Rebecca Darsto Chronicles: Its Just the Beginning

Rebecca Darsto Chronicles: Its Just the Beginning Rebecca Darsto Chronicles: Its Just the Beginning

Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



This is a story of a Vampire Human hybrid. You learn about her life and all she has been through. Her name is Rebecca Darsto, child of one of the best Vampire Hunters and the creation of the one Vampire that killed her Mother when she was little. As she takes you through her story, you learn that there is more to her then just Vampire hybrid.
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This is a story of a Vampire Human hybrid. You learn about her life and all she has been through. Her name is Rebecca Darsto, child of one of the best Vampire Hunters and the creation of the one Vampire that killed her Mother when she was little. As she takes you through her story, you learn that there is more to her then just Vampire hybrid.

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I laid there on my bed looking up at the ceiling. I don’t know how long I laid there but I finally stopped crying, I had dried blood on my face and was blank on my feelings. I sigh and blink looking to my right at the clock. It said it was almost noon and then I remembered that I wanted to try and go outside in the sun, to feel the sun again on my skin. I smile as I think of it, I had to go out there even if Valick or Vince caught me.

I softly sit up going to my bathroom really quick to clean up my face from all my crying. I then go to my closet and look at the little dresses they got me, I then find a nice spring dress that was all red and had yellow flowers all over it, it was short sleeved and went all the way down to my knees. I quickly put it on and go to my door. I quietly open my door and peeked my head out. I look down the hallway and see no one and hear no one. I held my boots in my hand, which I always wore. They are short cut boots that had one buckled strap going over the front. I knew they might look weird with my dress but I didn’t care.

I quietly and slowly walk to the stairs; I peek over the railing down at the ground and around seeing no one. I then quickly but quietly go down stairs, which was one nice thing about being a vampire; you can be as quick as a cheetah but as quite as a mouse. I look around in the other rooms to make sure no one was around. I go to the front door and softly put my hand on the handle, I knew that the sound of the door clicking open was going to be heard clearly by whoever was up and listening.

I took in a deep breath quietly and let it out. In one swift motion I opened the door, moved outside and shut it behind me, being as quick and quite as I could. I smile softly as I did it and I slowly turn to look out at the bright world in front of me now. The front door was covered by a shadow of the roof over it. I cover my eyes a bit as the sun was a little too bright for me as I’ve been in the night time for awhile now.

I slip my boots on and take a deep breath and softly step out into the bright sun as it was a clear sky in the amazing spring air. It felt amazing as it made my skin warm, I smile lifting my face up at the sun. I get all giddy and start to run down the long drive way twirling enjoying the sun. I then sigh and look around seeing what all I could do with this time I had. I look at the woods that surround the whole mansion.

I wanted to go running through the woods and just feel free but a part of me said not too. I then look around more seeing a little relaxing set up on the side of the house. There were cushioned chairs all in a circle as it circles a nice stoned fire pit. On one side of the fire pit was a cushioned swing. I smile and head over there softly laying down on the swing. I let it softly swing me as I closed my eyes enjoying the warmth of the sun.

I laid there not thinking of anything at all, letting my thoughts go and my feeling as I was so relaxed right now. I ended up getting too relaxed and fell asleep. When I woke, I look up at the sky seeing that it was about two hours away of setting. I rubbed my eyes my skin kind of hurt as well. I look at myself and my eyes go wide, I groan as my skin was a light pink. Great now I know to find some sun screen next time, I sigh and get up. How was I going to hide this from Valick and Vince?

I then hurry to the front door and peek in on the side windows that was next to the front door. I saw no one and hurried inside quietly and moved quickly up stairs to my room. I sigh and lean on my door, I drop my boots to the floor as I took them off before I entered the mansion. I walk to the bathroom and look at myself in the long mirror. My face was a light bright pink, as was my arms and some of my legs. I sigh and turn away going to my bed as I felt really tired and not feeling so well from too much sun. I laid down hiding under the covers, falling right back to sleep.

Then next thing I knew I hear a soft knock at my door waking me up. I groan and hid under my covers as my skin hurt worse now. “Go away.” I say with tired grumpiness and get comfy again the best I can. I then hear them open my door and walk in. I open my eyes under the covers and bite my lower lip hoping they don’t rip the covers off me. “Rebecca, get up. It’s time for more training.” I hear Valick say to me with some annoyance in his voice. I hold the covers tighter around me, feeling nerves now.

