A Horse Tail

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Alannah rescued a horse from the slaughter. She didn't know why she chose this one specifically, but she did. Now she has her work cut out for her. Her sex crazed boyfriend is on her all the time to give it up to him, and her will is fading. But so is her patience with him, and then a new kid in town wiggles his way into her life... Balancing horses, friends, family and boys... She knows she can do it... But it won't be easy. And that's okay, because she likes a challenge.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Horse Tale

Submitted: September 03, 2012

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Submitted: September 03, 2012



Chapter 1 Real Piece Of Work

I stared in horror, what had I done? I looked at the pathetic piece if meat before me. Body shaking, nostrils flaring, it stared back at me with wide frightened eyes. I reached my hand out, in an attempt to comfort him, but I only made it worse. He flung his head up high, and dashed to the side away from me, giving little kicks with his hind legs.

"easy, easy boy," I said, drawing out the words in a soothing soft voice as I tugged at his lead rope to settle him. When he stopped, I looked a little closer. This poor animal would be beautiful in due time. I wouldn't be able to unscar him physically, but I could fix what the horrid people before had broken in him. Looking at him now, I began to see the elegant horse he would become.

He stood 17.2 hands high, his coat a dull black from neglect and the sun's bleaching, a strong neck (he obviously cribbed), and every bone in his body was visible. His beautiful thoroughbred head had a white heart between his eyes. Horses' eyes are beautiful in way not like ours. Horses' eyes don't have the color variation that ours do. Typically they are brown, exeptions being paints who have the occasional blue, and the blind, in which case the eyes are white-blue and almost dead looking. You can see the life, the emotion, and a lot of a horses character from their eyes.

This big boy's eyes held fear, and vulnerability. But that was just the surface. Underneath is trust, faith and the sweetness of new foal. You could say he had a young soul for a horse, the kind that never grew up and would always be a kid at heart. I slowly removed his halter and backed away. His eyes never left mine. I lifted my arm, pointed right, and twirled the lead softly in my left hand. He shot to the right and began circling me at a canter.

We began our dance. This is where the bond, the connection, the trust would come from. First, I had to establish I was in charge. I waited for him to test me, and he did shortly. Stopping and spinning to the left he tried to change direction. I ran and cut him off, turning him back around. Thankfully I had had him unloaded in the medium sized round pen. After a few times of that, I had him go left. He tried to turn and go right a few times but I didn't let him. He never slowed, his canter stayed at the same high, almost frantic pace. The guy had stamina, butI couldn't over work him, Lord in knows the last time the poor thing had food. Satisfied that his left eye was on me, and his left ear pointed in my direction, I turned away

I heard him stop, snort and then silence. Horses are naturally curious, so I just stood there. I knew what he was doing. I could picture him eyeing me nervously, tentatively stretching his neck toward me, and then I heard it. The sound of a hoof taking a step. A step of faith. A step of curiosity. A step of progress. A step to me and a new life. With every step he came closer and I grew more excited. This was one of my favorite parts! But I had to remain still. I had to beclam and collected on the outside.

He was no more than 15 feet away. He'd paused for awhile, like most do. But I was ready. I had the key. I reached in my pocket slowly and pulled out the best thing ever invented. I rustled the wrapper. I visualized his ears perking forward, his head bobbing in anticipation, neck, yet again, stretching. Now all I had to was wait.

Then I saw him. He stepped around me, stopping when our shoulders were beside each other, and bent his necksothathis magnificent head was before me. He nuzzled my hand, smelling it. I unwrapped the peppermint and fed it to him with a flat hand. As he munched, I backed away, and let myself out. I returned with two flakes of hay. I had to start him out small. But this guy would be getting a bail ofhaya day along with four scoops of high protien grain before school started ina month and four days. Junior year. Joy.

I returned my attention back to my newest project, I watched him eat threw the gate. I toyed with names. Rustle, Legs, Babe, but none seemed to fit.

"You're a real piece if work, kiddo," I said to the straved animal. "But that's alright, I like a challenge."

Now I had to shower and get ready for my date. Butterflies fluttered in my belly.I was excited to see Josh, but at the same time I was dreading it as well.

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