Rebecca Darsto Chronicles: Its Just the Beginning

Rebecca Darsto Chronicles: Its Just the Beginning Rebecca Darsto Chronicles: Its Just the Beginning

Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



This is a story of a Vampire Human hybrid. You learn about her life and all she has been through. Her name is Rebecca Darsto, child of one of the best Vampire Hunters and the creation of the one Vampire that killed her Mother when she was little. As she takes you through her story, you learn that there is more to her then just Vampire hybrid.
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This is a story of a Vampire Human hybrid. You learn about her life and all she has been through. Her name is Rebecca Darsto, child of one of the best Vampire Hunters and the creation of the one Vampire that killed her Mother when she was little. As she takes you through her story, you learn that there is more to her then just Vampire hybrid.

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I don’t know how long I sat there crying in Vince’s arms, but he just held me close, letting me get it all out, not caring that my bloody tears were staining his clothes. When I finally calmed down I was so tired, my head throbbed from the memory, and I felt so weak from the lack of blood in me. Vince kisses the top of my forehead and whispers soothingly to me, “Sleep young one, I’ll carry you to your room.” I give him a warm hug laying my head on his shoulder with my eyes softly closed, bloody tears stained my face. “Thank you Vince.” I say softly as I then softly fell in a deep sleep in his arms. He smiles warmly at me as I fell asleep, moving his arms softly under me and lifting me with no trouble at all, bringing me to my room and tucking me in.

When I started to slowly wake once again, I groan as my neck ached a bit as it was just sore and felt bruised now. I try to open my eyes but the dry blood under my eyes made it hard and I go to rub the crusty dry blood off my eyes. I slowly open my eyes looking at the ceiling as my heart softly ached as the memory was fresh in my mind still. I felt better and my skin was now all the way healed but the burn in my throat hurt a lot as I was starving.

I hear a soft knock at my door, I turn my head to look at the door, “Come in” I say softly as I sounded a lot better as well. The door softly opens and Valick walks in with a glass of blood in his hand, softly shutting the door behind him. He was wearing an emerald green dress shirt today with black dress pants and had his long bangs tied back away from his face.

He gives me a soft smirk as he walks over to me. I start to carefully sit up but it hurt to move, Valick quickly sets the glass down and helps me sit up, I look at him as he helps me not expecting that. He then grabs the glass and softly sits on the bed next to me. “Here” he softly says. I couldn’t feel his emotions, he felt very distant from me, and it kind of worried me in a way. I softly take the glass from him and bring it to my lips, I feel that he warmed the blood for me this time, but the taste of it still wasn’t any better to me still and it did help a little but not much, I was still hungry.

Valick softly takes the glass from me when I was done and sets it aside, I look at him as it he softly looked back at me. The green shirt for some reason made his eyes stand out more, making him look really handsome. I then look at my hands, “Valick, Vince told me everything about what happened with my mother and you.” Valick stiffened a little and looks away, “Yes I know Rebecca, he told me. He also told me about your blood, that you are not human anymore.” He says softly with his deep voice. I look at him; He sighs and pinches his nose feeling frustrated. I look at him confused, “What is it?” I ask him softly.

Valick then turns to face me better not looking at me just yet and then looks me in the eyes, “Rebecca when I put the spell on you, I tied it to your heart. Once your heart stops beating the spell will go away, but because you are not part human but part Angel, if I killed the Angel in you, you would not live. You were born Angel and for you to stay alive you have to have a beating heart or you will just die completely. You can’t change an Angel into a vampire, that’s why only half of you changed.” He starts to softly explain, I look at him a bit worried as I didn’t like where this was going, and Valick sighs as I see the pain and frustration on his face for a moment. “Rebecca I can’t remove the spell, over time we will try to find a way but till we do, that spell will never go away.” He says softly to me and in his voice it sounded like he was sorry but he couldn’t bring himself to say it.

