Revenge is Sweeter

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End to begining Rose Annabella is unlucky one thing is her name Rose Annabella that doesn't fit with her style... after being bullied at school she moves with her mum to live with her dad and brother immediatly in a new life style where she meets love, more enimies, a person to protect and a person to protect her

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Revenge is Sweeter

Submitted: March 11, 2010

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Submitted: March 11, 2010



The Ending And the Begining

Some would say moving was bad I beg to differ in some situations it seems as if moving is the best things in the world like the sitiuation Rose Annabella was in. School for her was worse than ever she was continuasly being the targett of bullying and it was making her depressed she felt as if everyone was talking about her and watching her and she wasn't being paranoid. They where. "Are you done packing?" her mum asked walking into her room, she looked around the bear white wall and nodded sadly she hated school but she loved the room she had stayed in for most of her life. Her mum had asured her that the new room would be much bigger truth is she didn't care if she had room for posters on her wall she would probally settle for anything. She walked slowly through every room waving goodbye and remembering all the memorise in all the rooms. The last place she visited was the bathroom she walked in and looked at her reflection this was the room where it all changed this was where she chose to change herself she looked at her purple and black her some braided some not in a ponytail. She wasn't ugly so why did they hate her? She wasn't a bad person so why did they hate her? She was kind hearted so why did they hate her? She cared about them at what did they do hate her she thought about it and decided that she would take revenge one day she would come and return happy and show them that she wasn't defeated but also that she could become the best and she would return on top. She turned on her heel and walked out of the room one last look and walked away. A chapter closed and a new one opened.

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