Wooden Secrets

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Two homosexuals fall in love in a very strict community. They are forced to hide their attraction and emotions for each other.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Wooden Secrets

Submitted: April 10, 2010

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Submitted: April 10, 2010



Benjamin spent plenty of time in his own little world. His room was a happy place. The bright blue walls reflected light well and the green of his newly painted floor reminded him of the forest. In fact if it had not been raining out he would have been burning something outside. Smoke and fire was something in which calmed him more than being a hermit. More so the woods made him relaxed and breathe easy. There were no people there, no worries, nothing in which could tick him off. No judgment of eyes that caused anxiety was available in the woods. Humans bugged Ben more than the idea that big foot might eat him. To him, this was a real fear seen that one time on a hike he had met big foot.
Benjamin lay there on his bed lighting candles on fire. It was raining out and his mother was gone. He was bored. What else was he suppose to do? He felt it would be dumb to play Legos even though he wanted to. Instead of playing with Legos he lay on his stomach across his baby blue blanket in his strangely painted room. Burning a candle Ben allowed the wax to drip onto the swamp green floor. He was thrilled by the arrangement of the wax that spread out on the floor every time another drop hit the floor.
The next best thing to the privacy of outdoors was watching wax hit the floor. After getting bored by watching the drop and splatter he held the red flame above his arm. The wax came searing down onto his skin burning it slightly. Benjamin winced at this but got a sort of enjoyment out of it. He giggled at this pain a little. And after the first drop dried a second drop of red searing wax came flying down from the candle landing over the first piece of wax. This was less painful and the room started to smell like raspberries. Not just the smell of raspberries filled the room. The smell of smoke began to fill the room.
An idea popped into Ben’s head. As his arm began to fill with wax he wondered what it might feel like to burn his stomach with wax. The idea was painful to think about. However boredom drove his curiosity to the point of no limit. He placed the candle aside and pulled his shirt off revealing a young body of fourteen years. There were no scars no muscle or fat. Just a young untarnished body that now lay down on the bed with a hand that reached for a candle in which he began to raise with his arm and tip allowing a large red drop that had welled up from sitting to land right below his belly button. He jolted up in pain with no restraint. The candle went flying through the air burning out and splattering against the blue walls of Ben’s room as he groan in pain from what he had just done to himself.
After the pain had stopped he laughed at his own stupidity and began to clean up this strange mess. He began to peel the wax off his stomach and arm as it revealed red stains on his skin from the heat. He left these wax droppings on the floor of his recently cleaned room and left downstairs to search for a something to scrape up the remains on the floor. After opening the junk drawer in the kitchen and retrieving a leveler he returned back up stairs as the stairs squeaked all the way up as he ran. He took and peeled the wax off and put it in the garbage and the wax left a residue on the floor. This stain was one that would not be able to be cleaned without some sort of water and soap. However Ben was not one to worry about such minor details. He picked up the larger chunks of wax and threw them in the garbage and took his foot to push the smaller particles of wax across the floor in a non caring fashion like any teenage boy would do. And like a teenager he left the splatter on the wall and the now broken candle upon his recently cleaned floor.
After a half ass job of cleaning his room, Ben went downstairs to play on the piano because he was still bored. He had not hit his optimum happiness because there was simply nothing better than being outside. Because he was not outside he would have to find the next best thing to do. Cleaning up after making such a mess had absolutely no purpose to him because there was just so much more to the world. At the moment he was dead set on sending sound through air ways in which no one but him could enjoy. Being aware that his mom wouldn’t be home till late in the afternoon he spent the rest of his afternoon creating more music than ever practicing reading music. He enjoyed that sort of freedom.

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