My eyes go wide and look away from him closing my eyes, “What if we told Vince, maybe he might know a way?” Valick softly shakes his head and looks away from me, “No little one, I already told him once he told me about your blood. I got my good lecture already but he knows just as much as I do that it’s hard to remove a bonding spell.” I swallow hard as I tried not tearing up, I was tired of crying I just wanted to have some good news for once and not feel pain. “Ok then…” I start to softly say choking on my words a bit as I hold back the tears. I take a deep breath as I need to just except this, I need to stay strong and work on dealing with all this, as it will be stuck with me for a long time.

I look at Valick seeing some pain in his eyes as he didn’t look at me, I could tell he felt bad now, that he was sorry but I knew he would never say it to me. I give him a small smile and put a soft hand on his. Valick looks at me surprised a bit wondering why I’m smiling. “Valick how about you make it up to me, teach me to hunt. I want to go out in the world, I’m so hungry and I need to start accepting who I am. I still hate the idea of killing people to feel better but I drank that glass you gave me and it barely helped. Us three will work through this.” Valick searches my eyes wondering if I lost my mind or something but when he felt and saw the truth in my eyes a smirk softly formed on his lips.

Valick softly nods, “Very well then, we will go out, but you do everything I tell you too. You have to listen to me got it?” I give him a small smile and nod, Valick smirks again and softly stands as I then feel some excitement grow in him. “One more thing Rebecca, even though I said I would be nicer to you once your human side was gone and now finding out that it wasn’t really there, I might back off for a bit, but that doesn’t mean we are buddies. I am still your maker, I will still punish you if you lie, disrespect me or disobey me. Got it?” he says to me in a stern serious voice. I looked at him a bit surprised and I nod quickly, “Yeah got it.” I say with all honesty in my voice fully understanding.

Valick smirks and nods, “Now are you strong enough to get ready or do you need another glass?” Valick asks softly, I smile and move my legs a bit and my body stretching, “Um no I think I’ll be good…” I say softly and then look at him. Valick smirks and turns to the door, “Thank you, Valick.” I softly say to him, he stops and looks over his shoulder at me; he smirks and walks out shutting the door softly behind him.

I slowly start to move out of bed as my body was stiff but it started to loosen up as I stood and stretched some more. I walk to my bathroom looking at myself in the mirror, I looked horrible. I had dry blood all over my face, chin, neck and chest. My dress was ruined from my blood as well. I lean closer to the mirror as I carefully remove the bandage over my bite off. I flinch as the tape pulls on my sensitive skin, the holes were all healed up but my neck was black and purple around the bite.

I sigh throwing the bandage away, then turn to close my new bathroom door they put in for me about a week ago. I still felt better when I closed the door and locked when I showered. I remove my ruined dress with the rest of my clothes I had on and turn the shower on. I smile as I enjoyed the feeling of the nice warm water running over my body. I softly wash my skin, as I looked at my skin I notice I didn’t even tan or anything, my skin just went back to its normal light pale skin.

After my shower I put my hair up in a towel and slide into my robe, I move out of the bathroom to my closet and sigh as I look at all the clothes I still haven’t even began to try on. Now that I was finally getting out of this house, I didn’t know what to wear. I must have been in the closet for a long time trying to find the right thing to wear but nothing came to me as I tried things on. I then walk out of my closet still in my robe, but I took my hair out of my towel now as it was hard to try things on with it on my head.

I laid two different outfits on the bed and stood there looking at them, one outfit was a nice red blouse that buttoned up the middle of it and had a collar at the neck, it was short sleeved and I put it with a nice black and silver skirt that flowed to the right. The second outfit was black long sleeve blouse with a red rose on the back of it, which I matched with a red skirt that had black swirl patterns on it. I hear someone softly knock on the door, “Come in.”I softly say as I continued to look at the two outfits in front of me.

