Suddenly Seymour

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A teen drama that takes you through ups and downs of high school. Four friends Samantha Payton, Claire Martin, Evan Cayhill, and Noah Conners run into problems that could jeopardize everything they know.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Suddenly Seymour

Submitted: March 01, 2010

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Submitted: March 01, 2010



Chapter 1

Samantha Payton: Portrayed by Emma Roberts


Claire Martin: Portrayed by Bonnie Wright


Evan Cayhill: Portrayed by Alex Pettyfer


Noah Conners: Portrayed by Aaron Johnson


“Guys, I’m nervous.” I said to my three best friends, Evan Cayhill, Claire Martin, and Noah Conners.

“Sam, what are you nervous about?” Noah asked me. My name is Samantha Payton, Sam or Sammie for short.

“The first day of school has always been my least favorite day of the year. There is so much stress that comes with finding classes and getting our schedules together!”

“Come on Sam, we’re going to be juniors. We’re not newbie freshman. We know our way around the school already!” Claire said.

“I know, I guess the worry is just habit.” I wrapped my blanket tighter around me. We are at Evan’s house. It is two days until school starts so we decided to have an end of the summer sleepover complete with popcorn and cotton candy. Evan’s parents bought him a cotton candy machine for his birthday. Yes we were all very jealous. We had finished all our movies so now we were just sitting and talking.

“Hey, did you guys see the school is doing Beauty and the Beast this year? We've been doing tech for so long and it’s fun to paint sets and stuff but I think I want to do something more this year.” Evan said.

“What, you mean audition?” Noah asked.

“Yeah, I think I’m going to go for the beast.”

We all looked at him surprised. I didn’t know that he had been interested in actually being in the show. The four of us have been doing tech since middle school for all the plays.

“I think you’ll do great.” I said smiling to him.

“You know, I think that might be fun too.” Claire said out of the blue. “I’m gonna audition for Belle!” Noah looked at her.

“Ithink I’m gonna stick to backstage for now.” Noah said.

“Me too, I’m with Noah. I’m a bit to shy for the limelight.” I said. They all laughed at me. I had entered in a talent show when we were in elementary school and when I got up on stage I took one look at the audience and puked. And like the friends they are, they haven’t let me live it down. I pouted until they stopped laughing. It took a while.

“Sorry Sammie.” Evan said, smiling when he saw my pout face.

“It’s ok. I‘ve learned to just shut you guys out.” They laughed again and Claire suggested we go to sleep because the sun was coming up. We all curled up in the giant nest of blankets and pillows we had made on Evan’s floor and we zonked out.


“We need this entire wall painted white.” Mrs. Jacobs the play director said. Noah and I grabbed brushes and hopped to it. The auditions for the play had been held and both Evan and Claire auditioned. Evan got the part of the Beast, but Claire got the part of silly girl #4. One of Gaston’s minions.

It is not a bad part whatsoever but she is still upset. The main reason is that she won’t have a kiss scene with Evan. She’s had a thing for him since the beginning of the summer. I think it’s just a phase though because she's someone who goes through crushes like tissue paper.

Noah and I stay after school together every day, painting sets and looking for props. Every once in a while Evan and Claire will get called and we would see them too. Like today for example. Both Evan and Claire had rehearsal today so we get to hang out with them. We had been painting for a while when Evan walked up to us. He grabbed a brush and started painting.

“Hey dude.” Noah said.

“Sup!” Evan said, nodding hello to both of us.

“Aren’t you supposed to be beasting it up on-stage?” I asked him. They both turned and gave me a look.

“Beasting it up? Really?” Evan said with a smirk.

“You know what!… Whatever.” I said blushing. They both started laughing at me. Claire walked up and asked what was so funny and they got her laughing at me too.

“You’re so we-“ Evan didn’t finish his sentence because I flicked paint at him. His eyes got really wide and I started laughing. We were all laughing at him when I saw one of his eyebrows raise and his arm reach into the paint bucket. I knew I was a goner.

I felt the wet paint slap me across the face. I turned to glare at Evan who was smiling wickedly at me. His smirk disappeared though when my hand went into the paint bucket. I swirled my hand around to pick up as much paint as possible, but I had no chance at revenge because Mrs. Jacobs saw what we were doing.

“Young lady!” I heard her shrill from across the auditorium. “What are you doing?” I turned to her and she gasped when she saw my face, covered in paint. “Both of you go clean up! I will not tolerate rough-housing in my theatre!” She stalked off. The four of us giggled and Evan and I hung our heads and clambered to the bathroom to clean up. I could feel the paint slowly running down my face and even further down my neck.

I went into the girl’s bathroom and the door shut behind me. The paint had already started to dry in some places so I had to scrub my face with soap. And then my hand slipped. I poked myself in the eye with soapy hands and my eye started to burn.

OW, OW, OW!!!! I thought to myself. I flailed around, looking for the paper towels.

“Are you almost done Sam?” Evan asked from out in the hall.

“Evan! Help! I can’t see and my eye is burning!” he started to come in, “Wait! This is the girl’s bathroom! You can’t come in here!”

“Well, I can go get Claire if you want.” He indicated down the hall.

“NO, my eye won’t last much longer!” I could feel the burn getting stronger and my eyes were tearing up. I started my blind search for the towels again.

“Wait a sec.” Evan caught my arm stopped me from moving. I felt him press a towel against my face and I winced.

“Ow!” I squeaked.

“Stop squirming!” He finished wiping my eye and led me to the sink so I could wash it out. I stood up and looked at my face in the mirror. My eye was bright red. I groaned.

Evan held out some folded wet towels to me and I rested them on my eye. I sighed in relief when the stinging subsided.

“Ok, let’s go.” I said and started out of the bathroom.

“Um, Sammie… I think you missed a spot.” He pointed to my chest. There was a glob of paint that was slowly running down into my cleavage.

“Perfect!” I yelled and Evan chuckled. I grabbed a towel and started to clean myself up. I noticed Evan was still standing there. I turned to him. “Uh, excuse me! A little privacy would be brilliant!”

He blushed. “Oh, right, um… sorry.” He scrambled out of the room and I laughed. Boys.


P.S. I take no credit for the photos Iused for the characters!

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