Rebecca Darsto Chronicles: Its Just the Beginning

Rebecca Darsto Chronicles: Its Just the Beginning Rebecca Darsto Chronicles: Its Just the Beginning

Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



This is a story of a Vampire Human hybrid. You learn about her life and all she has been through. Her name is Rebecca Darsto, child of one of the best Vampire Hunters and the creation of the one Vampire that killed her Mother when she was little. As she takes you through her story, you learn that there is more to her then just Vampire hybrid.
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This is a story of a Vampire Human hybrid. You learn about her life and all she has been through. Her name is Rebecca Darsto, child of one of the best Vampire Hunters and the creation of the one Vampire that killed her Mother when she was little. As she takes you through her story, you learn that there is more to her then just Vampire hybrid.

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Vince softly puts an arm around my shoulders breaking me out of my thoughts, I look up at him. He was looking at me with a soft smile, “Come let’s get you cleaned up and show you around your new home.” Vince then looks at Valick, “You stay here and clean up this mess” Valick looks over at the broken glass and table, Valick rolls his eyes and nods.

Vince smiles and motions me to move into the next room. I take a step but before I knew it I was in the middle of the next room. I catch my balance as I moved faster then I normally go and I was just trying to walk. Vince walks into the room and smiles at me, “Don’t worry, you will get a hang of it. I’m going to teach you how to handle and use your new body.”

I nod and start to look around the room. I was in the entry way, it was huge. There was a big chandelier over my head, there was a stair way that went up on both sides of the room and connected at the top. The floor was black and white marble as was the stairs. The stair way railing, is a dark maple wood. My new eyes caught every little details of the room as if I was standing right in front of everything getting a close look. My eyes then fallow back to Vince softly looking at me as I looked over the room. “Where am I?” I asked him softly, Vince smiles. “You are in the Le Reve Mansion young one. Now come, let me show you to your room.” I nod softly and start to try to walk again but again I moved too fast and almost tripped over the stairs.

Vince holds me up and laughs a little, “Alright first lesson young one. Try not to think how you use to as a human where you had to use more strength to move, take that strength and use less.” I nibble on my lower lip, use less strength to move. I then started to move like I was moving in slow motion if I was still human. Doing that made me move at normal speed. I smile and start to fallow Vince up the stairs practicing to control my speed. As I hit the top of the stairs with Vince, there was a huge painting hanging on the wall at the top of the stairs. There were two males and one female standing side by side. At the bottom of the painting on a gold plate it said The Elders.

Vince puts a arm around my shoulder, “Come young one, I’ll fill you in on everything and our history in due time.” I walk with Vince at his side and I look back at the painting. “Master Vince, are you and Valick the only ones that live here?” I ask him softly and look back at him. Vince smiles as he hears me call him Master Vince, “Yes my dear, but we have a lot of friends and others come to visit us all the time. For now it will be just us three.”

As we walk down a long hallway, I look at all the different paintings. Vince stops us at the last door on the right of the hallway. He smiles at me as he lightly opens the door and walks in. I fallow in after him and look around. I was so amazed at what I was seeing. I’ve never seen such a wonderful room, It was a very large Master bedroom, it had a king size bed with wonderful dark red maple bed boards. The theme color was blood red and sliver, heavy dark red curtains, a dark red maple dresser with a chair to fit in the middle and a nice big mirror over the dresser. I walked around the room looking at every little thing, there was a wonderful big master bathroom attached to the bedroom and a large walk in closet. I’ve never been in such a place before my whole life.

Vince stood by the door watching me with a warm smile on his face, “What to do you think?” I look at him and smile, “I have never seen such a big amazing room before.” Vince smiles more and nods, “This is your room now.” My eyes go wide a little and I look around, “M-my room?” I say a little shocked. I couldn’t believe this was all mine now, Vince walks passed me into my new bathroom and walks over to the shower and turns it on. “Now get cleaned up young one, there’s a lot to do.” He says and walks out of the bathroom and motions me to go in and get cleaned up, I nod softly and walk into the bathroom and shut the door behind me and lock it.

I knew the lock wouldn’t do much with vampires in the house but it still brought me some alone comfort. I sigh and look at myself in the mirror for a bit as this was all happening so fast that it felt unreal. I start to remove my bloody dirty clothes and step in the nice hot shower. I let out a sigh of relief as the hot water relaxed my skin and body. I just stood under the hot water for awhile watching the water run down my new body and wash off the dry blood on my skin. I missed my father and my mother; I wondered why they didn’t kill me as well, why they turned me instead. I don’t know how long I was in that shower, but after I got out I felt so much better.