They walk in and softly shut the door behind them, “I thought you would be ready to go by now?” Valick says softly to me as he moves over to me and looks down on the bed looking at the two outfits I was trying to figure out which one to wear. Valick rolls his eyes, “You girls are something, you can’t just find something to wear right away.” I laugh a little and glance at him; I then did a double take. He was all dressed up in a very nice navy blue suit with a navy blue vest underneath and a black dress shirt under that, he had a nice blue swirl patterned tie on. His nice straight black hair was down now and softly brushed over his shoulders, he then glances at me and smirks noticing I was looking at him too long. He looked amazing, “What?” he says to me with a bit of a tease in his voice.

I blush and look away from him looking back at the clothes on the bed, “Nothing…” I said quickly as I looked over my clothes again trying to make myself stop blushing. Valick gives me a smirk and then leans over picking up the black blouse and the black, sliver skirt and hands it to me. “Wear these.” He says softly to me. I softly take it from his hand and nod softly, “Alright.” I then hurry to the bathroom and close the door, I start to change into the clothes and then look at myself in the mirror looking myself over, I fix my hair as it flowed so perfectly over my shoulders.

I opened the door to the bathroom and softly step out as Valick stood by the bed his is fingers lightly in his pockets. He gives me a soft smile as he looks up at me, “Perfect, but I think you need one more thing” he says softly to me moving to the closet. I softly watch him walk into the closet and come back out with a very nice red silk scarf. He moves over to me and has me hold my hair up as he softly wraps the scarf around my neck and ties it lightly in a nice way. I blush a bit as he did this for me, “As much as I like seeing my handy work, I don’t think people would enjoy seeing it as much as I do.” He says softly with a smirk on his face. I look up at him as he said that, I forgot I had a bad bruise on my neck.

He then softly steps back from me as he was done and I lightly set my long brown curly hair down fixing it a bit. I turn to look at myself in the mirror; I didn’t look like myself, like I always remembered myself as. I looked amazing, my face glowed and flowed with what I was wearing, my hair stayed in perfect smooth curls. I smile a little as I didn’t mind the new me, this was my chance to have a new life to not be running for my life with my father, sleeping on the streets, I was now part of a bigger family and I will always be this new person that I looked at in the mirror. I was starting to slowly enjoy being who I was and was starting to slowly let the past, be the past.

Valick smirks at me in the mirror, “Alright little one, let’s go down stairs, me and Vince need to go over some things with you before we leave. Train you on how to tell the difference between people’s blood and how to use charm on them.” I look at Valick in the mirror and then turn to face him; I give him a soft smile and nod. I go to grab my old boots that I always wore; Valick then gives me a look. I stop “What?” I ask him confused, “You are going to wear those? We did buy you other shoes you know.” Valick says as he didn’t think me wearing my boots was a good idea. I look at my boots seeing that they were a bit worn out and had scuffs all over them, I guess he was right.

I then softly set my boots down, “yeah I guess you’re right, I’m just not use to having a lot of stuff.” I say softly, Valick smirks, “Well get use to it” he then moves back into the closet, “I’m not going to wait forever for you to find the right pair of shoes so…” he starts to say as he was looking over the shoes I had in my closet, he then picks up a nice pair of red sandals, that had a small heel and straps that crossed over each other and then wrapped around the ankles. He softly hands them to me and I look at them as I never wore shoes like these before, I was glad it had a small heel; I could not walk in high heels. I go and sit on the bed and start to put the shoes on, they fit perfectly on my feet. I softly stand and twist my foot looking at them on my feet and then look at Valick as he looked as well. He smiles at me and nods, “Better, now let’s go.” He says softly motioning me out of my room and down stairs.

We walked into the living room together and Vince was standing over by a new table we got for the living as me and Valick kind of broke the old one when I got here. He had three different glasses on the table, He hears us walk in and smiles brightly, “Well don’t you look amazing Rebecca.” He says with a sweet tone in his voice. I blush a little and look at myself, “Uh thanks” I say softly, and I look back at him and see he wasn’t dressed up to go out. “Are you not going with Vince?” Vince gives me a warm smile and softly shakes his head, “no my dear, I’m going to stay here. This is a maker and creation experience.” I look at Valick and he looks at me with a soft smirk, when he looked at me that way with that smirk, he was really charming I almost blushed again; he looked a lot better than me.

