Rebecca Darsto Chronicles: Its Just the Beginning

Rebecca Darsto Chronicles: Its Just the Beginning Rebecca Darsto Chronicles: Its Just the Beginning

Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



This is a story of a Vampire Human hybrid. You learn about her life and all she has been through. Her name is Rebecca Darsto, child of one of the best Vampire Hunters and the creation of the one Vampire that killed her Mother when she was little. As she takes you through her story, you learn that there is more to her then just Vampire hybrid.
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This is a story of a Vampire Human hybrid. You learn about her life and all she has been through. Her name is Rebecca Darsto, child of one of the best Vampire Hunters and the creation of the one Vampire that killed her Mother when she was little. As she takes you through her story, you learn that there is more to her then just Vampire hybrid.

Chapter3 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 30, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 30, 2014




Soft falling snow flashed through my head, I hear soft laughter as I look over where it came from, and I see my mother. She held my little hand as we walked, heading home from the store. Seeing her wonderful brown eyes, and smile as she looked at me. I was so happy enjoying my time with her, I then look around as I felt someone was near but it was dark out and all I could see was the white snow covering everything it touched. My mother and I passed a dark ally; I looked up at my mother as she smiled down at me, then in a flash something pulls her into the ally. I felt her hand slip from mine. I heard my mother scream as I couldn’t see what was happening it was so dark, I was so scared, I screamed for her starting to cry holding my hands over my ears with my eyes closed shut. I then hear a voice calling my name, telling me to open my eyes.

When I did, I jump awake startled, my hands grab the arms that held me down. I looked into Valick’s eyes as he was leaned over me holding me still. I breathe heavy and swallow hard; I then look around seeing I was back in my new room. My hands softly fall from gripping Valicks arms and rub my face. Valick lightly lets me go and sits on the bed next to me.

 My throat hurt, it was all dry and it burned like I screamed for hours. “Are you alright?” Valick says softly to me as his eyes never left my face. I swallow hard again trying to wet my throat, I then nod softly. “Y-yeah, I just had a bad dream it looks like.” I said and cough a bit from my dry throat. “You were screaming mother in your sleep.” I look at him now in the eyes, “Oh… well that explains why my throat is so dry.” I say, my voice sounded so rough and I cough a little again. Valick gives me that smirk of his and nods, “Yes well I came to wake you any way; it’s time for your training.”

I nod and rub my eyes and look over at the clock as it said 12:05am, I was surprised I slept for so long. Valick then leans over to my bed side dresser picking up a glass and hands it out to me. “Drink up little one; you’re going to need all your strength tonight.” Valick says with a smirk on his face as he couldn’t wait to see how the first day of my training was going to go, I sit up more in my new bed and softly take the glass from him and look down in the glass smelling the sweet blood, feeling my body wanting it. Valick smiles see that my body reacts to the blood again, “Man if you react that badly from just blood in a glass, can’t wait to see how you do around the source.”

Valick said in a dark teasing way. I looked at him as it never came to me, that I would now feel hungry for people, for humans. I shake my head and look away, “No I don’t want to feed from someone, I can’t…” I say softly as I tried to hard not imagine me draining a person from there neck. Valick smirks at that, “I’d like to see you try not to. We can’t live off of just blood in a bottle little one, every now and then we need to drink from a person, to get our full strength back.” I bite my lower lip a bit not liking the sound of that, “Well I’m different from you maybe I don’t need too.” I say trying to give myself some hope.

I then bring the glass to my lips and drink down the blood as my body becomes more awake and alive to my senses. Valick watches me down the blood from the cup, “Yes I know… that human part of you still making that little heart beat of yours pump away but slowly. I can hear it so clearly, but if you wanted I could always try again, make you a full vampire like me.” I then chocked on my blood a little hearing him say that and I stopped licking the blood off my lips and look at him wide eye.

“Now why on earth would I let you do that!? There is no way I’m going to try and become a full vampire like you.” I say to him a bit shocked and annoyed that he would ask me such a thing.

Valick smirks at me, “That’s a pity because I was hoping you would, that way I didn’t have to take it from you any way.” Valick says coldly at the end, then he quickly grabbed me by the throat and pinned me easily on the bed.

