World of the Forbidden

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A World run by an evil Spirit. One person born of light will have to save this world.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - World of the Forbidden

Submitted: May 01, 2007

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Submitted: May 01, 2007




A crash woke the whole village. Everyone I knew came out side to see what was going on. We had no clue what happened. All we could see is the red flames flying out of the window in the Tower where the Kings quarters are located. Panic ran the village as we only could watch the Tower come down in a smashing roar. The whole village watched in horror. Our beloved Lord killed and we don’t even know why.

We gazed into the fire. There we saw a figure coming out of the fire. At first people thought it was Lord Grazmear but out of the fire the figure was. It wasn’t The King; it was the Dark Warlock or the Forbidden lands. “No need to weep for this lonely scum of what you call a King. I, Sires is now your new king and soon this new title of this forgotten world.” Sires yelled out to the crowed. One bystander came up and raised there voice. “And what if we don’t want to serve you?” Sires looked at the person. Smiled and raised his arm to him. The bystander burst into flames and fell to dust. “Now will there be any more insolence?” Sires looked around into the crowed. “Good, now everyone of you will be put into battle tomorrow morning.” Commotion came to the crowd. “SILENCE!” Sires yelled. “If you don’t do what I say you all with be dead and not like this one. I mean tortured, dieing slowly and very much in pain.” The crowed quickly silenced.

As I lay in my bed I can’t even get a doze off. The thought of going to battle, putting my life on the line for someone who just killed the most loved man on this dreamer’s world. I'm not happy about it but all I can do is listen to his requests.

I have gotten woken up by some person knocking on the door. I quickly go out if my bed and put some cloths on. Outside was the whole village in a line, being escorted by guards that I’ve never seen before. They must be from the forbidden region. A guard comes up to me and pusses me into the line. I had no choice but to follow the line.

After five days of traveling we came up to a city. This city was the Royal City. We had no chance of defeating them. They were the rulers of all Neshidy. We walked passed the giant statues of the great Prevatours (The warriors of Neshidy that Killed the Great beast of the Ancient waters). Behind me was one person yelling out that there will be a person born of light, sent down from heaven to kill this evil of the world. The person was taken outside of the line and slaughtered, in front of everyone’s eyes.

We reached the gates of the Royal. There a voice called down. “What is thy business?” Sires walked up to the gate. “Tell thy Lord to prepare to finish his conflict between the realms of his darkness.” The guards handed me a sword and a shield. Sires turned to face his army. “I cant guarantee that we will come out alive but we will fight for this king is now retired by the darkness that swells inside if his soul. I have come from this darkness to kill him. And you all will fight for me. I will be the new Lord of Neshidy.” An arrow came down and interrupted Sires.

The thought of the other guy in the line came back. What was this person who will come and be born by light? What dose this mean? Is he person we are fighting for the darkness of this world? So many things could be answered when this kid is born. I thought to myself. An arrow came down piercing my flesh. I went down and no one stopped to help me. I just lay there bleeding on the ground. My vision left me and I was unconscious.

|| the Prologue may not be so detailed but the story itself will be ||

Chapter 1

Wait for an update and chapter 1 will be breathtaking

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