The Vampire Slayer Chronicles: Zafire's Revenge

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - The VSC: Zafire's Revenge -- Chapter 6 -- Hope's Mislaid

Submitted: June 25, 2010

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Submitted: June 25, 2010



Chapter 6 – Hopes Mislaid
I couldn’t stand being in the room anymore, not with the memory of what had happened earlier playing through my mind, so I had left the room and walked out onto the empty deck, the one above the pool deck which I was on before. The night was beautiful, filled with stars that you just didn’t get to see in the city. It was as if each star was burning bright, looking their best for this night but there was nothing special about this night, and even worse it was more painful the most nights I had before I met Jeremiah and that had to mean something, right?
I sighed, there was something about Jeremiah, I didn’t know what but something that was right, as if he were a good vampire... but there weren’t any good vampires, at least not any that I had come across, and mind you I’ve had my far share of vampire encounters in my line of work. My phone rang then, without checking the caller ID I flipped open the phone.
“Hello?” I asked, waiting for the reply on the other end, but there was nothing but silence. I looked at the phone to see if the call was still connected but whoever had called had hung up. I shrugged, as I slipped the phone back into my pocket. I sighed as I looked back up into the sky, and felt a tear slid down my check. Why did he have to be so damn confusing?
“Zafire?” I heard a male voice ask, I turned around thinking that it was Jeremiah but instead turning to find Hugh standing a few meters away from me.
“Hugh, what are you doing here?”I asked, curious as to if he had followed me out here.
“I saw what happened between you and that guy, and I just thought you needed someone to be with you.” He replied as he walked closer towards me. He was smiling as if he had something unthinkable on his mind.
“Don’t take another step lycan, are I will disembowel your head.” Jeremiah spoke. I couldn’t see where he was but I saw Hugh turn around. I could hear the growl he was making from here, and watched as his body shuddered, changing bit by bit until he had fully transformed into the resemblance of a wolf. As Hugh crouched on all fours I saw Jeremiah standing at the door, fangs bared. Completely ignoring me, his eyes trained on the lycan alone.
“Stay away from my wife, or I promise you...” Jeremiah started to say, but Hugh – the werewolf – started to growl, as if talking to Jeremiah in his wolf form. Though I had no clue what Hugh was saying, it seemed that Jeremiah knew exactly what he was saying. Jeremiah moved closer towards Hugh, and clawed him across the face. Hugh stumbled back, and then giving a howl disappeared around the corner of the ship.
“What the hell Jeremiah? He wasn’t going to do anything to me!” I screamed at him, he looked more like a vampire than any other vampire I had ever seen before, as if he was a completely new race of vampire.
“How do you know that? You don’t even know what he was thinking!”  He roared, his eyes flashing red and then going back to their normal icy blue colour. His hands were shaking, he was getting angry, and it was almost impossible to calm down a vampire once they got angry.
“Then at least tell me what the hell was with the kiss before?” I screamed again, finally letting lose what I had been feeling in the past... the past 48 hours? How on earth, I thought to myself, could I have felt this much in 48 hours!
“I kissed you because I love you Zafire! I know I shouldn’t have now, it was a mistake. Don’t expect it to be happening again.” He sneered and then turned away from me and walked back inside, walking at an almost inhuman speed. All I could think of was him saying it was a mistake, and as I slipped to the ground I felt the tears fall down my face.
Jeremiah’s P.O.V
I finally told her that I loved her but at the wrong time and in the wrong way. I know that my words will – if it hasn’t already – cut her and I expect her to hate me for them and the worse thing was that I meant them but I needed her to be focused, if she’s going to act the way that she did with the lycan in the vampire city, throwing all of her slayer training away, she will be dead within five minutes of walking through Celestes kingdom’s walls. She needed to be on guard and if that meant I had to break her heart to get her to the point where she is constantly on her guard than I will do it. I will do whatever it takes to make sure she’s prepared.
Unknown P.O.V
Their yellow eyes, watched from the shadow’s waiting to devour us with any means necessary but they never attacked that night, or the next, or the next. For two weeks they sat outside the walls as if they were waiting for something, or for someone. Jeremiah hasn’t shown up yet, and neither has the immortal slayer Zafire that he was bringing into the cities walls. There’s a rumour that the only daughter of the slaughtered Barratella family was visited by an angel in the forest outside of their old manor house, that on that night she had been made into an immortal slayer and if she was the same girl that Jeremiah was bringing we were in luck. Zafire, the immortal slayer was ruthless, heartless, as if everything inside of her that had once made her alive had died. If Jeremiah was bringing the same girl, I knew that we could be saved. My only hope was that she would save us and somehow I knew that she would save us.
* * * * * *
Sorry it’s so short but I guess something is better than nothing right?

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