“Now Rebecca, the first thing you need to know about hunting is who to drink and who not to drink.” Vince says softly breaking me out of my thought about Valick, I look at Vince and softly walk over to him as he motioned me to come closer to the table. “As you know there are people out there that enjoying drinking and doing drugs a lot these days. You must never ever drink a person that has alcohol in there system. We can drink alcohol as it doesn’t harm us that way but if we drink someone with alcohol in their blood; it will end up being very bad for us.” Vince softly says to me, I looked at him a little confused as I never knew that about vampires.

“The reason why we do not drink people with alcohol in their blood is because there blood is bad; their blood sucks up all the bad chemicals in the alcohol making the blood cells not very healthy. If you drink someone that is drunk, there blood will slowly destroy your insides and you will either die or be in a lot of pain till your body burns off that bad blood.” I looked at him surprised as I didn’t know that was very deadly to vampires. “Oh ok, got it then, no drunk people.” I say getting that down as that made me a little nerves thinking about that.

Vince then softly grabs the first glass on the left and holds it up to me, “Now smell it do not drink it ok? You need to know what someone would smell like if they had alcohol in their blood.” I nod softly and softly take the glass and lightly move my nose over the glass and take small smell. I flinch a little and quickly hand the glass back as that was the worst smell ever. “Oh god, that is gross.” I say disgusted drying to get the smell out of my nose. Valick lets out a small laugh to my reaction as he knew that would happen. I look at him rubbing my nose, Vince smiles moving the glass back on the table. “Good now you know if they smell like that you stay away from them.” Vince says softly.

I nod and look back at Vince as the smell finally left my nose, “the next thing is people that have drugs in there system, it won’t hurt us in any bad way but the drug will affect us in the way they affect humans. Like you know about marijuana right?” Vince asks me looking at me, I nod softly as that was a common drug these days. “Well when a human has that in there system, the see things in a crazy way making them laugh a lot and they get very hungry as well. Now if a vampire drank someone with that in there system, it wouldn’t turn out very well for them as they would also get this hunger for things as well.” My eyes go wide as I thought about it, which would be really bad. “I see so drugs don’t kill but affect us like the humans, got it.” Vince smiles and nods, “Now here is what a person on drugs would smell like.” He softly says as he lifts up a drink and hand it to me, I softly smell this one hoping it didn’t smell as bad as the alcohol one. I then scrunch my nose as it smelled sweet but sour at the same time, it didn’t smell right. Vince smiles and softly takes the glass back, “Ok so I find someone that doesn’t smell like someone died and smell like sour milk” I say softly and laugh a little at my comparisons, Vince laughs a little and nods, “Yes very much so.” Vince says with a smile.

He then softly picks up the third glass and hands it to me, “Now a little test, tell me if it’s good to drink or bad?” I take the drink and give it a small smell, at first it smelled weird as I smelled a mixer of things, like perfume and sweat. I look at the glass weird unsure and smell it again trying to get passed the smell of the strong perfume in the blood and then it hits my nose, that dead smell. I stick my tongue out and hand it back to him, “That is bad, it has alcohol in it.” I say handing it back, Vince smiles happy with what I say, “Very good Rebecca, I think you got your nose down, now Valick needs to explain to you on how to charm someone.”

 I look over at Valick and he gives me a smirk, “Oh I bet is a great charmer” I say teasingly. Valick gives me charmed smile that would make a girl melt inside out, I blush a bit and look away, “You have no idea little one” He then softly moves over to me, I look at him still blushing a bit, “Now first lesson, is to keep as much eye contact with the person as you can.” He softly says looking down at me, when he said that it made me look into his eyes. He sees my cheeks a bit pink as I was blushing still, “Blushing is always good for a girl, and most men like the shy types, if you do blush give them a small smile showing you like them.” When he said that I blushed more and looked away then a small warm smile formed on my lips as I thought about what he said and looked lightly back at him. Valick smirks, “Good, that’s good. Most of all is using your voice. You can put a human in a trance just by the sound of your voice as a vampires voice is like music to human ears and you being part angel as well, that shouldn’t be so hard for you. All you need to do is work on your looks and your movements. Mostly talk to them like you want them, making them want you.” Valick says as he was enjoying explaining how to charm someone to me. I smile and nod softly; I then felt a little nervous and looked at my hands.

