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It twas a tainted kiss that sinned thy lips

So here I am in freezing ice cold snow in the middle of Canada in the middle of winter knocked out cold. Ice hard in my lungs and my breath shallow as I grasp to breathe correctly. My eyes are plastered shut and I can feel a cold air shutter on my face. Voices swam around in my head and I try to pick out the one I want to focus on.

“She’s bleeding…what have you done to her you fucking winter spirit?!” I hear a voice scream. I try to move but my body is perfectly frozen wear it is and it doesn’t react to my actions. I must be too cold to function properly I think to myself. I can hear a snarl in someone’s throat and try to make a noise but it’s no use my lips are frozen shut and feel like they have been pasted together with glue. Then I feel a hand touching my cheek and then stroking it gingerly. I want to reach up instinctively to take this hand and let it melt the ice on my cheek but to my avail no such desire happens.

I can hear Belle’s musical icy voice now taking over the conversation. Her coldness brushing off onto the demon.

“Oh pa-lease” She says as two syllables. “Like Snow Boy here would even lay a finger on her. Listen up violet eyes she bleeding cause I gave her a winter’s kiss. The little who…” He cuts her off.

“Don’t even say that about her. She is no such thing. What exactly have you done to her Winter Girl since you decide on nicknames now. My name is actually Thorne thank you very much. It’d be nice if oh I dunno you could maybe get it right!” He yells now and I can tell he’s angry.” All these names were adding up to Gothic city in my head. I mean Frost, Belle and Thorne? What are we living in a mid-evil castle?

“Well Thorne I simply kissed her cheek. And now the ice is in her lungs and the frost bite is spreading on her face. In a few days she will be nothing but an ice sculpture. But you know if she is the true Snow Princess or whatever it is and Frost comes to love her then it might break the spell…” She whispers barely audio for anyone to hear it but me. This was starting to sound more and more like a fairytale every second.

I can feel a cold chilly hand reach for mine to try to brush the frost off my face but it just goes more in my skin. Daggers of ice prick my skin under the surface and I can hear myself make a soft whimper. I feel like I’m trapped in a fairytale storybook far away from home. I can feel Frost reach down to my neck and he lets his hang linger there. I shiver from his touch his hand is lingering right under when my necklace is. This is pretty far down my neck. I want to wake up and tell him to keep his hands to himself.

Boys are such cavemen. Not to mention I feel like he has some bad intentions for me. I can feel that Thorne’s eyes are hardening now and that he probably want to kick Frost’s ass just about now. Probably wasn’t the best thing to see the girl he almost kissed having her neck being touch by some winter spirit.

“Get you snow mitts off her Winter boy.” I can hear him grinding his teeth now. He’s probably turning red right now. Just the thought of the two fighting again especially over me made me almost want to gag. Boys had never ever fought over me but maybe this was just Thorne’s mission to keep me alive maybe that involved not letting some winter sprit having me for his Snow Princess. What the hell did he expect from me anyways? I was no one’s prize to be won. I am no one’s Snow Princess.

I can feel a soft cold hand touch my other cheek now and I can feel his touch bringing me alive. But I can still feel as the ice pricks deeper into my skin. Nothing seems to be helping with my current condition. My eyes slowly flutter open as I can see his blue ice eyes staring into my own. I feel queasy now from all this and remember breathing is a little difficult for me right now. Thorne pushed him aside and hugs me rubbing my arms as fast as he can leaning is forehead against mine. I can feel his breathe steady and almost rhythmic with my heart beat.

His smells consumes me its intoxicating to be this close to him right here in the freezing snow. I can feel’s eyes burning a hole in the back of Thorne’s head but I don’t think he cares. He just leans closer to me and puts his fingers on my lips. I shut my eyes tight then waiting for his soft lips to caress mine. Waiting for them to roam my mouth and let me taste the sweetness of him. I want him so badly to kiss me but I think of the poison that rests on my lips. It would kill him instantly. And a piece of me suddenly dies a little bit inside. Instead he takes his fingers and whips blood off my lips

I feel disappoint rise up in me and I want to demand him to plant his lips against mine and kiss me right now! Forget about seductive Snow Boy being Snow Princess sounds like a lot of work anyways. All I want is to fade into this moment with Thorne and have his lips press against mine. Letting his mouth explore mine and our tongues dance in rhythm and become one. I am shocked by my own thoughts and I try to quickly ease away from him but it’s no use his grip is like steel on my and I knows he doesn’t want to let me go.

