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vampire story

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Frostbite

Submitted: July 23, 2011

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Submitted: July 23, 2011



Frost bite

Her feet crunched in the deep snow, the icy winds blasted through the blue jacket she wore, her jeans didn’t help to keep out the cold either, but she staggered on, the thick fog of snowflakes felt like glass as they brushed against her cheeks, she pulled the hood further over her head and covering her black hair completely, snow slid down the back of her neck, causing a shiver to wrap around her body, her legs wobbled and she fell forwards with a soft thump, her strength left her and she felt herself letting go, she raised her head one last time, and saw a figure, rushing quickly towards her, she didn’t care, her head slumped downward and her vision turned black…

Her mind buzzed quietly, her eyes remained closed and she let her mind examine the damage, she thought about moving, but she could sense something different, different than before, her mind stumbled, before? What was before? Her mind settled on a word, “cold” before was cold, now was…her mind let her move her hand slightly, the numbness in her fingers had gone, she was still lying down, she could tell, but she wasn’t facedown anymore…her eyes fluttered open, she focused on the wooden planks above her, on the warm sensation and the cracking of a fireplace, where was she? Her mind wandered a little further, piecing together little facts, like how she’d always like fireplaces, or that no one she knew had one, or that she was lying in a bed…her mind bounced “no one she knew had one” echoed thought her mind.

“Ah, you’re awake” said a voice.

She launched herself forwards, but her weak body jerked and she promptly threw up on the floor besides her. She felt a soft hand on her back “be carful” said the voice “you’re not strong enough yet”

She turned around “Who are you?” she said quickly

“My name is Jasper, I found you out in the blizzard” he gestured around the room “I’m sorry if this is a shock, but I could hardly leave you out there so I carried you back to the house”

She let him lay her back down, he had dark brown eyes and hair to match, he wore a simple white shirt and blue jeans, he had a black string beaded necklace round his neck, “Is the blizzard over?” she asked, unsure why that was the first question she could think of

He pulled a slight face “yeah” he shifted on his feet “it passed three days ago”

She shot back up “what!?”

“Whoa there!” he grabbed her before she fell backwards “settle down”

“Three days?” she whispered

“Yes” he nodded “you’re a very messy eater”

“Oh god” she felt herself blushing “you fed me?”

“You looked in pretty bad shape when I found you, and I didn’t know how long since you had last ate” he shrugged “sorry”

“No, its fine…Jasper” she looked into his eyes for the first time “thank you”

He smiled warmly and helped her back down “you got a name?”

She nodded “Piper”

“Well Piper, you still need to rest”

She closed her eyes, wondering why she trusted him even though they had just met…

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