“What if I can’t do it, I’ve never flirted with someone before, hell I never been kissed before.” I blush deeply as I was embarrassed, Valick smirks and puts a hand under my chin and has me look at him. “Rebecca you’re not trying to sleep with the man, you’re trying to feed on him. Try to keep in mind to not get attached to the person. Plus if they did try to kiss you, just turn your cheek to them and have them kiss your cheek, it just brings out that you’re a shy girl.” I blush some more as I was already a shy girl, I never really done this with a guy and it didn’t help having someone that looked amazing telling me all this.

I nod softly, “so eye contact, movements, looks, and voice.” I say softly as I think it over in my head wondering if I can do this, I was nervous. Valick smiles and nods, “Yes, don’t worry I’ll show you first on how to charm and then I’ll let you give it a try ok?” Valick says softly to me. I smile looking up at him and nod. “Alright.”

Vince then puts a soft hand on my shoulder, I softly turn to him as he had a warm smile on his face, he softly brings me into a warm good luck hug. “Have fun Rebecca and remember try to keep your emotions back, the less you feel as you do this the better it will work out for you” He says softly to me, knowing I might feel the pain of taking another life again. I hug Vince back smiling and nod, “I’ll do my best, I hate that I have to feed on a human again, but I want to start letting go my past and work on making this new life of mine better.” I say softly to Vince. Vince softly pulls out of the hug and looks at me warmly, “I’m glad to hear that Rebecca, now go have fun before Valick runs out of moonlight.” He says.

I smile big and I was nervous but I was excited at the same time, I was too excited about going out that the hunger didn’t bother me much. I turn to look at Valick and he was already at the front door, I hurry over to him and we walk out of the mansion. I fallow Valick over to the garage as he unlocks the big metal door and pulls it open with one swift move. The lights inside turns on from the door opening and my eyes go wide at the cars I see inside. The garage was a size of a house and it had about four cars inside. When I grew up my father gave me a lot of things to read and one of my favorites was the magazine on the most popular cars, I knew everything about every car that sat in the garage.

I stood there frozen as my eyes slowly looked over the cars; Valick looks at me seeing I was eyeing the cars a lot. He lifts a curious eyebrow at me, “Do you like what you see Rebecca?” I smile big and move over to the cars excited, softly looking at them. “I can’t believe you have these, these are the best cars out there!” I say with excitement. Valick lets out a small laugh surprised with my excitement, “What do you know about cars?” he asks me curiously.

I look at him and smirk, “Well that one in the back right is 1922 Packard Twin Six Model 3-35 Special Runabout. It has a 60-degree V12 engine.” I say with excitement walking over to it, looking at as it looked amazing in person, I then turn around looking at the car next to it “And this one is a 1923 Lincoln L-Series Sports Phaeton, it was very popular for the sporty look and seated four people.” I say softly looking it over, my hand softly feeling the seats inside. I then hurried over to the one in front of it as this one made me more excited, “This one is one of my favorites, a 1927 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A Boattail Tourer. It is a very amazing looking car that has a 135-horsepower eight-cylinder engine.” I bite my lower lip a bit as looking at the car as it gave me great joy that I got to stand next to one and see it in person. I then softly turn around looking at the last car that Valick stood next to watching me with interest and surprised that I knew these things. I eyed the car like I was checking out a man, “And this amazing car here, is my number one favorite. The newest and hottest car of this year, A 1929 Duesenberg Model J, it has a sporty or elegant look and has a 265-horsepower, dual-overhead camshaft, straight-eight-cylinder engine” I say as I walked up to the car, looking at it like I was in love.

