The Mystery Behind Her Green Eyes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Chapter 5

Submitted: June 08, 2008

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Submitted: June 08, 2008



The rest of the school day was pretty much a drag, so when I drove on home with a bag full of books in the back seat, I wasn't really all too happy. In fact, I was getting rather irritated.
I've never been a math whiz, and today, I got back a calculus test telling me all about football and flowers and So, grumpy as I was, I couldn’t help but feel a little better when I knew I could go home and read for a little while.
I dropped my bag once I got inside, and immediately dashed to the fridge for some comfort food. Dad never really cared whether I did well in math, or science, because he was a total book nerd too. Funny how that works...

Once in the library, I took some of our stashed fire wood and turned on the heat. Much better...

Hours later, I felt much better after finishing Little Women for about the 4th time. They always helped me when I was down. Stretching like a cat, I slipped it back into its rightful place among our vast number of shelves.

Sometimes things just don't go the way I want them to for very long. I remembered I still had homework that was sitting by the front door, taunting at me with its vicious fangs of unsolvable problems. I unwillingly grimaced, not looking forward to doing the complicated and twisting problems of Calculus homework.

It was three in the morning by the time I finished all my homework, and I was extremely tired from having stayed up so late the night before reading, and then tonight with my homework.

I trudged up the stairs, eyes half open, and walked into my room and fell into bed without changing. You know that mode where you're half asleep/half awake? Just as I was peacefully in that mode, a thought was almost pushed into my happy dreams.

We were all laughing at a joke he had said....I screamed and tried to grab the wheel..... him waving in the light..... me in the hospital, wondering if I were ever going to see my brother again....

I woke with a start, tears rolling down my cheeks, panting and covered in cold sweat. I lay back down on my hot sheets, feeling that ache, except now it was so much worse, and it felt like I was being ripped apart. I screamed from the agony and gritted my teeth.

This was not normal pain and nothing summed up to this.

What was going on? I thrashed my head from side to side, suddenly feeling more pain from my head, and it felt like something was poking at it with thousands of needles over and over.

All I could think was this is it...I'm going to die...


Fuming, I sat down in my chair again. Then I stood up, and paced around the seeing pool, watching as she tossed and screamed from the torture she must be enduring. Throwing a nasty glance at the Telepaths, I managed to growl out, "What's taking so long? Why is she in pain? You said it should be painless this time."

One of the telepaths pulled himself out of his trance and shook his head. "I'm sorry, sir, she seems to be resisting... again."

"Tell me again. Why is she resisting?" I squinted at him.

He shifted awkwardly. "Well, she doesn't... seem to... want to let us in. I really don't think she realizes what she's doing. She must have some power to be able to put guards around her mind, but it's not enough to fully evolve. It is required, sir." He shook his head sadly and said, "I will try to cause her as little amount of pain as possible, but maybe you could try to contact her while we pour the power into her, and convince her to let down her guard?"

"Anything." I ran back to the seeing pool, saw the face that I loved so dearly, and took an unsteady breath. If there was anything I could do about what was happening, it would be done.

Taking in a deep breath, I pulled myself together and closed my eyes to concentrate. I slowly reached out to her, hoping I wouldn't find it too hard to just talk to her...


Just as I surely thought I was going to drift off from my bodily form, I felt a strong, rich voice coax me back from wherever I was going. I didn't fully return to my body, but was close enough to see that I was in an enormous amount of pain and was shaking like I was going through a seizure. Is that me?
I didn't feel any pain... then I felt the voice touch my thoughts again.

"Why are you keeping up a guard, Saranelle?"
"What? What are you talking about? And who are you?"

His voice seemed to tender a bit when I spoke to him, "Please. Listen to me. Do you feel like something is around you, warding off attacks? Like a wall?

Now that I thought about it, I did feel like something was surrounding me, though how it got there, I had no idea.

"Yeah, now that you mention it."
"Great, do you feel where the source of it is coming from?"

I tried to feel for it, and once I did I realized that the longer I held it up, the weaker I became. It was sapping me of my energy- sucking it up like a good smoothie. With each blow I could feel myself sink into my bed a little more, my breaths shallow a little more.. this certainly didn't make things look good.

"How do I make it go away?"
"Relax yourself, and concentrate only on taking away, not adding or blocking things out... concentrate... concentrate...."

Then he left me, reluctantly it seemed. I didn't want to think about whomever that was, just what he had said. Concentrate on taking away, not adding or blocking... well, here goes..

I took in a breath and tried to relax my muscles, easing the tension I had. This wasn't an easy task as the pain was making me want to tense them right back up again. But I knew I had to, or else I would kill myself just from not taking down this guard.

I felt around my conscience, searching for a wall or a blocking way. When I felt it was hopeless, I stopped at something impenetrable. Reaching out with my mind, I pulled it apart, piece by piece. With every pull I gave, the more energy I felt come back to me, giving me more mental clarity for the next pull.

Soon I felt as if I could pull it all down at once, like the stick in the center of a tent. Doing this hesitantly, realizing I was putting all my trust in whoever had told me to do this, I released all the mental blocks that were rejecting whatever was outside, trying to break an entry.

Immediately I woke up with a start, feeling a river of power pulse through me. I felt like I was tingling, but when I looked at my body, I saw that it was glowing like the glare of the sun.
I looked away, not wanting to blind myself. I started to hyperventilate and frantically looked around the room. This was definitely not a good sign.
I was about to get up and go for the phone to call 911… or just someone so I could stop freaking out, but before I got out of bed, I blacked out.

The next morning, I felt better than I ever had before. Nothing else seemed to be different, just the fact that I feeling super healthy. The last thing I remembered was falling onto my bed, but it unnerved me because I felt like there was something I didn't remember. I didn't want to break my good mood, so I shrugged it off nonchalantly.

I happily jumped out of bed and took a shower and such nonsense. Arriving at school, I didn't even care when the bitches laughed in my face for no reason, like I had something strange on my face, and skipped past them to homeroom.

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