The Mystery Behind Her Green Eyes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter 6

Submitted: June 10, 2008

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Submitted: June 10, 2008



Still happy from my newfound energy, I pranced to my locker to get my books, totally oblivious to the looks and whispers of people passing by. Eventually, I slowed down and noticed the people staring, and I gulped and hurried off to class, the happy glow gone.

Our school wasn't that small, but it being a private one, no big acts of drama ever happened outside the theatre.I guessed they were talking about my little episode that Ihad the other day,and I tried not to think about it as someone called to me and asked if everything was okay. As I nodded absentmindedly, I mused how none of these people wanted to actually help me feel better, but fed off my grief like popcorn. That’s the trouble with people- they can be extremely selfless, but it’s more common for them to be advantageous only to the benefits of themselves.

I realized I didn’t care what anyone thought then, and as I felt those bright, shining eyes look after me curiously, I only wished that I wouldn’t have to be under scrutiny like a slide of blood under a microscope. Just now, I wished I could slide into the edges of their radar, like how I was only a few weeks ago.

I slipped inside the girl’s restroom after quickly shoving some books in my backpack, and leaned against the wall, relief filling me like a warm cup of tea. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths, then pulled my eyes open, and headed out the door again.

I reached my classroom and sat down topray that school would end sooner.This class I knew I didn’t have any friends in, so I didn’t have to pretend to want to talk, which felt like a luxury for the moment.

No such luck, though.Ryanhad to come over to sit next to me.The last thingI wanted was for him to hearabout my episode and then put the sympathy act on me.

I was grieving over my brother every day, but now I realized that I couldn’t keep blaming my grief on other people. I needed to start accepting how things were… no matter how hard it was. The main thing was that I didn'twant to have people fawning over me, sending me sad looks all the time, andIcertainly didn't want tohave anotheroutburst likeI had the other day;I kept to myself about it now.

Back in the present, Ryan looked at me for a second, then in a worried tone said, "Hey, you okay? You're looking kinda green."

Whooshed back into the here and now, I realized class was just about to begin. I pulled out my notebook and pencils, getting ready. And anyway, green?? What was he talking about? I feltfine,besides the hate of being the center of attention.

I nodded my head yeahand tilted it to the side as if asking, what are you talking about?But the bell rang so he shrugged and trudged over to his stool.

I used to be able to blend with the wallpaper, like the perfect wall flower I was. This never happened… before… my breath caught in my throat and Iwas stricken. Brian was behind my minds eye again, shining and brilliant, waving goodbye to me. I hated to see him go, but quickly tried to push himaway to a part deep inside my mind.

Amazingly,I felt my sadness go away instantly, and realized that there was something blocking me from thinking about my sweet, late brother at the moment. As Ipuzzled overwhathad just happened, doodling on my note pad, I jumped when our art teacher, Ms. Sheller, slammed down a pencil a little harder than necessary in front of my spot on the big table.

"Yes, Ms. Sheller?"I asked politely. Mrs. Sheller was a very intimidating person to be around, what with her bragging about how artistic and insightful she was.And our art teacher had the brilliance to flip and flap her beauty around like free pancakes in the summer just so she could get some attention. Overall, her class was a strange but insightful experience.

But if you were a girl, you might as well have been a rock, unless another teacher or observer was in the room. Naturally, I was taken off guard to see her talking directly to me.

She gave me a smile thatwas totally fake and explained, "Dear, I asked you how you were feeling. Normally I don't like to send students out of class, but you're looking awfullygreen. Don't want to have you tossing all over my supplies."

So that’s what it was. Her precious supplies. I threw her a nasty glance and was about to respond when she interrupted me and said in a sickeningly sweet voice, "Would you like to go the nurse's office?They might have somewhere for you to get sick in." This timeher mask fell as she gave me asniffy once over thatI think I might have imagined, but less than a second later, it was up again, and the fakeness was back. "Better go, dear."

"Yes, ma'am,"Isneered at her, playing into herpet peeve, and quietly slipped from the room. She thought thatcalling her ma'am made her sound old and poor. What aload of bull shitthat was!

