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What would you do if the world turned their back on you? If you had a power so big that everyone would hold their hatred against you just for your mere existence. What would you do if you had two pistols and a hatred even bigger that their?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Seductive invitation

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What would you do if the world turned their back on you? If you had a power so big that everyone would hold their hatred against you just for your mere existence. What would you do if you had two pistols and a hatred even bigger that their?

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 16, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 16, 2014



It was 10 am... tuesday...

A little girl in stood at the side of the street in a small city with a table in front of her, playing with card and making tricks, inviting people to participate. She had a small scratch on her cheek and some coal on her hair...she was poor and happy about magic...  the townsfolk would only look down at her and ignore her.

-Wanna see a magic trick, sir?- she asked with a big smile to a man walking down the street while shuffling the cards.

A brief wind blew and her brown hair danced at the rhythm of nature, she closed her big blue eyes and smiled at the man.

The man dropped a beer bottle and burped. -A tri..trick..?- he asked back while drunkly dancing on his feet.

-Yes, sir. Only 3 pieces of cooper.- she answered as she stopped shuffling the cards and left them on the table. 

-You are the reason  why... why this city is freakin´ fre-froek-freaks!- he exclaimed as he took the cards and tore them apart.- How "hick* about that for a...

But before he  could rise his hand to slap the little girl he felt something cold touching the back of his head, followed by a click.

- What if I show you a better trick... the one of "you are dead", rings any bell?- someone said as something pushed the man´s head.

- can´t do this....- the man slowly turned his head towards to the right.

A man of about 18 years old was holding a silver revolver, his long black hair waved at the wind and his despiceful eyes showed anger towards to the drunk.

-People like you are the reason why people like us took shelter in caves...The world would be a little bit nicer if I just pull the trigger...- but as he gazed into the trembling eyes of the man, he looked ad the little girl with her hands together as if she were praying looking at him.

The one holding the gun lowered the cannon.- leave now..before I shoot the hell out of you...!-

The drunk ran away with silly steps while tackling the townsfolk as the man saved the gun in the holster under his coat. He started to walk away, but as he took 3 steps someone softly pulled him by the end of his coat. 

He took a step and violently turned as he took out his gun and aimed at the one holding him...but his eyes got wide open when he found out who was holding him back.

-Marise, god dammit...- it was the girl from the street- I´ll pull the trigger one of this days...

- Mister Silvar... thanks for that.- she said as the man kneeled in front of her.

-I told name is Sasha...S-A-S-H-A.- he replied with a smile as he caressed her head.

-You shouldn´t be so mean to them...- Marised nagged him like a little sister.

-*Sigh* a little bit late for that....- replied Sasha as the drunk walked in through the corner with a group of guards in armor behind him.

-There he is!- the leader of the group yelled as they started running to Sasha.

-Great...tic tac toe...- Sasha pushed Marise into an abandoned shack and shot both a bullet and a firebolt at them as he started running.

-By order of the mayor, stop it right there!!- the guards yelled while pursuing him.

-Yeah, sure. Good luck with that...- said Sasha to himself, but when a second group of guards appeared he got forced to run into an alley.

-Dead end, genius..- said the guard behind the leader once they got him trapped.

But even surrounded he looked at the wall without moving.

-Turn around, freak!- ordered the captain pointing at Sasha with his sword.

-I hate that word...!- he whispered while turning around and saving his gun.

His eyes glowed purple and he slowly opened his right hand while rising it up.

-Dark magic!!- exclaimed one of them as they began floating, as if gravity got erased.

-lights out...- the guards got slammed against the floor and lost concious.

Sasha went back to his house hours later, once the night fell upon the city. As he walked to his door he found some mail on the floor, some were threats, others were citations and otheres were warnings. 

- "sigh*- he walked in, followed by his black cat, Maphistopheles, and locked the door.- it´s getting cold, huh, girl? Winter is coming.- Sasha lit on the chimney as he threw in the mail.

