Son Of The Reaper

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Alex is the Son of the Grim Reaper. One of them anyway. Alex has always followed the rules of the Reapers. Until one day, he meets Anna. She's different,and he finds himself unable to finish the job at hand. What will his girfriend, Father Time's daughter, think? Read and learn about an entire world under our nose, and the truth behind how we really die.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Son Of The Reaper

Submitted: September 06, 2012

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Submitted: September 06, 2012



Most Of you have loving, caring mothers and fathers, right? Most of you are human, and most of you don't go around killing people. Well not me. I live my father, who doesn't love me, care for me, or even like me. Not by choice, nor by resentment. Simply because my Father is incapable of such emotion. It comes with the job description. Being a Reaper, it helps to have no emotion so you cant feel any empathy for the about-to-be-dead.

My mother is dead. That was the deal, you see. Mom gets more time and dad gets a little killing assistance- i mean reaping. reaping assistance. She conceived me, then raised me. I've been in the family business ever since my Mom died when i was 10. I didn't start working, working (reaping) until I was about 12 almost 13. It took a little bit for my dad to train me, and for my powers to fully develop.

I'm sorry, did I forget to mention I have powers? I guess I did. I can read minds, influence your thoughts and actions, make myself inviable, I'm one hard son of a gun to kill, I have great hearing and I can transport myself anywhere. Just to name a few. So I mean, needless to say, I can handle myself. Not that many people would want to mess with a guy like me anyway. I'm 6'3, shaggy, midnight black hair and icy blue eyes. My skin is pale, and I'm muscled in skinny way... if that makes sense?

The organ ringtone for my Father played out of my phone. I looked at the text (yes, reapers can text, we find it very usefully). It was my days chores which consisted of a list of people, their address and how they were to die. I closed my eyes and focused on guy number one's address. I open my eyes and I'm at Jake Lawson's house. I check my phone again and see he's about to commit suicide, an overdose. I walk through the house, completely comfortable, looking for this Jake. I find him in his bed, staring at the wall. I make myself invisible to him.

Get Up. Go Into The Kitchen. Take A Handful Of Pills, And Swallow Them.

I followed him, watched as he swallowed his death sentence, i waited, and then his eyes rolled back, and he collapsed. i waited a little more, until I heard his heart stop. Then I read the next line. A family car crash. A mom, Danielle, dad, John, twin brothers Luke and Lee and an older sister, Anna. I flashed to the road and waited.

Then I saw it. A blue mini van. I stood in the middle of the street, invisable to them until....three...two... I let them see me. The driver swerved, the van hit the ditch and rolled a few times. I walk over and listen. The parents are dead, and the twins. But the girl, the girl is still alive. I sigh because this means I have to kill her myself. I climb in the van, back the third row seating, where she sits. I look at her. Normally I dont look at my victims, but here, now, I cant help but notice how beautiful she is. Raven colored hair, shiny unlike my flat black, that fell halfway down her back. I wanted to run my fingers threw it- No. I had to kill her, she needed to die.

I  placed both hands on either sides of her face, and braced ,myself to take the life of this beautiful girl. As I went to break her neck her eyes flew open and I froze. She froze. I stared into her soft green eyes, and knew what I to do. I curse I command her mind to shut down, to sleep. Her eyes close and I gather her into my arms and take her to my place. I lay her in my bed then back way. I stare at her, this girl that got me to break the rules. For the first time i might add. I groan and hear my phone. I check it. It's a message from Summer. My girlfriend. I close my eyes and think of Summer.

"Baby!" She sqeals in delight as I open my eyes to see her wearing nothing but one of my leather jackets. "I missed you," She smiles at me from the bed that she lays on.

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