I could tell Valick was feeling my nervousness, “Not tonight, I don’t feel well. Can I have the night to myself?” I say sounding tired, trying to hide the pain in my voice. Valick sighs annoyed, “Rebecca, get up or I’ll make you get out of bed.” I swallowed hard holding the covers tighter. “No…” I say quickly. Then the one thing I was hoping would not happen. Valick grabs the covers and rips them off me, revealing me in my dress with bright red skin now.

Valick stares at me looking at my burnt skin, I look at him worried and scared a bit. I really did freeze though, not sure what I should do. Valick glares at me, he says nothing but grabs my badly burnt arm and pulls me out of bed. I growl at him as the grip of his hand on my arm hurt badly. He throws my covers back on my bed and drags me out of my room, not letting me go. I groaned as it hurt moving and it hurt more as he kept gripping my arm.

I didn’t struggle with him, I just fallowed him, I knew I was caught and was in big trouble. He pulls me down stairs. “Ow! Valick let go damn it!” I yell at him, all he did was tighten his grip my arm more. He pulls me to Vince’s office opens it pushing me inside, then fallows shutting the door behind him. Vince was at his desk and looks up as soon as he heard the door open, his eyes go wide as he looks me over.

I look at him nerves and give him a pleading wave, “Uh hello Vince.” I say nerves. Valick steps closer to me, he had deep anger in him. “When did you find out you can be in the sun!?” he yells at me, I cringe and step back from him. I could feel his deep anger for me being able to be in the sun. Vince softly stood and walked over to me, I look at him worried what he was going to say, but he softly looked my skin over as he waited for my answer. “Well Rebecca? When did you find this out?” Vince asks me softly but sternly. I was cornered by them both and look down at my hands, “I found out the first day I spent in my room here.” I say softly. I close my eyes tight as I feel Valick’s anger spike.

“And you didn’t tell us this why?” Valick says angrily. I swallow hard, and softly shrug “I didn’t know I had to tell you guys everything.” I say speaking the truth. Valick clenches his fists and looks away from me. Vince looks at him and puts a soft but strong hand on him, “Relax Valick, she is right. We never had an agreement she had to tell us anything about herself.” Vince says softly as he was very calm about this. Valick glares at him and moves away from us, my nerves settle a little from Vince says that. He then looks at me and holds out his hands, “Let me see?” he says softly, I reach out my burnt arm for him to see.

Vince looks over my skin as it look just like normal sunburn just like a human would get. His cool touch though didn’t hurt very much as Valick’s tight grip on my arm. Valick was looking at me with dark eyes, I glance at him still feeling his anger. “Why you so mad that I was in the sun?” I ask him wondering why that would upset him so much. Vince smiles at my question, “Because Rebecca every vampire ever made wishes to walk in the light again. You having this ability, which might mean you might be able to have the key to letting us walk in the sun, which also means you could be in danger having this ability.” Vince says softly. I look at him surprised as I didn’t think of it that way. I look down at Vince’s hands touching my arm as he seemed like he still couldn’t believe I was in the sun, that reason had to be something else then sun to why my skin was like this.

Vince then softly lets me go and walks over his desk, “If you don’t mind Rebecca, I would like to take a blood sample.” I look at him and softly shrug. “Sure that’s fine.” I say softly. Vince pulls a medical bag on his desk and opens it, he takes out a needle and softly walks over to me. He has me sit down in a chair next to me, and then he kneels down and softly takes my arm. “Relax your arm” he says softly to me. I relax my arm and softly look away as I didn’t like needles very much. I look over at Valick as he still watched me with his dark eyes but he was a little calmer now. “You know if I am the chance for you two to walk in the light again I would allow you guys too.”

Valick and Vince looks at me a little surprised that I was willing to find a way. Valick looks at me confused, “I can understand why you will be ok of letting Vince too, but why me? You hate me and I hate you.” I smile a little at Valick and look at Vince. “Valick its better if I let you know I won’t fight you on this. If I tried to keep you from walking in the light again, you would find a way to get it out of me any way. You always find a way.” Valick smirks and softly walks over to me, Vince just finished pulling the needle out of my arm and looks over my blood a little. It didn’t look any different from just normal human blood.

