Sisters bond.

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Allison and her sister Bella have been by each others side most of their lives and are really close, Bella is 13 and Alli is 16. But when Allison sees her sisters corpse something happens that changed her whole world.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Family bond.

Submitted: May 06, 2012

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Submitted: May 06, 2012





My  bare feet scraped the concrete side walk, the icy wind burned my revealed legs and made my black dress sway. I began to run faster as the thought of my Bella being in danger. I had heard her scream and awoke to find her no longer next to me. I paused for a moment at a dark splatter in my path, I shook my head and ran faster down the side walk pounding my feet into it as I ran. I turned down and ally way between two abandon brick buildings, and then I frozen. A mangled and twisted corpse lied in the middle of the trash filled ally,a puddle of blood swirled around it. A long white dress soaked with crimson clung to the body, its brown hair streamed across its face covering the facial feature. I forced my legs forward towards it, my fingers shook as I reached my hand out.

  I slowly lifted the curls away from its face and with all my being prayed it wasn't her, anyone but her. I fell backwards with a gasp as I found myself staring into her glazed over lifeless blue eyes, and for a split second I remebered in a blur last summer when we were sitting by the pool she was wearing her favorite blue bikini and I was going on about how beautiful her blue eyes were unlike my hazel. My thought was interrupted as I looked down at the liquid puddle at my feet and I moved my numb hand to my face, I realized I was crying. Then it sunk in, she was dead she would no longer be by my side smiling and laughing. I stared at the puddle as it rippled I could almost see my memories of her, her first day of school, every time she smiled. Suddenly my body began to violently shake and the puddle started to become crimson as more ripples crashed through it, Then darkness over came me.

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