Reagan Crocker and the Evil Exes

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Proposition

Submitted: March 28, 2014

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Submitted: March 28, 2014



Chapter One “The Proposition”

It was a dark stormy night, and the band was in roosters (a restaurant).

Wil stared out the window of the shop with the glare of the neon sign in his eyes. He was deep in thought. Sue was just finishing the last of the curly fries. Then they all noticed the ticking of a clock. Reagan just starred at her plate thinking of words to say that would not come. The clock soon droned out everyone's thoughts. Sue locked her jaw and made awkward eye contact with each member of the table. Reagan shifted uncomfortably. Wil pissed a little, and Sam made it worse by accidentally spilling his mr pibb on his new 75% off purple corduroys that he got from swell. Sue wanted to make a bold proposition to the band, but she didn't know how to say it without sounding crazy. She started to speak gibberish, dancing around the words she was dying to blurt out.

She cleared her throat and finally said, "I think we should actually write our own songs." Sam choked on his Pibb. Wil completely shat his pants. Reagan began sobbing. "How could you do this to us?" she cried.
Reagan stared into the eyes of the one and only sue. She sat there dumbfounded as she stared and stared with fury in her eyes. "She knows that I suck at guitar and bass" Reagan thought as she continued to stare. "She knows that I can't possibly keep up with everyone else" she looked at wil who was laughing at him self for pooping, and at Sam for almost dying on his pibb. Maybe he was delirious she thought. Or maybe it was...

Wil interjected in a post-shit haze, "Sam can play bass from now on and sue can play solos and Reagan drums and I sings because sings is fun!" Wil was obviously under the influence of some heavy narcotics that some homeless transgender named Gabe gave to him. Sam pulled out a knife and demanded he stay on the guitar. Sue and ray made eye contact. Wil made eye contact with his knuckles and laughed gregariously.

Suddenly, the alarm went off. Wil shouted, "release the hounds!" A Wild Dees leapt over the counter and came hurtling towards the gang. As he lunged for Sam's throat and dug his teeth into the ginger's neck, (because Sam is going to be the first casualty), Reagan swung the bass guitar and clocked her ex-boyfriend over the head. However, it was already too late for Sam. The venom was already coursing through his veins.

Sam slowly morphed into another dees, because as we all know, when dees bites someone, they turn into dees.

Now tweedle dees and tweedle sam proceeded to snarl at the entire restaurant. Most of the more physically fit patrons had fled, but a very old woman remained in the corner eating her burger because her hearing aid had broken. Reagan ran to her rescue and shouted…

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