The Dream Keeper

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: June 20, 2013

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Submitted: June 20, 2013



What conspired that night was the following of a night terror one the boy must have had within recent memory. And so it proceeded to unfold before my eyes.

“Father, father.” A figure mumbled.

“Velten, my work consumes me. I do not have time for such silliness as that you wish to bear upon me. With haste tell me what it is you want.”

“A letter has been brought it is addressed to you, father.” The boy replied fear sending tremors down his being.

Quick fingers snatched the letter from the boy’s hand. Secrecy hidden within each movement the boy noticed to his father’s dismay. One pair of eyes began to read the letters aided by another pair of curious eyes unbeknownst to the man. Black ink ate across the paper written with the upmost speed as if trying to prevent the ink from being eaten by the very air that surrounded it. The letter holding meaning that was barely within the boy’s grasp. It read:

Dear Albaine,

A new evil is not better than an old one. Those creatures prey on the flesh of the innocence’s. All due to your choice of following your grandmother’s ways. Those dead were once people too; you seem to have forgotten this sacred truth. A new girl goes missing weekly and you have just chosen to turn a blind eye. I am no longer one to stand by and let you have your way. Let me become part of the lake if that is your will. The haunting eyes of the dead see your evil ways and they shall be the ones who punish you for these actions of sacrifice as you call them. Too long have I sat by and watched as lives have gone, just as your life has flourished with each passing dead girl. These are not the diaries of a madman, Albaine and in time you will come to see that. The creatures though we think them to contain no memory must recollect the basic instinct of revenge that course through their icy veins and if so what is to become of the girls? I pray as I must for their safety yet you do not reciprocate my actions. Hell does not look too kindly on cowards Albaine. If you continue to let those youths die then you are one to condone murder. How will the townspeople react to find one of their esteemed elders sacrificing the very foundation of the town’s future? Make your choice Albaine, before I decide to make mine.

Yours truly…

The sender had not taken but a few moments to scribble his or her name he noted. The letter certainly held significant if the sender did not wish to even reveal their name.

So it was with utter importance the boy never reveal this truth to his father, of how he knew the cause of  the missing girls. How what was in the lake was the creation of his great grandmother and yet her practices continued to flourish. Of course Albaine could not come to comprehend his son’s sacrifice though it only left room for harboring feelings of hate to flesh out the good natured boy. Was he not condoning the error of his father’s ways if he choose to remain silent? Surely his voice meant little in a sea of authority, like which his father held. No his voice would simply be drowned out by his father’s.

Many a nights the boy made rest with a guilty conscious weighing upon him like an anchor that threatened to drag him into the depths. Finally he could no longer leave such havoc to wreck itself towards the innocence he would converse with his father pleading him to listen. The following night paved the battle his father and him would reenact every night of how the boy wished to save what his father had already chosen to break. And so it was with that the boy set out to stop more youths from going missing for it was only a matter of time that he knew he would take a wife and surely she would go missing too. A desire though admittley selfish was one that burned through him deeper than any rite of passage would.

And so he spent his days basking outside in the sun, clinging close to the lake like a child clings to its mother, even at nightfall did he venture out making sure none had pierced the lake’s calm surface. Of course, though it was not long before he took notice of a girl making her way out to view the lake during the edge of sunset. He watched her cautiously deciding the best course of action and finally settled on speaking to her upon her return into the town.

“Miss I noticed you were admiring the lake. It is with my uptmost regret to inform you that you may no longer visit it. The elders fear it is too dangerous for any young girls to play with fate by venturing too close to the edge. You know how others have already gone missing and I-I would never wish such a thing upon you.” He stammered out.

The girl faintly acknowledged him and turned towards him with grace a small smile on her face.

“Amusing how one of the elder’s own flesh dares to even bother with a towns girl such as me. Surely you cannot care about my wretched life, not unless of course I cared to occupy a bed with you anyways. Now, I shall go about my ways and you shall keep your mouth sealed.”

“I’m afraid I cannot stand to do that.” He spoke with the authority of his father.

“It is not your burden to bear.” She snapped back. He knew then she had corned him like a beast. Why he of all people dare keep watch over the town’s girls? Not even following in his father’s footsteps yet and here was commanding those around him to do his bidding. Though he admired her spirit for a girl had never taken such a tone with him before all the others he dared speak to had nothing but admiration towards him, even lust perhaps. She had an inner fire burning in her he could tell and he did not wish to see such a flame lost to the waters of the lake. “Besides” she added, “my capabilities stretch far beyond what is apparent I can manage protecting myself if your male instinct has nothing better to do.”

His words were lost caught in his throat pleading to break the surface of the air yet failed miserably to do so. The unspoken bond between the two seemed to communicate what the boy could not. She would continue to risk her existence without a care and he would continue to watch over her silently. Though she could not fathom the secrets the lake held, where webbed hands lie would that soon be her as well?  No, he thought he could not bear to witness such a thing. And so it went as the girl continued to venture out to the lake’s edge within grasp of all below the surface as they waited their flesh longing with desire only to be burden by the hunger that consumed them. So the boy continued to watch from a far as he knew he must protect her, he must amend his father’s sins. 

Though the girl’s memory preserved no thought of what had occurred what seemed to be just a season ago the boy despite himself had the day etched into his brain and replayed it at nauseam. He danced too close to the water’s edge, dancing with fate as well then with haste he began to run along the lake’s edge just then a webbed hand reached out for his ankles slowly did it grip him with intentions of making him a prisoner of the lake ate away at the creature. The boy struggled. Screams pierced a nearby girl’s ears as the wailing only intensified, moving up to a horrifying crescendo.

Feet hit the dirt as she ran towards him and tugged on his arms trying to free him from the creature’s grasp. Finally the boy was pulled free tumbling on to the girl’s very being as she pushed him off with a frown and stalked off. The boy had no words to speak, though he thought a thanks would not begin to satisfy the very act of kindness the girl had bestowed upon him like a gift. No, the boy knew then he must repay her with the dedication of flesh and blood, the sacrifice he knew he must make one day at his own risk of repaying this debt to the girl.

A/N The dead lake girl took Velten's dream and this is his dream so she's like reliving it through his eyes if that makes sense. The story is still in the dead girl's perspective in case you didn't understand why I switched to third POV.

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