I look up at Valick as he walked over to me, “Seems like you know me better than I thought.” Valick says softly. I smirk and look at my arm as it was healed already, because it was such a small hole. “Valick, I might not of hunted with my father, but my father tracked you for years, learned everything about you. I had my father tell me everything about you because I want to know about the person that killed my mother.” I say softly and stand. Valick smirks and nods, “Very well.” Valick says.

Vince walks back over to his medical bag and grabs it. “I’m going to head to the hospital and meet with Brian. We will do some tests and see what makes you be able to walk in the light.” Vince says softly packing his stuff up. I smile and nod at Vince, “Very well, if we are going to pass training then today, I would like to go back to bed and rest. I don’t feel so well.” I say softly to them both, as I didn’t feel well. I felt uncomfortable with heat coming from my skin.

Vince looks at me and then at Valick, “I’ll leave that up to Valick, because he can still train you if he likes.” Vince then walks to the door of his office and opens it, “See you two later” he says walking out the door. We hear him walk out the front door and drive away in his car. I look at Valick waiting to see if he will let me be and go off back to my room. He looks at me for a bit and then looks at my sunburn. “You may go rest, after your punishment.” He says looking at me with his dark blue eyes.

I look back at him confused and nerves when he said that. “Punishment? Punishment for what?” I said with confusion in my voice. Valick gives me a look that made me want to take back what I just asked. “What do you think, you went outside without my permission.” He says with a growl in his tone. I look down at my hands playing with them, “I just wanted to enjoy the sun. Get some time to myself; I wasn’t going to go anywhere. I didn’t even go into the woods, like you told me not too. I just laid on the swing outside.”

Valick smirks at me seeing I’m trying to talk my way out of it, but he didn’t care. “You still should have asked me, you are my responsibility and if something happened to you, you would be on your own then because the sun was up.” I looked at him as it sounded like he cared if I got in danger or not. “I thought you don’t even care about me?” I said annoyed, Valick stiffens up and glares at me, “You are right I don’t care if you end up in trouble, but Vince would be mad as hell and so would the Elders for not watching you. You are my creation, it is my job and it’s the rules to watch and protect your creation till they are accepted as a Master themselves.” I looked at him surprised, seeing why Vince wanted him to make me his creation, he didn’t care one bit of me but if he didn’t watch out for me, he would be in deep trouble.

“I see…so after the punishment I can go?” I say softly seeing I was not going to talk my way out of this one. Valick smirks and nods, “Yes, now go to the living room, Vince would be mad if I made a mess in his office.” I then get really nerves as he said that, what is he going to do to me that was going to make a big mess. I nod softly and walk to the door; I walk out leaving it open for him as he fallowed me into the living room.

I swallow hard as I was really nerves now, “What…are you going to do?” I ask trying to not sound too nerves. Valick then grabs my hot burning arm turning me around to face him, pulling me very close to him. My breathing picked up as he looked down on me with his dark eyes. “Just this one thing, it would be best if you don’t struggle and just take your punishment, I’ll make sure to end it quickly.” He says with a dark voice, I felt my breathing pick a bit more as I didn’t know what he was going to do, looking back in his eyes with scared eyes.

Valick then reaches up and moves my long brown curly hair out of the way of my neck. He smiles at me with his fangs showing and my eyes go wide as I did not want him to bite me again, one time was enough. Before I could move away his arms wrapped tight around me, holding me in place as he quickly bit hard down on my neck. I yell out in pain, may body shakes a bit from the sudden jolt of pain. My arms wrapped around him gripping his back, I felt his lips around my wound drinking me with his hard jaw tight on my neck.

Tears start to build up in my eyes as it hurt so badly, I then start to feel weaker as he continued to drink. I was getting scared now as I did not know if he drained me if I would die or not. I grip his back more, feeling light headed now. “Valick please stop…” I said with a scared voice. He just presses me harder into his body, with a death grip sucking harder on my neck. My eyes start to droop as it was getting harder to keep them open. “Valick…st-stop” I said with a weak soft voice as I was losing strength to hold myself up, but he held me easy enough in his arms.