Valick puts his hands in his pockets and lets out an impressed laugh as he looks at me watching the car, “Very impressive Rebecca, how do you know these things?” Valick asks me curiously, I smile more and look at him, “I told you I would be locked away somewhere with a lot of reading to read and my father gave me a car magazine that had the most popular cars in them.” I look back at the car and sigh happy, “I think this right here made my day” I say with content. Valick smiles and walks over to me, “Well I’m about to make it even better, we will take this one, go get in.” I look at him with glee and hurry over to the other side of the car as he pulls out the keys unlocking it; I carefully get in to not hurt the car with my strength.” I look around inside at everything, as it was amazing. Valick gets in and laughs a little at how excited I was, “Alright calm down there, I don’t want you getting to excited and hurting my car.” I look at him guilty and softly settle in the comfortable leather seats, and put my seat belt on. Valick smirks at me seeing me get control and puts the key in the ignition starting the car up, it was like music to my ears as it roared to life.

I sigh happy with the moment; I softly lean on the car door looking outside as he moves the car and start to head to our destination. We didn’t really talk at all as I was too focused watching everything out the window, most of it was woods but it was still amazing to my new eyes in the dark, I then realized as I didn’t really know where we were. When Valick and Vince found me and my father we were in a Illinois, I softly turn and look at Valick as he sat there relaxed watching the road, “Valick where are we exactly?” Valick smirks and looks over at me, “We are in New York, about few hours north from New York City.” He says with a smirk on his lips, my eyes go wide and I look outside, I was in New York. My father and I went to a lot of states but we never visited New York. “I’ve never been to New York before, I mean me and my father traveled a lot but never ended up in New York.” Valick smirks and keeps driving, “Well maybe one day I’ll take you to New York city, we do have a lot of time on our hands, I sure you will see every place in the world.” He says softly, I look at him and softly smile, I would really enjoy that. I look back out the window as some light about a few miles ahead started to appear. “I’ve always wanted to go to Italy” I say softly.

Valick glances at me for a second and then keeps driving to the small city lights ahead, “So where are we going?” I ask softly as we got closer to the small city ahead. “We are going to a place called Garden Life; it’s a small club for people that would like to have fun without having alcohol in the mix. A friend of ours owns the place and made it for us vampires.” Valick explains, I look at him, “So this place is a club that is alcohol free?” Valick smiles and nods, “Wow, that’s smart.” I say softly looking back out the window as the small city comes into view.

It was amazing to look at with my new eyes; I smile as I look at all the buildings we pass and a few people out walking in the dark. We then pull into parking lot with a building that had big sign on it that said Garden Life, with lights all around it for people to see it. Valick finds a parking spot, parking and turns off the car. He then looks at me as I was looking out the window. “Are you ready Rebecca?” he asks me softly, I look at him as I then start to feel a little nervous. I look at the building again taking in a deep breath and smile, “Yeah I’m ready” I say softly calming my nerves. Valick smirks softly stepping out of the car and then walks over to my side opening the door for me like a proper gentlemen. I smirk at him as he offers me a hand; I softly take it and step out of the car. He shuts the door lightly and moves my hand to wrap around his arm.

I blush a bit as I held his arm as walked up to the building, I start to get more nervous as we get closer to the building, I start to smell a strong sweet smell that triggered my hunger that I forgot about. I swallow hard and stop for a second, Valick feels me stop, and he stops with me looking at me. I looked at the doors of the building, ”What if I mess this up, what if I can’t control myself?” I asked really nervous as the burn in my throat itched from the smell of the humans inside. Valick softly steps in front of me, blocking my view of the place and has me look up at him. He looked at me softly, “Breath Rebecca, just remember your training. I will be at your side most of the time and when I’m not I will be close watching you ok?” Valick says softly reassuring me. I swallow hard looking him in the eyes, “Alright, one more question. Where do I take them to umm…” I hated to say feed on them, Valick smirks at me. “You will lead them out of the building back to the car; I parked away from the others and in the dark so no one will see.” I look back at the car seeing that he did, I nod softly and take a deep breath to calm my nerves, “Ok” I say softly, Valick gives my shoulder a soft squeeze and lightly takes my hand back around his arm. “Now relax, remember what you think of to keep control.” He says softly as he starts to bring me closer to the building.

