Unique Valiants

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There has always been something special about Adrian Grey, a teenage girl from Colorado. She has special abilities. And not something like being able to lick her elbows or stand on her head for hours. She can control the elements, not to mention she can turn invisible. She doesn't know why she can do these things but she plans to find out.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Unique Valiants

Submitted: March 02, 2010

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Submitted: March 02, 2010



"OH COME ON! I've done it a million times!" Ok maybe I was exaggerating a little, but still. Ever since I had made the water jump out of my glass and hit my little brother in the face, no one has let me alone. For example, my friend Patty has been pestering me to make something else move for hours.

"Adrian please! At least go invisible!" Patty said.

"No! I am really tired!" I had been up all night doing homework. Algebra can be such a chore sometimes. And Patty was being especially annoying tonight.

I am getting a little ahead of myself. I should tell you a bit about me. Not in a conceited, self-centered way. Just so you understand the background of my story.

My name is Adrian Grey. I am 16 years old and I go to Charlotte High near the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. Ever since I was 13 I've been able to do some crazy things. I can manipulate the elements. Not to mention I can go invisible at will.

My parents knew from the start. Or at least ever since I fell asleep at the dinner table and disapeared.

But I have kept it a secret from everyone else. Until a couple weeks ago with the water incident.

I don't know why I have powers or if anyone else in the world does. I hope I am not alone. It would be nice to know that there was someone out there who was as freaky as I am.

"Adrian! You just put four tablespoons of baking soda into the batter!" 

I snapped out of my thoughts back into Patty's kitchen.  "Sorry! But Patty, I told you I don't bake."

"But you said you would help me with the bake sale. Besides, you need to be more feminine. You never do anything girly" Not again I thought as she blasted into another of her longwinded speeches on how I always choose to play ball with the guys instead of gossiping with she and her friends or something insignificant like that. I've just learned to zone her out.

My parents said I needed to find some friends because I spend too much time alone, so I found Patty. We aren't exactly friends, and sometimes I think she is just tolerating me, but she's someone to talk to. I don' really click with her friends either. I guess I was just made to be a loner.

Luckily, Patty's ranting was cut short when my mom called and told me to come home. So I quickly said goodbye to Patty and her mom and ran out the door.

When I got home my family was sitting at the table waiting for me to start dinner. My little brother Billy was playing gladiator with his fork and knife and my parents were talking quietly to each other.

As I walked into the dining room everyone looked up and said hello. I kicked off my dusty, black converse and sat down at the elaboratly set table.

"What's the occasion?" I said. My parents looked at each other.

"Your Aunt called today." my mom said.

"Which one?"

"Aunt Rose, in London." Wow, that was a surprise.  We never heard from her.

"What did she have to say?"

"She wants you to come and live with her for a while. She heard about your "special abilities" and she thiks it would be best if you went someplace where no one knows about you."

"And we agree with her" Dad said. "We think that as long as you are here you'll never be left alone." My brother was just looking at them dumbfounded. Apparently they hadn't told him about it yet.

I didn't even have to think about it. I would give anything to leave and see more of the world. And Aunt Rose has always been the favorite of my three aunts.

"We know that you won't want to leave your friends, but we really think th-"

"I want to go!" I interrupted.

"Are you sure?" My parents said.

"Definitely. It would really fun and a good experience for me." I reassured, really laying it on thick.

"Good, we think so too." my mom said. "Let's eat and we can talk about it later." We ate in silence for a long time. All of us pondering everything that was going to happen. When we finished eating I asked to go up to my room. I ran up the stairs, into my room, and leaped onto my bed.

I was so excited! I was going to go live in London! I got up and opened the window. I filled my room with the cool evening air.

I swirled it around the room, making the curtains sway and the papers ruffle on my desk. At my will, the wind picked up my blanket from across the room and danced it over to me.

My mom opened the door just as the blanket stopped and hovered above the bed. When she saw she rolled her eyes.

"You know, us normal people have to actually get up and move when we want something."

"But it's so much fun!" I snickered. She laughed. I patted the bed and she sat down next to me. She started playing with my hair and I leaned into her.

"When you were little, your hair was blond." I looked up at her. "Who would have thought it would become black?" I smiled.  Hmm, I wonder what brought that up? "You are going to have a wonderful time there. Watch out though, those english boys." We both laughed. "I just want you to know that we love you no matter what happens." "I love you too mom. Don't worry. Think of it as a long vacation. I will be back soon." I was expecting a smile or a hug or something but all she did was pat my head and leave. There was something she wasn't telling me.

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