My hands start to slowly start to lose grip of his shirt as I was losing feeling and getting weaker by the second. Was I going to die, no I couldn’t, he was just telling me that if I died under his watch he would get in big trouble. He got me to the point where I was about to pass out. I then feel him slowly pull away from neck holding me up in his arms. He looks down at me, with my blood running down his chin. I try to look at him but I couldn’t open my eyes. Valick smirks and puts his arm under me and lifts me up in his arm. My head softly lies on his shoulder and I closed my eyes passing out from the lack of blood.

As I slept, all I could feel was the beat of my slow but still working heart, feeling it work hard to move blood back in my body to have me wake once again. I don’t know how long I was out, but I could feel my blood slowly grow back in me, filling me once again giving me strength to move, breath and speak. Once I had just enough strength to open my eyes, I start to feel someone touching my neck, the part I could still feel. I start to wake more, getting my hearing back as I hear voices. They did not sound happy, they were worried and angry.

I slowly take in a deep breath as I feel like I have been holding it way too long, I bring my hand to my eyes softly rubbing them as I feel them come back to me. I slowly open my eyes and blink a few times as my vision comes back to me. I then see a face hovering over my face, I look the person in there wonderful green eyes. I smile as Vince was back now, but he was not happy, he looked worried sick. “Vin…ce” I say coughing out his name. My body then dose something I was not ready for, a shock of energy pushes throughout my whole body, waking me up all the way and feeling every bit of my body and the pain from my neck.

I groan put my hand over my neck as it hurt so bad. Vince softly removes my hand from my neck and holds it, “Don’t touch it, and let it heal. How are you feeling?” I look at him and breathe heavy, “I’m alright, just really weak right now.”I say softly as my voice came back to me. Vince then looks at someone to the right of him as I couldn’t lift my head to see who it was. “You are so lucky you didn’t kill her. What were you thinking?” Vince says sternly, I know now he was talking to Valick. I then feel my anger start to build in me as that seemed to give me more strength. “Oh I knew she wouldn’t die, I listened to her heart the whole time I was drinking her, and it never changed a beat. It kept on beating; I would have stopped if her heart started to slow down. She needs to know her place.” Valick says coldly.

Vince looks at me seeing that my hand got very tight in his, he sees my emotions are kicking in hard again giving me strength. I then moved around Vince in one swift move and went at Valick, giving him a hard push, but it didn’t do much as I didn’t have all my strength back, it just made him stager back a little. “You are such an asshole, I deal with all the shit you put me through and here you go again almost killing me again! Why Valick, why do you want me to have such a horrible life. I have never, ever done anything to you! I didn’t hunt you, I didn’t fight you! Hell I don’t even know how to fight Valick, I spent most of my life locked up somewhere reading and dealing with my own problems, my father was never there for me when I needed him! He was too busy trying to hunt you down!” I screamed at him with all the strength I had, all the pain I had building up in me for so long that it finally broke free, I was done playing nice.

I breathe heavy glaring at him, and then I start to feel dizzy and loose my balance. Vince moved quickly to me grabbing me, holding me up, he carefully moved me back to the couch. Valick stared at me in shock at what just happened, he was lost at words, he then shakes his head and looks away. “I know you never did anything wrong to me Rebecca, but I can’t be nice to you till the last drop of your family’s blood is gone.” He says coldly, he then looks at me with his dark blue eyes, “If you want me to play nice, treat you like what you are half of? Then give me the rest of your family’s blood and then I will change my ways to you, but till then no. You have to deal with me and I have to deal with you.” He says with darkness in his voice that could feel his anger deep in me on how much he hated my family, but why, why did he hate my family so much, he is the one that killed my mother.

Valick then turns away and walks out of the room, not waiting for me to speak again, he goes to the basement door going down stairs, slamming the door behind him. Tears start to build in my eyes, Vince puts a soft hand on my cheek to sooth me, “Shhh… my child, it will be alright. I’m sorry about this; I thought if he had you, he would change back to his normal ways. He was not always this bad you know?” Vince says softly, I hold back the tears and look at Vince with tired hurt eyes, “Master Vince, please tell me, what did my family do to him? I do not understand, he was the one that killed my mother?” I say softly as I had a lot of pain in my words as I choked back the pain in my neck and heart.