 I struggled and clawed at his hand on my neck, dropping the glass from my hands on the bed, it slowly slid off as we struggled and landed on the floor breaking into pieces. “Why…Why do want it?” I say with a choking breath. He flashes his fangs at me and smiles a wicked evil smile at me, he slowly bent down over me bringing his fangs closer to my neck; he stopped to whisper in my ear. “Because Vince wanted you to be mine, my creation and you are half of me now. I want you to make you all of me and never have a drop left of the blood of your family left alive.”

I struggled harder but I felt like I was getting weaker by the second, I felt him adjust himself on top of me, pinning me with his body, moving his hands to my shoulders holding me down as I felt his cold lips brush my scar he gave me on my neck. “Valick stop! Get off me!” I scream and yell at him. I start to feel his fangs press on my skin when I then feel the weight of him disappear from on top of me.

I cough and curl up on the bed looking over seeing Vince pulling Valick off me and back on a wall, he growls in his face and Valick struggles a bit growling back. “What do you think you are doing?!” Vince yells at him, Valick breaths heavy and stops struggling with Vince.

Vince lets go of him but stands right between me and him. “I was taking what’s mine, what you told me I should have.” Valick growls angrily at him. Vince shakes his head and looks at me and then back at Valick.

“What are you talking about Valick; she is yours, your creation. You made her one of us and you are now supposed to train her to be like us, not treat her like she is still human.” Valick glares at him, “But she is still part human, I want her to be a full vampire, to be all my blood not half. I don’t want a drop of her family’s blood left pumping through her with my blood as well.” Vince glares at him, “That part is not your choice; we never had someone like her before. You don’t know what that would do to her if you tried fully changing her.”

I breathe heavy shaking badly as my body started to get weaker and weaker, I groaned holding my stomach. I roll to go on my side but I was too close to the edge of the bed, I fall off the bed hitting the ground feeling the broken glass go into my arm. Vince and Valick quickly look at me when I hit the ground seeing me shaking badly and bleeding now from the glass.

Vince eyes go wide and looks at Valick, “What did you give her!?” He growls at him. Valick eyes were fixed on me as he did not expect that reaction from whatever he gave me. Vince hurries over to me and holds me up. My body then spasms as I then feel the blood I drank come back up inside me and I throw it up all over the floor. When I was done I passed out, going into the dark as my body rejects the blood and the strength it failed to fully give me.

When I started to come too I felt someone softly holding my hand, I cough a bit and swallow hard as I tasted bad blood in my mouth. I start to slowly open my eyes and see a worried Vince staring down at me. “Rebecca? How do you feel?” He speaks softly to me. I start to feel my body come back to me as it ached and felt weak and tired… My throat burned badly and I felt so hungry.

“I’m…so…hungry” I softly let out as my throat hurt so bad. Vince looks to his right and I fallow him, as he was looking at Valick sitting on the other side of the bed facing away from us. “Valick you have to give her your blood to cleanse her body.” I quickly looked at Vince and shook my head.

“No…no…” I then cough hard as it was hard to let out what I wanted. Vince comforts me by tightening his grip on my hand softly and looks at me. “He won’t hurt you any more, I promise Rebecca, but he gave you pig’s blood. For some reason pigs blood makes a vampire weak and for a new born it could kill them.” Vince says with a strict tone looking at Valick near the end. “If your body didn’t reject the blood, you would be worse off.” Vince says softly to me.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath, my fangs were our and throbbed in my gums as I’m so hungry. “Valick’s blood will get rid of the poison; I guess you can say, because he is your maker.” I open my eyes again looking at Vince, he looks me back in the eyes, “You can’t drink any other blood till the pigs blood is out of your system, or your body will reject it again.”

I close my eyes tight and groan as my body hurt so bad, I then shake my head letting Vince know to do it. Vince looks at Valick, “Valick…” He says softly. Valick then looks at me, I looked back at him when Vince said his name. Valick nods to me and moves more on the bed getting near me. I take in a deep breath to calm myself the best I could. Valick rolls up his sleeve of his shirt, he looks me in the eyes softly and lays his wrist one my lips lightly. I breathe heavy smelling his clean blood wanting it so badly, I didn’t think about it and closed my eyes biting into his wrist sucking his blood out hard. Valick flinches a little from me biting him, he lays his other hand on the top of my head.

