i fyour going to read it. I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. And the writer's block has gone away! Please comment and critize.

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