I nod softly and bite my lower lip as the smell got stronger, I close my eyes and think of the sun, thinking of things that kept me calm that gave me control. I smile and softly open my eyes as we got to the door. Valick softly opens the door for me, I walk in and the smell hits me hard, I clench my jaw a bit as I hold my breath to get control of my deep burning hunger in my throat. Valick lets me take his arm again, he looks at me and gives me a soft smile to let me know it will be ok in a way. We walk down a small hall way and door man welcomes us, opening the door. I glanced at the man at the door, I could tell right away he wasn’t human, he was a vampire.

 Valick nods to him and brings me into the main room. Music filled the air from a band playing at the far back, lights made the place glow and the smell…The smell was so strong that it was almost over whelming, the smell of peoples blood, perfume, and sweat filled the room. My hand grips Valick’s arm a bit, he looks down at me and puts a soft but strong hand on mine letting me know take a second. I let out a small breath and softly look around as he softly brought me in more. To the back right there was a bar, but they didn’t serve alcohol, it was more like juice, water, smoothies, like healthy drinks. I then look around at all the people in the room; there were many people of all different kind of ages here, mostly young ones that were not old enough to drink.

I start to notice a lot of girls look at Valick, I glance up at him as he had a that charmed smile on his face, he looks over at me. He then leans down to speak to me, “Now let’s sit and I want you to watch me alright?” I look at him and smile softly and nod. He smiles back moving us over to an empty table to the right of the bar. I sit down, as Valick lightly scans the room, he then spots a pretty little blonde alone at the bar sipping on a smoothie. She was eyeing the room as well, till her eyes locked on Valick. I look at Valick as he puts on his to die for smile, I look back at her as she bites her lower lip a bit and smiles blushing, then softly turns away from him. Valick smirks and looks at me, “Just watch and stay here” He says to me softly, as he didn’t have to speak very loud, I could hear him just fine. He then leaves me at the table walking over to the pretty blonde; she wore a nice green dress that hugged her curves nicely.

I softly watched him work his charm on her, he gave her smiles, talked to her that made her giggle a lot, I could see in her eyes as they never left his. He was showing me everything he explained to me earlier. “I don’t think that’s very nice to treat a pretty lady like you like that.” I slowly turn as I hear a man talk to me. I look at the man as he was young, about 20 year’s old, short brown hair with a nice white suit on with a nice red rose in his side pocket, and had big brown eyes, with a charming white smile. I glance back at Valick and then turn back to the man and give him a shy smile, “Oh we are not together, we are just friends you could say” I say with a soft smile on my lips. The man smiles back and points to the seat next to me, “May I?” he asks me, I give him a warm smile and nod, “You may” I say softly to him. He smiles and sits next to me, leaning in closer a bit so we could talk better over the music. I could hear him fine but I knew he didn’t have strong hearing like me.

“Well that’s a shame for him, because you are very much better looking than the blond he’s flirting with.” He says giving me his charming smile again; I play along with a blush and softly looking away, then looking back at him with a small smile on my lips. He then looked at me with soft wanting eyes, Valick was right, that look did work. “Well that is very sweet of you to say” I say softly, giving a warm smile and turn more to face him. I was doing this better than I thought, I still feel nervous but I’m calm and in control. Now that I was closer to the man, I lightly smell the air to get his sent, and man he smelled amazing, I didn’t smell anything in his blood.