Then it hits me the painful silent that I have been experiencing for what must be minutes now. I can see that Frost’s jar clenches and his fist all balled up like he is ready to kill Thorne. Just the thought sends shivers down my spines and then all of a sudden his lips are next to mine again and he is looking straight into my eyes. I bit my lower lip and I can suddenly feel his icy breathe against my lips. His scent consuming me begging me for more. I gulp as he tilts my head up to his so I can see into those violet eyes of his.

“I won’t let him hurt you. I promise.” His voice is smooth now and it wraps around my mind. The words like silk all flowing together into one big jumble in my head. The anger I had once felt towards him has melted away and I can feel myself pressing my lips against his tasting the sweetness of his mouth. I close my eyes and kiss him hard and passionately. His hand intertwines with mine as our tongues dance the tango. His lips are moist and smell just like after it rains. My world is starting to become now and I can feel him smiling under our kiss. He presses his lips hard against mine and I hear him mumble something to me.

“I won’t let you go. You’ll all mine Belladonna. All mine.” The sounds of the world fill my ears and I can feel tears prick my eyes threatening to spill over. I know what is going to happen now he is going to die. The poison will fill his body and it will consume him. Like wild fire it will eat away at his body until there is nothing more left. I let out a gasp and I know he can taste the salt in my tears now. He cups my face and just whispers in my ear. I shake my head and his lips keep moving against mind like we are now bound to be one forever.

There doesn’t seem to be an escape for either of us a tainted kiss was my sin and now I shall be purged for it.

Authos's note: I'm going to begin with the fact that I might have use a few tiny swear words in here. My deepest aplogies if you rather not see that in my story. But it is my story none the less and I am allowed to put what I please in it. I feel like this chapter has a Romeo and Juliet vibe to it for some reason. The whole way she describe the kiss I guess. Maybe it's just cause I finsihed reading that book. Well anyways this chapter was a bit hard to write for me since I really was deciding against putting the kiss in there. Well its in there now! And I shall just work out the consuqunces later when I feel like it. YES! Mwahahahaha. Well I think thats about it for my author's note hope you enjoy this sin purging chapter filled with tainted kissing! Please comment and or critize is always welcome.

Submitted: March 07, 2011

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Awwww! Demon boy-- Err, I mean Thorne, finally shows some feelings! FINALLY! Awwwh! I loveee him

Tue, March 8th, 2011 7:41pm


My gosh you type about but the more the marrier! Hehe I love long comments! Its makes me so hapy to see them. They bring a HUGE SMILE to my face. And yes Demon Boy does finally show some feelings. I don't mind you calling him Demon boy lol it has a nice ring to it. (: You'll just have to read the next chapter when I post it and find out! Lol I'm trying to figure out what to do with Thorne hmmm.

I think every on Booksie might just be hibernating D: plus I don't really ask too many people to read my novels so maybe thats why. >.> And if you wanna do something about it go ahead lol (: Yeah I think it's cause theres a forbidden love between her and Thorne hehe.

Awwh thank you! Hehe I found a few typos here and there so I'm gunna comb through it once more to get those out. I will write another chapter as soon as I can! No need to bed. (: And I will make the chapter one of the longest chapters I have writen yet! I LOVE YOUR LONG COMMENT. ?

Tue, March 8th, 2011 12:01pm


Oh my gosh! It cut off my huge comment! Rude! I hope you get to read it though...

Tue, March 8th, 2011 7:41pm


Yes I did get to read it. That is rude of Booksie! D:< Cutting off your long comment like that! The nerve!

Tue, March 8th, 2011 12:02pm

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