The Dead Father and The Homosexual Boy

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: September 15, 2010

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Submitted: September 15, 2010



At first I truly believed that animals had souls and complete minds of their own. However there is a certain weakness to animals. And that is I can manifest myself into them and use them as my eyes for when I want my presence to be without notice. I actually came across this technique by accident. As a spirit you must learn how to travel all over again. I really do not intend on frightening those I come across. And if I am not within another creature or moving with a gust of wind, my energy that has not been allowed into the hearts of men, can be noticed much easier.

My first encounter with this strange new mode of travel was simply out of curiosity. It was soon after the mourning of my death had passed and it was a week after my wife had seen Madam Magdalene in the window. I have had a couple of strange encounters with her in my spirit form myself. She is wise but rather blunt. I was standing where I had ended my life reflecting on the decision. Of course I was not given the glory of crying over my mistake. I was just simply acting as if nothing had happened as a witness to my own faults.

I stood there for quite some time. Time gets rather awkward in spirit form. You don't have any priorities and you don't have to eat or shit for that matter. There are no burdens and there are no luxuries. You just are. And as I was standing there for about several hours just thinking to myself a noise to my left down by Rat lake caught my attention.

I thought that maybe in my daydreaming stance I had missed someone who pulled up and was trying to dock their boat in the lake. Out of boredom I went down to see what had made a noise. I walked down the hill, which had deep ruts from the last summer's rain in it. It looked rather cool outside so it would have been rather perplexing to have seen a man going out on a boat unless it was an avid fisherman. I expected to see an old man and perhaps his grandchild when I reached the edge of the lake. However there was nothing there.

I heard a chipmunk chirping behind me up on the hill. That is what I must have heard in the first place. So I went back up the hill to go see the chipmunk. I figured being in tune with nature would set me from thinking to critically about my earlier actions that reset the course of my family. That type of thinking can cause a lot of hard feelings, even for a feelingless spirit like myself.

That is exactly what I did. I snuck up the hill quietly as if I were still human. In fact I even laid down on my front side and started to crawl towards the chirping menace. If I could have held a gun and could have pulled the trigger I would have shot it when I saw the bastard sitting up in the tree peering down at me. I wasn't really sure if it was looking at me or beyond me. But I continued to stalk it to the little patch of forest it was in.

When I crept close enough to the pine tree it was in, it still had been looking at the same spot it was earlier. I figured it would have climbed up farther in the tree being startled by me. So I decided to climb the tree myself to get as close as I could to it. As I was climbing, I noticed that the branches did not move. That is when I realized that the last thirty minutes of my life had been wasted trying to stalk a rodent in a tree. When I thought the word life I realized that I wasn't really alive either.

Frustrated at the fact that whatever was left over of me had fooled me into believing I was still human, I “climbed up to the chipmunk in an upset fit and reached out to it wanting to grab it by it's neck. For a moment I thought I had fell backwards out of the tree only to realize I was now inside of the rodent thing looking down at a shiny piece a metal that was below where I had been crawling earlier.

I thought I could somehow control the will chipmunk and called out, “Get going.”

I treated it like a horse but it didn't move. It just continued doing its own thing being a chipmunk. It was in that moment I wondered if another person saw me, or the chipmunk, considering I was inside the chipmunk, if they would shoot me. Would I die again? The thought passed quickly and the chipmunk started scurrying around with no idea a spirit had just entered it. The rodent went on with it's rodent things and I just saw things through the stupid chipmunks eyes. It really changed my perspective on the creature after a while.

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