Looking to the right of the door I see a bath robe hanging there, I smile and put my hair up in the towel and grab the nice soft bath robe and put it on. I go to unlock the door, then grip the door handle, but I forgot about my strength that in one swift motion the door knob breaks off the door and the door swings open and breaks into pieces against the wall. I stand there a bit shocked still holding the door knob in my hand, “You’re a strong one, little one.” I jump a little when I didn’t even notice that Valick was in my room and Vince was gone. “I…uh guess so…” I say still a little shocked at what I just did, I feel bad now that I just broke the bathroom door. I drop the door knob and the metal knob was dented in with the shape of my hand.

Valick smirks as he looks at me, “Don’t worry about the door little one, we will get it fixed.” I blushed embarrassed a little; I hold my robe tight around me as I walk over to my new walk in closet and see all the new clothes and shoes in the room. Valick softly sits on the end of the bed as he watches me, I softly look over the clothing, looking at the sizes as they were all my size. Seems like they got everything ready for me, I glance over at Valick as his dark eyes watch me. I then softly take a shirt of the hanger and look at it.

“Valick may I ask you something?” Valick smirks and nods softly, “Go right ahead.” I continue to look at the shirt in my hand lightly gripping it and feeling the fabric in my hands as it felt so different, I could feel ever grove in the shirt.

“Why did you kill my mother?” Valick’s eyes widened a bit, as he was a bit surprised that I asked that. “I was hungry.” He says flat out with no emotion in his voice. I bite my lower lip a little and close my eyes as I hold the shit tight in my hands a bit now. “I see and why did you kill my father?”

Valick smirks and folds his hands in his lap as he continues to look at me with those dark eyes of his, I could feel his pleasure feel he got when I asked him that question, made my stomach turn. I still didn’t understand why I could feel a connection with him.

“He was a slayer and was hunting me, why wouldn’t I kill him?” he says a bit coldly. I grip the shirt tighter in my hands starting to rip it, “Then why change me? What reason do you have me live the rest of a immortal life, if I even am immortal because I’m still half human, with you?” there was anger in my voice and the shirt rips into pieces in my hands.

I then open my eyes and look at the shirt in my hands now and sigh dropping it on the ground. Valick lifts an eyebrow up at me with my reaction and the tone of my voice.  “It wasn’t my choice little one; Vince wanted me to make you my creation. He said it would be good for me and to punish me for ruining your family.” Valick says with disgust in his voice, my anger then really starts to build up inside of me, feeling his disgust.

I grip my hands into such tight fist that I don’t even feel my new sharp long nails slice right into my palms, “I rather be dead then be stuck being with you.” I say with such anger in my voice. Valick growls and stands, he walks towards the door to leave but then he stops and looks at me again as he gets a smell of my blood dripping from my hands. Valick sighs frustrated and walks over to me, I don’t even notice he dose till I feel his hands take a hold of mine. “Well get use to it Rebecca, we are stuck with each other, if we like it or not” he says annoyed.

I open my eyes and look at him seeing him try to relax my grip on my hands; I look at my hands in his as blood dripped onto his hands. “Oh…man…” I say with a sigh as I slowly open my hands and my palms start to fill up with a pool of blood and drip to the floor. I look at the blood in my hands I don’t know why I did this but I it was the best thing I could think of to do so it would stop bleeding on the floor, I put one of my hands to my mouth drinking and licking up my blood.

Valick smirks at me as I try to stop the bleeding one of my hands, he then looks at the other hand. All of a sudden I feel him start to lick my other hand free of blood. I look at him as he was on one knee licking up my blood; I blush a little as I didn’t expect that at all. After I cleaned up my hand the best I could, I was still bleeding a lot though. “I’m not healing as fast as I should” I say between licks trying to get it to stop bleeding. I watch my cuts as they were healing but not as fast as they should, faster than a normal human but still not fast enough to stop the bleeding. I look at Valick as I feel him start to suck on my hand, he then stops and picks up a piece of the ripped shirt next to me and ties it around my cuts on my hand. He smirks at me and takes my other hand, sucks on the cuts a bit and then ties that one up as well. Valick then starts to stand and licks his lips clean of my blood, “Hmm just as good as I remember, if I have to say, better than before.” He says messing with me.

I roll my eyes and put my hands under my arms, “Ha-ha very funny Valick and that will be the last time you ever taste my blood” Valick smirks, “We will see little one.” I then hear a soft knock on my door; I look around Valick and see Vince walk in. He looks at us two standing in the walk in closet with a towel on my head and me in just a robe. “Is everything alright in here? I smell blood.” Valick walks out of the closet back over to the bed, “Yeah everything is fine; she just lost her temper again and dug her nails into her hands.” Valick says and flops on my bed.

