Racing Underground

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The underground a secret organization ran by The and a Toatle disrespect to anything linked to the law

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Racing Underground

Submitted: March 16, 2010

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Submitted: March 16, 2010



I have no idea about bikes so please I'm sorry! I chose to use Suzuki Hayabusaas the leading bike because it sounds cool and looks BEEFY butI will need helpSuzuki Hayabusav.sKawasaki ZX12R your choice for bike lovers and people who are knollegdable in the bike department I need adivice thanks if you read and its not that gd but....p.s it might look like gossip girl blair but I love that name pp.s I know poeple in this book are kinda yound 2 do the things they do but...


"Yeah didn't you know she was the one who posted the pictures on the school website?" Blair burst into the classroom her friend stood their and behind the backs of the people present she smilled slowly she looked evil... she was evil "Is that true?" one of the girls asked looking at Blair she shook her head the picture scandal was something that the school was just recovering from "Your a lier," the girl said 'why did she ask then?' Blair thought she shook her head and walked and grabbed her bag she flung it over her shoulder and looked back the group of girl where already spreading it across the class soon the whole school would think she was the person the dirty looks she was getting know where a taste of what she was going to be getting in the next couple of years she walked out of the class with her head held high then it turned to a jog then she ran out the door she felt the sun her skin as she ran towards her bike. The beautiful red bike stood their the cherry blossoms painted on it she stuck her helmet over her long black hair but it still hang to her back she started the bike and eased out of the parking space she saw Tessa the girl that was trying to ruin her life she walked over to her "Blair," she said smilling Blair started the bike and sped of leaving Tessa their smilling after her that girl was stealing her spolight so shewastaking back what was righfully hers her position asqueen.

Blair raced weaving through traffic, she even jumped traffic lights she was so angry and upsett she was crying hard and she was scared that she was about to crash as her screen was getting fogged. She new she had to pull over she heard a distant thundering and she new it was a truck and it was heading towards her. she was on the wrong lane. she treid to dogde but it was rash hour to make things worse she was on a high way she tried avoiding them as some drivers had a thing againts motorbike riders as there had been a heated battle between them as some riders took over every lane and drove unbelivebly slowly just to annoy them.She happend to know that theese people where part ofThe Underground . thepeople of the highway say their name should mean that they should stay underground they just cause trouble for the people on the highway and on the road. She wasn't scared she pulled over and turned over her school blazer as to not reveal what school she went to she also also scrapped any markings that would reavel who she was. Blair had been in to many scrapes and was on seriously thin ice she heard police coming up the road 'pull over girl on bike' she smirked she was already pulled over she hopped on her bike and switched on the iggnition she saw the cop motorbikes race after her. SO.USE.LESS she thought a smile creeping on her face she zig-zagged through traffic jumped red lights and when she looked back the police where no where in site. She was a pro at losing police she had been doing it since she was 5 but that was on foot since her mum had disappeared she was always in trouble she heard her phone ring and picked it up from her microphone in her helmet it was her dad

"Hi dad, whats up?"

"where are you?" he asked sounding anxerious

"nearly their wait a bit I need to take my dear to get herself fixed up," she said exalatraiting

"Be careful sweet heart it says their are people who are taking out motorbikist,"

"heard about it dad calm down," she hang up. that was how it always happend and she rolled her eyes she felt better as she rolled up to her garage she eased the bike in

"YO BILL-AYE!" she shouted getting of her bike and putting her blazzer right the mechanic struted in he rubbed his head at the site of the bike "Cops?" he said more as a stament he grinned his old face still fool of youth he started working on the paint job again this was what happend "Hey come in tommorow and help out that covers costs," he said yet again he talked only in statements she nodded she hoped into the office and helped herself to a ice-lolly she got back and Bill had a screw driver and was tweeking he always tweeked thats why she like Bill he did 'More than was required' but it was really 'I can't stand this shit i'll make it into good shit' his words exactly she sat on the tires she went and put on a set of overalls she didn't wanna get dirty she heard a set of motorbikes role in the stopped at the door Bill looked up and sighed I could see why the bikes they had been rode on by tractors. Swear words tumbled out of her mouth like a river.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Writers note I have not proof read it :) not because I'm a cocky bastard because I...well I don't know I just don't wanna I hope u like this first one I want to get ur emotions sturing like I wanna make u hate love people I jsut wanted 2 tell so.....ya first novel I take criticism

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