OnceI closed the doorbehind me, I realized that my footsteps no longer made the clanking soundthey usually did. I also felt lighter and stronger too. I felt like the girl's version of the Incredible Hulk or something.

I think this may be the one of the stranger days I've had in a while… wait, what the hell’s going on??

I looked at my shaking hands, realizing that they werecertainly longer and slimmer thanI remembered. I touched mycheek, feelingsofter and for sure smoother skin thanI had yesterday.

Thinking back to the times I had looked at myself in the mirror, I hadn’t seen anything noticeably different. Something must be wrong. Without a second though, I ran into the closest girls' bathroom and gasped at whatI saw.

My skin definitely had a definablemaple-like tinge to it, making it look like there was a greenish-gold pigment in my skin, but not looking likeI was green.

My features were changing even as I watched in amazement and shock; becoming more smooth and defined.SomehowI was drawn to my forearm, andasI did I sawgreen and blue veins twisting together. ThenI looked to my hair, and saw that it was darkening, making my red deeper and deeper. When itdecided it was finished changing also, it look as if were the color of bark on a maple tree. I realized that mywhole body was tingling pleasantly,and I felt whole suddenly.

It was a new and exhilarating sensation, as ifI had a missing part of me that was now back; a missing part of my being and soul found.My eyes were opened to ceiling, but I wasn’t seeing the ceiling. I was seeing colors flashing in front of my eyes of every color. My vision was becoming sharper and sharper with every instant, and a warming sensation left me tingling and itching for more. I felt new things that I had never felt before, and it was like I hadn’t lived before this. The life was being breathed into me, and with it I urged and urged for more.

Beauty is inside me… how complete I feel! I was going to contemplate this some more whena voice thatI felt wasextremely regal and intelligentbroke into my thoughts.

Kalyn, greetings.

I was wondering where the voicecame from and looked around to make sure someone wasn't there just in case. Nope,I was alone in thebathroom, feeling completely out of place all of a sudden. I was going to comment but realized that whoever it was was waiting for me to stop thinking. Idid so as well asI could and sat down with my eyes closed, unconsciously knowingthis would help the connection, like on a radio.

We have been waiting long for this day. You have much to learn, but you will notdepartfrom your world until the end of the moon. We lookforward to seeing you, Saranella.

I felt the connection break, andsomewhat dazed from the newness of talking with my mind (or listening), sat back against the noticeably rough wall and felt the cold tiles underneath me. I absentmindedly rubbed my fingers through the uneven grooves in cracks of tiles as I mulled over my situation.

What didwhoeverthat was mean theend of the moon? Andwhohas been waiting forthis day? Besides that I was mortified to go out of the bathroom again and that the whole school was whispering about me, nothing outside of my lifewas happening.Wait-

What aboutDad?

I wouldn't be able to livewith myself if something happened to my dad. I didn't even realizeI would be an orphan, and therefore would have to live withone of my dad's relatives. I just wondered if my only Dad was hurt or even... I couldn't bear to think of it; I wouldn't allow myself to think it.

I ran out of school with newfound agility and speed, not even going to the nurse's office.


Once I got home, I ran inside and screamedforDad. My heart was racing, but not becauseIwas running to my astonishment (again). I stopped mid-pace and stopped breathing for a second, feeling something in the distance. Unsure of what was going on, I figuredI should sit down and close my eyeslikeI had when that mysterious voice spoke to me.

There it was... I could sense the heat of abody on the second flooron the other sideof the house- Dad's room. I gleefully hopped up and sprinted over toDad's room. We were always practically attached at the hip and wecould talk about most everything; I missed that feeling of him always being around and wantedit back as soon as possible.

Outside his door- noteven panting from my exertion, I realized, once again flabbergasted- I knocked lightly, making sure it was okay to go in. A moment later he opened the door first looking curious then looking at meI saw joy,shock, confusion, then finally horrorpass across his face.

"Alya....." He shook his head, rubbed his eyes, and looked at me again. By this time I was no longer smiling, but wondering who Alya was and why he was calling me by that name.

"Dad,it's me... Kalyn?"

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