*Knock knock*, someone was at the door.

The lonely man walked with feline steps to the door- Whoever you are, I´m not in the mood for jokes right now.- Warned Sasha without opening the door.

-Mister Silvar? They told me I could find you here.- a fragile female voice answered from behind the door.

-I´m not in service hours right now. Leave your message in a scroll or letter and I´ll read it later.- He slightly opened the door without showing his face.

-I- I´m not looking for your services as "employee", I´m looking for some of your time. I´ve got a proposition that could be of your pleasure.- the woman slided in card and left in on the ground.- Do you mind if I come in?

-Last time a woman came in I got shot and stabbed on the shoulder, Miss. That´s an experience I´m not looking forward to happening again.- said Sasha as the woman showed him her wrist.

A weird symbol depicting what seemed to be a gate and the moon was carved in her flesh.

-You are not a normal woman, aren´t you, Miss?- commented Sasha as the guest came in wearing a coat.

Her skin was pale and her hair black as midnight, with the same eyes as the ocean and the lips of a rose.

-My name is Evangeline. And you are right, I´m like you, sort of.- she said as she sat down in a couch.

Mephistopheles watched her as if Evangeline were some sort of intruder.

-Well, I come in behalf of an organization, Ark, maybe you heard about it.- she took a sip from a cup of coffe.

-Maybe... What does Ark want with me?- Sasha caressed Mephistopheles and drank some water.

-Ark provides certain services to the empire...-

-So, mercenaries...- said Sasha with a small smile.

-I wouldn´t call us mercenaries, but, that´s the idea. I saw your humble performance at the alley a few hours ago.- Evangeline opened her coat and looked at him right in the eyes.- And being that the case I would like to ask you to join us. We need people like you, the public...

-¿Public?- Sasha interrupted.- ¿Public? Evangeline, I have suffered since child at the hands of these humans, I remember them throwing rocks at me and being pushed into rivers. I was never welcomed into their houses and never got any sign of appreciation from their part. Even after I saved half of the people of this district from the pathetic troubles they keep to treat me as a threat! So tell me, what do I win in this, huh? What would I win from working for a association watched by the empire?

-I understand your feelings, but your skills can be helpful, you can save lives.- she answered trying to calm Sasha down.

-¿Save lives? I don´t care for them, as long as it concerns me the empire can be burnt down to ashes...- Sasha took a sit and drank some water as his heartbeat was getting stronger.- So, before this gets any more rough I invite you to leave me alone.

-I´ll leave at once. But keep in mind that you are safer with us instead of on your own.- upset, Evangeline stood up and walked to the door.- How long do you think it will take for the High Church to send Paladins in, Mister Silvar? They´ll come and they won´t be as smooth as I was. They will tear your flesh and crack your bones!

The door was slammed by a barrage of wind as she got out. Sasha walked to the door and picked up the card. With anger running through his veins he punched the door.

-*Gah!*- his chest started to ache. His heartbeats were too strong and his pulse too high. He fell on his knees as he spilled blood from his mouth.

-Sasha!- exclaimed Mephistopheles as it turned into a woman.- Hold on!

The feline filled a glass pitcher with water and handed it over to Sasha. But as Sasha took it by the handle and grunted the water became black and murky while his breathing slowly went back to normal.

-I´m not gonna make it one of this days...- said Sasha as Mephistopheles aided him to stand up.

Mephistopheles drank down the entire pitcher and smiled at the fatigated Sasha. -Your´s is the best-

Sasha sat down on the couch, and shortly after the woman sat on her lap. Exhausted, Sasha rested his head on her chest as she purred and hugged him.

-Rest...Sasha..Let me ease your burdens and leave this world for the night...-

© Copyright 2016 Fran Frostbite. All rights reserved.

Corrupted Corrupted

Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



What would you do if the world turned their back on you? If you had a power so big that everyone would hold their hatred against you just for your mere existence. What would you do if you had two pistols and a hatred even bigger that their?
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