I bite my lower lip and softly pull my hands out from under my arms and show Vince. Vince looks at them seeing them wrapped up with pieces of a shirt. Vince walks over to me and softly takes my hands into his, he then lifts up a little bit of the cloth to see the cuts, they were still bleeding just a little bit now. “Hmmm…” I look at him wondering if he is thinking the same thing I thought. “You should have healed by now; they weren’t that deep were they?” Vince asks me, “No they weren’t.” Vince then softly lets goes of my hands and looks at me, “you need to try to control your anger alright. I know it’s hard because your emotions are a lot stronger now, but I don’t want you hurting yourself any more seeing that you don’t heal as fast.” I nod softly and I feel my hands don’t hurt as much anymore, I softly remove the clothes and now there were just little scabs where the cuts use to be. Vince looks at my hands seeing they are almost healed all the way. I guess I take a few minutes to heal then a few seconds like them.

I look at Vince and nod softly, “I will try to control myself better.” Vince smiles softly and nods, “Good, now we will leave you be to get dressed, when you are ready just meet us down stairs alright?” I nod softly, as Vince turns to leave the room, Valick hops off my bed and fallows Vince, giving me a small smirk of his as he leaves. They shut the door behind them and I let out a small breath that I didn’t know I was holding.

I got back at looking over the clothes, realizing that I will always be stuck with this teenager body, my body will always be 17 years of age. I sigh as find an outfit and start to get dressed, I walk to the bathroom and look at my new face in the mirror, I then glance at my neck and see a light scar from Valicks bite. Again the feeling and vision flashed through my head of him draining me, I put a hand on my head breathing a little heavy, gripping the counter in front of me. I started to get new images in my head, images I wished I didn’t get back. They were memories of my father being killed right before my eyes, Valick slaughtering him like an animal as I lay on the ground weak and helpless from the gash in my throat, my blood leaving my body on to the floor.

I then steady myself as I come out of my memories, when I opened my eyes and looked down at my hand gripping the marble stone counter, seeing a piece of it broken off in my hand. I start to lose control of my feelings again as they amplified so strong from that memory, I dropped down in front of the counter leaning on it as I broke down into tears from the memory of my father. Dropping the piece of marble in my hand to the ground and wrapping my arms around my knees curled up in a ball on the floor, hiding my face in my knees. When I lifted my head and looked at my knees, seeing my new dress stained with red, it made me stop in slight shock. I then bring my hand to my face and wipe my tears off my cheek and look at it. My hand was smeared with bloody tears.

I sit there looking at my hand the blood as I never knew that vampires had bloody tears, I guess that’s because I’ve never seen a vampire cry. My head starts to throb as I hear a scratching noise, I look over where it was coming from and across the room I see a little spider crawling across the floor, I then hear the wind outside. All of the sudden I started to hear every little sound around me, I covered my ears as my head throbbed more and more, soon it got too much for me that I yelled out from the pain coming from my head.

Not even a second passes, Valick and Vince rushed into my room seeing me on the bathroom floor holding my head tight shaking from the over whelming sounds. Valick hurried over to me and kneels down in front of me and grabs me in a rough but soft way. “Rebecca what is wrong?” He asks looking at me, seeing the blood on my face and my dress.

“My head, it hurts, it’s so loud in here.” Valick looks at Vince, “Her hearing is getting out of control.” Vince nods at him, “You know what to do Valick, I did for you, and now help her.” Valick’s face went tight and looked at me. Valick then started to talk to me that I never knew he ever would, his voice calling, soft and fragile.

“Rebecca listen to my voice, focus only on my voice and nothing else. “ I listened to that voice of his, trying to only listen to him. As I focused on his voice, all the other sounds started to fade and my head started to feel better. Valick continued to talk to me with that tone in his voice till I then slowly removed my hands from my ears and my breathing calmed down. I then opened my eyes and looked at him. He stared right back into my eyes, looking for the sign that I had control.

“Very good Rebecca, now hold that feeling, this moment now.” As he said that to me, my nerves and emotions calmed down and felt good. I felt back in control with myself, I look at my hands seeing the blood again but nothing trigged again. Valick softly lets go of me and looks at Vince. “Very good Valick, You are her creator only you can walk her though her struggles.” Valick gave a nod and looked back me.

I looked back at him; we stared at each other for a bit as I felt some connection from this, from him talking to me. “Rebecca, tell me what happened?” Valick says, I then look down at my knees. “I-I got more memories back and it was of what happened to my father.” I said it in soft voice, my hands clenched and Valick puts his hand on mine and continues to talk to me in a kind voice that still shocks me every time I hear it. Valick just sat there next to me looking at me with wonderful eyes and I couldn’t read if he was sorry or not for what he did to my father. “I see, well that would set you off then.” I looked at him as I didn’t want his comfort but for some reason, it was the only thing keeping me in check.

