Call of the Banshee

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the second part the the vampire story "frostbite" as Piper tries to track down the Banshee that stole her memories she find she has to face a bigger dicision...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Call of the Banshee

Submitted: August 10, 2011

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Submitted: August 10, 2011



Call of the Banshee

Raven unlocked the door to his apartment; he slipped inside and took of his jacket.

Great, he thought to himself, the last thing he wanted was to be dragged into a ghost hunt, but he couldn’t say no in front of the Grand Courtier, he lent forwards and picked up a gaming controller, his finger hovered over the un-pause button.

Jasper walked into the room with Piper close behind “he’s Malice son!” she shouted

“You said he was dead!”

“He is dead” Jasper sighed

Piper moved in front of him “oh no, you’re not getting out of it with that, why didn’t you just say?” her voice wavered

“Don’t you see?” Jasper said calmly, picking up on her voice change “Malice thinks Lucifer is dead, completely, he has no idea he’s a vampire, let alone one of the Grand Courtier’s”

“Why haven’t you told him?” Piper looked shocked

“Think about it, Malice despises all vampires; if he was to know his son is one of the most powerful it would destroy him. His only son becoming the one thing he can’t stand”

Piper looked down. Tears formed in her eyes and Jasper moved towards her “how are you feeling?”

Piper sniffed and whipped her eyes “not too good”

Jasper’s arms wrapped round her in a hug “I’m so sorry”

The ride back to Ravens apartment had given Piper time to realise everything else she’d forgotten, her mind became a mess of shattered memories and black spaces.

“I can’t even remember my parents” she said weakly before crying into his shoulder

“Hey” Jasper said holding her tightly “its alright, were going to get them back, me, you and Raven”

Raven raised has hand from the couch “count me in”

Piper looked over at him; she nodded weakly as a thank you, Raven smiled back.

Piper asked Raven where the bathroom was so she could sort herself out “straight over there” he pointed “take all the time you need”

“Thank you” she mumbled as she slipped though the door, closing it behind her.

“Poor girl” Raven said sadly, he looked over at Jasper who had his eyebrows raised

“What?” he said defensively “I’m not a complete monster, she’s a nice girl”

Jasper nodded “but why would a Banshee take her memories?”

“Maybe she was just in the wrong time at the wrong place?” Raven suggested

“I doubt that, she can only remember the snow, just after I found her, the Banshee wanted me to find her” he sat down next to Raven “otherwise why would it affect me too?”

Raven tiled his head “I guess that’s true, but why you and why Piper?”

Jasper thought for a while “Well, I’m one of the few vampires what wouldn’t have killed her” he suggested “That’s got to help somewhat?”

Raven nodded “yeah, but why her?”

“I don't know” Jasper admitted “we find out when see does”

“Still, that means we have to track down the Banshee, any idea where to start?”

Jasper looked at him “we should start where we did last time”

Raven nodded looking down.

“Last time?” Piper said from the other side of the room.

Jasper invited Piper to sit down, Raven stood and paced the carpet in front of her, “this has happened before” Raven started “a long time ago, before you were even born, before Malice was even born, about sixty years ago me and Jasper were sent to find a Banshee that had stolen memories”

“Whose memories?” Piper asked

Raven looked up “mine” he said bluntly

Piper gasped “this has happened to you?”

“Yes, I was found one night babbling, not knowing who I was or where I was, all I knew what that I was a vampire and Jasper’s name” he looked over at him

“He helped me recover my memories and we’ve been friends ever since”

Jasper gave him a nod.

“The thing is, to get your memories back you must exchange something, once the exchange is done you cannot swap”

“What if you don't want the memory” Piper asked

“That’s the risk, you can never tell, I exchanged forty years of my total life span so I could remember one hundred and seventy three”

“Forty years? How does that work?” Piper frowned

“Well, if I was meant to die in forty years, I would die today instead” Raven shrugged “the Banshee’s deal is always a fair price” he added

Piper nodded “what will I loose?”

“The Banshee decided, though I doubt it will be years of your life”

“Great” Piper mumbled.

“Whatever it is it will be fair in the Banshee’s eyes” Jasper said “It’s your risk”

Piper let that sink in, she stood up and looked down at Jasper “so where’s this place we should start looking?”

Raven’s motorbike purred gently as it slowed to a stop outside the park gates, the kickstand dropped and he got off, he turned to Piper, who was sat on the back taking off her helmet “you really should wear one of these” she sighed as she managed to pull it from her head “I don't need one” Raven said back, taking it from her.

“And what if you fell off?” Piper asked sternly

Raven pulled a mushy face “Is pipes worried for me?”

She blinked “pipes?”

Raven laughed at her expression “not a nickname person?”

“Not at all” Piper kept her face blank

Raven nodded at her for a while before spinning on his heel and waving his hand

“Come on Pipes, people to see” Piper sighed as Jasper appeared suddenly at her shoulder

“Pipes?” he repeated

“That’s what I said” Piper threw her hands into the air and they started walking after him. “It suits you” he smiled

“Don’t you start” she said, knocking into him gently.

They reached the end of the path and caught up with Raven; he stepped onto the grass and turned around so that he was walking backwards, “you two coming?”

Jasper nodded and began to follow him.

“Pipes?” Raven called playfully

“Stop calling me that” she called back,

“Well come and stop me Pipes” Raven laughed

Jasper smiled and shook his head.

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