Vince sighs and holds my hands in his, then softly looks into my eyes, “Rebecca there is something you need to know about your mother…” He starts to say softly to me, I look at with my full attention; he paused for a moment as he looked into my eyes. “Your mother…was an Angel…” I hear the word Angel come from his lips and my breathing stopped in my lungs, I stared at him deep in the eyes as he was telling me the real truth about something I never knew. “An…An Angel?” I say softly as the breath I was holding releases out of my lungs. I close my eyes as it made no sense to me but at the same time it did.

Vince softly nods, “She was not a full Angel, she was a fallen one, she was cast out of heaven for falling in love with a human, and giving birth to baby that was half human, half Angel.” He says softly, I look him back in the eyes shocked, “I’m…I’m part Angel.” I say as this was so much to take in. Vince smiles softly and nods, “Yes my dear, now I wanted to tell you what I found out about your blood. You are not part human, part vampire. Looking at your blood, it is you angel side that keeps pumping that little heart of yours, that makes you different. I’m sorry to say your human side is gone, it changed you into the vampire part you are now.” Vince says softly trying to have me understand the best I can.

I let out a small breath of a laugh and lean back on the couch and rub my face, “Has there ever been a human/angel hybrid before?” Vince softly rubs my hand, “No my dear, I wasn’t sure if you were angel at all as you never gained any powers when you grew up, but it seemed your powers have slowly triggered when you were changed into now the first vampire/angel hybrid.” I let out another laugh, not believing this. I think quietly taking this all in the best I could to not flip out that this was cool but scary at the same time, but it brought me back to the first question I had, I look at Vince. “What does my mother being an angel have to do with Valick?” I ask him softly. Vince sighs and looks away looking at the basement door, “Rebecca, Valick loved your mother, but she did not love him back. When he found out she fell for a human, it broke him. He went darker when he found out you were born. When the elders found out about you, Eric ordered Valick to find you and kill you…but that night when he found you with your mother, your mother fought him with her last breath trying to protect you. Once he defeated her, he looked at you and he couldn’t do it. He broke Eric’s order and picked you up taking you to your father, that’s when your father swore to him that he would hunt him down and kill him. Your father never caught Valick even though he got close most of the time because Eric was still trying to find you, but when we found you and your father, you had no powers you were just human. Eric order us to have you and your father killed, but I convinced Eric to turn you into one of us as Valick as your maker.”

I softly looked at Vince as he told me the whole truth and story of how me and Valick are here as we are today, when Vince finished speaking I sat there quietly looking at him as I took it all in, trying to see if I remember Valick taking me to my father, then it hit me hard in my mind. I yell and grab my head as the memory flashes before my eyes. The memory I had when I touched that sword in the training room, it became clearer. I was watching my mother and Valick fighting as I sat there on the cold ground crying for my mother, and then watch him finish my mother off in one swift move. I was so young about 2 or 3 years old. Valick moves to me with the sword covered in my mother’s blood, I moved away from him crying hard, screaming as I was so scared. Valick then looks at me with so much pain in his eyes, he looks back at my mother’s body on the ground and back at me. He tosses the sword away and kneels down; he looks me deep in the eyes with his amazing blue eyes. He called to me with a soothing voice, calling me to him, using his charm on me. I slowly stopped crying and didn’t feel scared any more. I carefully stood and ran to him, as he wrapped his arms around me and lifted me up in his arms. He gave me a warm hug comforting me, trying to block my mind of this memory. He then carries me off into the dark as the snow continues to fall covering my poor mother on the ground as he took me to my father.

When I came out of the memory my head pounded hard with a bad headache as my body forced passed a barrier that was there to keep me from seeing that memory. I look at Vince as tears fall down my cheeks, Vince looks at me worried wondering what just happened. “Your right, I remember now. Valick blocked my mind from remembering it but I remember now.” I say between deep breathes and sobs. I cover my face with my hands crying hard as the pain of how I lost my mother hits me hard in the heart. Vince moves on the couch next to me and wraps his arms around me, I wrap my arms around him, holding him tight as I cried hard into him as he softly rubbed my back and brushed his fingers through my soft long brown curly hair to comfort me. I understand now, I understand everything.

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