Another Cliche'

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A story of cliche's I think I might make it a couple of short stories... I am using the name Blair yet again

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Another Cliche'

Submitted: March 24, 2010

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Submitted: March 24, 2010



Chapter 1

Blair walked down the spiral stair case to sounds of admarations. Her brown eyes looked around the huge ball room, packed with people who worked at her dads company then thoes of her mums and the filthyrich. She walked confidently, her head up back straight, to the foot of the stairs she curtsied to the crowd before her dad made his welcome anouncement he was a plump red cheeked man slightly bold he wore a warm and trusting smile. Beside him was her mum who Blair knew hated these public events more than she did. Not because of the mix in classes but because of the oily characters trying to dig information and thoes where the rich people she didn't care much for them. Being one herself she still felt that all rich people where oily and fake. They only cared about making more money. The people clapped and she took her leave she didn't know the people their this was their first ball at this place she hadn't even started school here yet. It had only been a little while and they already where hosting a ball. 'To get to know the people of the factory' her dad had said that morning during breakfast when she was told. She greeted everyone with her sweet inoccent gental smile. The old ladies with their over sized diamond earings cooed at her and complemented her beauty she smiled and said thank you. She felt an arm on her shoulder and looked to see her mum. Laura Thomas had long brown hair and brown eyes that Blair had also gotten she had that same sweet smile to. "Hello," she said to Blair who just grinned and answered a sweet 'Hi' the old ladies and Laura got chatting and Blair contrabuted her share before excusing herself but she ran into her farther and it was back to the same thing she grinned and contrabuted her share she excused herself she heard 'real looker and nice brain' she managed to walk unditected untill she saw the table where some of the children had been dumped by their parents they looked uncomfortable they where all around 5 and the oldest 7 then she looked acouple of tables down and their was older people around their teens they seemed to make small talk some from the same school. She was then sucked into another conversation she talked and nodded unintressted then it was that question that raised suspicion and she was glad she never said anything important "I hear you have brother so were are they?" she stayed composed no features moved she was about to open her mouth when a kid had an outburst it looked like he had just spilled a drink she excused herself and went over to the child and began to wipe him down "Your soaked," she said grinning the boy smilled back her was a cute boy beach blond hair and beautiful sea blue eyes "Do you like the ocean?" she asked he nodded and started talking about how he was going to be a sailer and own a big boat and then a boy peeped out he like the ocean to setting them into a long disgution she grinned happy the girls around the table sighed Blair looked at them "Hey, whaty do you guys want to be when you grow up?" she asked their was mixed fashion diseigners and popstars they all began to talk about clothes and things but one girl stayed quite Blair went and sat next to her "what about you?" she whispered the girl indecated for Blair to get down for a secret "a motorbike designer," she whispered Blair looked at the girl and grinned "thats so cool I have one a motorbike best things ever," she said and the girl listened intently she had night black hair and stunning green eyes Blair know new why she was so quite she decided she would stay with the girl. She felt some eyes on her she turned and looked and saw the teen table looking at her and she remembered she was the host aswell she was about to leave when she felt a hand on her shoulder she looked up and saw a boy and reconized him and Paul the son of a real oily guy and Paul was one to she had to try hard and stop herself from shivering she looked forward her face uncomfortable the little girl, Flora, must have sensed it since she slipped her fingers into Blairs' and gave them a squeeze. Blair put on a smile and turned around to face Paul "Long time no see," he said she felt another shiver but tried not to let it show she saw her mum looking alarmed she excused herself "erm...Bla-Paul long time," she said with a smile "Same here Mrs Thomas," he said giving a bow 'sicking' Blair thought she tugged her long brown hair it made her feel better when she was nervous then the real oily guy, pauls dad walked over and her mum was ambushed into a coversation unable to leave. Blair could escape but stood by her mums side they pounded her mum with really difficult questions aboutBlairs brothers she stoodand their dad walked overand the boys started talkingleaving room for Blair and Laura to slip away they sighed with relief.Blair new her dad could take a whole room ofiffy people no one could ever make her dad nervous. Untill the whole place seemed to go silent Blair looked to her dad he was silent to he put his fingers to his lips she looked at the door and their stood a boy...

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