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Trapped in a virtual gaming world created by scientists in the year 2145, Desmond must stop the Glitch from downloading itself into reality, but with other peoples corrupt I.D's trying to stop him and the death safety blanket gone, one false move and he's deleted, from both worlds...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Wake up call

Submitted: October 19, 2011

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Submitted: October 19, 2011




Chapter one

Wake up call

The lights switched on and Desmond felt his bed covers slide off his body, he sat up and saw the cover fold up and disappear into the compartment at the end of the bed.

“Good morning Desmond” the house said pleasantly “Dr Treant has called four times”

Desmond sighed and got off his bed, he turned to look at it “House. Put the covers back on, it looks stupid like that” he decided

“Of course” the house replied and two long metal arms fell from the ceiling. They opened the compartment and pulled the cover back along the bed.

Desmond walked out of the room and turned down the hallway, the red carpet shouldn’t have, but did, match the bright white walls, photo frames hung down either side, each one containing a photo that Desmond found sentimental. Unknowingly, his shoulder brushed one as he passed by, within seconds a slab of wall slipped down and a small robotic hand emerged, nudging the frame straight again.

“Coffee sir?” House asked

“Don’t call me that” Desmond mumbled as he sat down on the stool in his kitchen “but yes, please”

The counter top slid open and a white cup moved slowly upwards, Desmond took it and raised it slightly “thank you”

“You’re welcome, Desmond” House replied

He smiled and took a sip, the warmth spreading across his body and he instantly felt more awake. He rested the cup and tapped the counter in simple rhythm “you said Dr Treant called?”

There was a beep and a new, slightly irritated, voice filled the room “Desmond? Why don't you ever pick up? Elle and I are waiting down at the Pad for you. Call me when you get this”

The was a click and then another beep

“That’s it, House? Passcode two-eight-seven-four-two. Wake Desmond up now”

There was a final click and Desmond sighed “why does Treant know your passcode?”

The house made a sad little beeping tune “his elevated clearance gained him access to my files. He said it would be an imperative part of your work”

Desmond gave a little smile “or so he could be my alarm clock” he took another sip from the cup and got up from his seat, he walked over to the shutters, his hand hovered over the control pad “what’s the time?” he asked

“Ten twenty four in the morning” House played a cockerel sound loudly and Desmond glanced over to the wall where House’s main system was built in, Houses ‘eye’ was a simple blue light which swivelled around a large black globe, it was pointed at Desmond.

“Sometimes I think shouldn’t have given you that personality chip”

House played the sound of a Pac-man dying and Desmond laughed, he turned and tapped a few buttons, there was a gentle hiss and then the shutters silently moved apart and white filled the room. Desmond’s eyes squinted slightly but he still stepped forwards. He looked down at the city below him. The whole scene bustled with people going about their day. The windows of his apartment stopping any sounds from passing through, he could easily imagine the noise, the odd mix of horns blaring and the sweet calls of songbirds. It brought a faint smile to his lips, the unmistakable sounds of reality.

Only a few other skyscrapers rivalled the height of his and the sun was half emerged from behind one of the tallest. The sunlight glinted off of the others causing lights to dance across his eyes, Desmond moved away, he needed to call someone anyway, “House, call Dr Treant in about ten minutes, tell him I’m on my way” he said, looking over at the blue eye.

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