As I drank his blood, I felt the sickness fade and my strength come back to me. For some reason his blood tasted amazing to me, I didn’t know how much to drink but it was making me stronger fast. My hands wrap around his wrist holding it there, I started to slowly sit up leaning more into his wrist wanting more. Valick growls a little but he doesn’t stop me. As I sit up he pulled me into his arms holding me as he let me drink, his other arm around my waste and his head leaned softly on top of mine.

Then just like that my body wanted no more and I stopped, slowly pulling away and my eyes were still closed breathing heavy. I lick my lips cleaning the blood off of them, I opened my eyes looking at his wrist and seeing it heal before my eyes. I look up at Vince who hand a small smile smirk on his face. I then see something happen to my eyes in the mirror behind Vince on my desk; my eyes flashed a sliver and went back to normal. Vince lifts an eyebrow at me seeing that as well. I then realize Valick was holding me close to him, I blush a bit and look up over my shoulder at him and he lifts his head off mine and looks down into my eyes.

There I was in the arms of the man that destroyed my family, changed me, and just poisoned me trying to make me a full vampire, But as I sat there looking into his eyes being held by him, I felt a deep connection that started to make me feel weird, weird enough that I was ready to get out his arms now. Valick saw it in my face and softly removed his arms from around me. I look away blushing for some stupid reason, I don’t know if it’s because he just has that very handsome look like most vampires do or there something really wrong with me.

Vince clears his throat a little seeing I was in a deep thought, breaking me out of it. I look at him and he had a smirk on his face. “Now no more fighting you two, from what I just saw there, you guys have a stronger bond then most I’ve seen in maker and creation.” I looked at Vince confused. Vince sees my confusion and explains. “I guess you don’t know this about us Rebecca, when a vampire makes a creation, they are emotionally bonded and feel everything each other feels.” My eyes go wide in surprise a bit and I look at Valick as he was now standing next Vince.

 “You can feel his anger as much as he felt your pain as you laid there.” I look at Vince “Well that makes sense why I felt his anger and other things earlier.” Valick smirks. “Very much so, little one. Just like I know what you were just feeling a second ago.” Valick says in playful way. I looked at him and blush again, damn I feel so wrong right now and I hate it.

I shake my head feeling anger build in me now and look away from Valick. Valick went tight as he started to feel it. “How do I know he won’t try that again?” I had some anger in my voice. Vince looked at me seriously “We talked it out Rebecca, trust me he will not attempt to do so again. We agreed that he will only take your human side if you accept him to do so.” My eyes go wide a bit and then I tighten them close feel more anger build up in me more. “How can I trust either of you?! He destroyed my whole family, took everything away from me! And you, you told him he should change me, make me his. I would rather be dead then spend the rest of my years connected and being around him!”

I was so angry, Vince then stiffened up like I just punched him in the face. “You will understand in time Rebecca.” He said strictly, “Now get cleaned up and meet us down stairs, we must start your training to get you ready for the world. You must feed from the source soon.” I looked at Vince, “I already told Valick I will do no such thing, I will not be a monster like him. I’m still part human, I might not need to ever do such a thing.” Vince lifts an eyebrow at me looking unhappy. “Fine Rebecca we will see how long you last on just bottle blood if that will make you happy, but we will still train you how to be out in the world as you are, so when you beg us for a human, we will bring you out there to have you take your first.” Vince says sternly and stands with that walking away not letting me get another word in.

 Valick watches him leave and then looks at me. “Vince doesn’t like it when people doesn’t do what he says sometimes, but these next few days are going to be interesting with seeing how you coup.” Valick smirks and walks out of my room as well. I could feel the excitement inside him as he could not wait to see how far I will last. I was so angry I was gripping the bed so hard, my fingers ripped into the mattress.

I then shake my head try to calm myself. I knew one thing they were right about is I have to control my emotions; I need to be strong now and not show them I am not weak.

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