Valick then stands and softly pulls me up to stand with him. He was so much taller than me, as I was only 5’7. “Now get cleaned up and changed, meet us down stairs in five minutes.” Valick says to me and let’s go of my hand turning away. Before he turned I nodded in response. Valick walks out of the room and goes down stairs. Vince and I watch him leave, Vince then looked at me and smiles softly. “I’m sorry that memory came back to you young one” Vince says softly, he then turns and leaves as well.

I sigh and got right to washing my face and hands off. Then I went to the closet and got a new dress. When five minutes passed I walked right out of the room and headed down stairs. They stood there waiting for me at the end of the stairs and they both looked at me as I moved down the steps. Vince smiled softly at me, “Ready to get a tour of your new home Rebecca?” I gave small smile back at Vince and nodded softly.

Vince then turned and I fallowed, Valick join us as they brought me through the Mansion. It was the most amazing place I’ve ever seen in my life. They showed me the kitchen, dining room, library, lounge, and many others. The last place they showed me was a training room, it almost looked like a workout room but this place had all kinds of weapons and tools to use. The room was about the size of a half of a football field, as you walked in to the left side was all weight equipment. Next to the weight equipment was open space with a wrestling mat, then from the rest on, all the way to back wall and coming around to the right was many different weapons on the wall and racks. In the middle was a wood dummy that looked like it’s been through a lot already. I walked over to the swords on the right side wall and looked them over.

I always fancied swords; they were all beautiful and amazing. They had swords that were long and short, warrior ones to samurai swords, even double bladed swords. Under the swords on the wall was cases filled with all kinds of throwing knives, daggers, and short blades.  I look up at the wall of swords as one with a black and silver handle one catches my eye. I softly reached out and brushed my finger tips over the shinny blade and handle, when I touched the sword a new memory rushed into my head.

I held myself up on an empty space on the wall as the memory flash before my eyes, but this memory was so different. It didn’t belong to me, it showed the sword being used in fight against another person, but this person wasn’t human they were different. The one holding the sword moved to fast, but the other kept up with their speed but wasn’t fast enough as they get beheaded by the sword. At the end of the memory the person holding the sword steps in view and it was Valick.

When I came back, I felt a hand touch my back lightly, “You alright Rebecca?” Vince asks me softly, I look at him and then look at Valick across the room. “Yeah I just had another memory flash in my head, but I don’t think it was mine.” I say catching my breath a little and I look at the sword. “It was a memory of this sword and Valick was fighting some person with it.” Valick lifts an eyebrow at what I said a bit of a shock.

Vince looks at me softly, I look at Vince, “I heard stories that when you become a vampire you get memories of your makers past, is that true?” Vince smiles and softly shakes his head, “No my dear that doesn’t really happen, but when someone becomes a vampire, it unlocks memories you have forgotten.” My eyes go wide in surprised and I look at the sword. “I see..” I say as I was slightly confused, I close my eyes thinking of the memory and more appears to me, it was a cold winter night and I was so young when I had the memory, near the age I lost my mother.

I shake my head and look at Vince and smile softly. “Alright then, umm is there anything else you two want to show me.” Vince looks at his watch and softly shakes his head, “No my dear, I was going to show you the land, but the sun is just rising now. It’s time for you to get some rest now” I nod softly and look at Valick, he was still looking at me in a way that made me wonder what he was thinking right now. Does he know of the memory I just had of him, we all walked back to my room.

“Get some good rest Rebecca; we will start your training tonight.” I nod softly and Vince softly walks back down the hall. Valick stood there a moment looking at me. He looked like he wanted to tell me something, “goodnight little one.” He then says and starts to walk down the hall. I softly watch him walk down the hall and walk down the stairs, I was glad to know he didn’t have a room next to mine.

I turn around noticing there was light coming through one of the cracks of my dark thick red curtains. I loved how the sunlight looked with my new eyes; it looked like the sun was dancing in the air with warmth. I slowly started to step closer to the light; I stood just hand reaching from the sun light as I really wanted to feel the warmth of it. I then slowly move my hand towards the light, I knew it was going to burn me, but I had to feel it once to know what it was like as a vampire.

I bite my lower lip as my hand starts to enter the sunlight, I waited for the pain but as I kept my hand there, there was none. I let out a breath and a small laugh. I move my hand around in the sunlight as it did not burn me; all it did was warm my pale hand with its touch. I smiled softly to myself as I stood there enjoying the sun, I have never enjoyed it so much in my life and how it felt with my new body, was like feeling fully alive again. I was so deep into the light, when I came out I looked around and looked at the clock on my bedside seeing I stood there for about 20 minutes. I went to my bed and softly lay down, once my head hit the pillow I went straight into a deep sleep never realizing how tired I was.

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