The man then softly holds out his hand for me to shake, “My name is Jeremy.” He says with a soft smile introducing himself, I smile and softly take his hand in my shaking it, he felt like the sun. “Rebecca.” I say with a charming smile back never letting my eyes leave his as he stayed locked in mine. He smiles and nods, then continues to softly hold my hand in his, “It’s very nice to meet you Rebecca and I do have to say, you feel a bit cold.” He then softly put his other hand over mine, lightly warming my hand up for me, I blush again giving him my shy side and that made him hold my hand more in his. “What do you say to a dance to warm you up?” he says with a charming smile and motions to the dance floor in the middle of the room, I look over at the dance floor with all the people moving to the music, I didn’t know how to dance very well. I look at him giving him a sweet guilty look, “I would, but I’m not very good at dancing” I say softly, He smiles more and softly moves off the seat and holds my hand lightly pulling me to stand, “I don’t mind, just a quick one?” I blush again and smile, softly standing with him.

He starts to move me to the dance floor, I quickly glance over where Valick was but him and the blond were gone, I glance around a little more seeing if I could see them, but I didn’t, so much for him keeping an eye on me. We get to the dance floor and the man lightly pulls me into his arms and starts to move his body. I smile and laugh a little as I start to lightly move with him, then before I knew it I was dancing with him, swinging our bodies around like we didn’t care. He never kept his eyes off me as I moved my body, I smiled and laughed, looking at him playfully back in the eyes, enjoying the moment of dancing. The burn in my throat started to get stronger as the smell of his blood pumping fresh through his body made me want him more. I then have him pull me close to him in his arms, my chest on his. He holds me breathing heavy looking into my eyes, I smile and lean up to his ear as he was just a little taller than me, “How about we get out of here?”

I pull back and he had a big smile on his face and nods, he grabs my hand pulling me off the floor, bringing me to the exit. I look around really quick to see if Valick was back I still didn’t see him. We go through the first door and then the next going out into the cool night air. He turns to me and wrapping his arm around me, I give him a warm smile. I point over to Valick’s car in the dark all the way to the side away from the other cars, “There’s my car.” I say softly, he smiles at me and starts to walk with me to the car. He held me close, moving his hand up and down my side not keeping his eyes off me. I could smell and hear his heart beat so clear out in the night, making my mouth water a bit.

We get to the car and he then softly moves me up against the car looking down at me with his body pressed on mine, I blush deeply as he looked at me with wanting eyes. He then leans down softly to kiss me, I blush more and softly turn my face so he kisses my cheek, but it doesn’t faze him to stop as he pressed closer to me. I bite my lower lip as he smelled so good, his lips softly moved down to my neck moving my scarf to the side. He then stops, it then hits me as he was going to see my bruises, I glanced around as I didn’t see anyone nearby to see us as we were on the side of the car facing away from the building. Before he could pull back to say something about my neck, wrap my arms around him pulling him closer to me and grow out my fangs and sink my teeth easily into his neck. The man struggles and yells from the pain of my bite, I hold him tight and with my fast speed I switch us, pinning him on the car and cover his mouth from screaming so no one would hear him.

His blood rushed into my mouth satisfying my waiting taste buds, as I continued to drink Jeremy, he start to slowly struggle less, I held him up on the car and softly listened to his heart till it got to the point for me to stop. I pull back and licking my lips free of blood and look at the man, his eyes were shut, hearing his heart slowly fade to a stop. I swallow hard as I look at him and slowly remove my hand from his mouth and letting his body off the car. Then it hits me, I was so hungry that I became something I didn’t want to be, I just took a life without thinking twice, I agreed to this as my body wanted to have fun, it wanted him. I freak and drop the man as he falls to the ground hard; I was shaking, backing away from the dead man. I then run into someone behind me, I jump and look behind me. Valick was there looking at the man and then softly down at me seeing me starting to lose it. He lightly grabs me, turning me to look at him; he leans down to be at my height looking deep into my eyes. “Don’t Rebecca; don’t feel sorry for the man. You said you wanted to start accepting who are now, this is what you are. You should be proud at how well you did without my help, you got that down better than me on my first time.” He says trying to sooth me to not get upset to be happy for this.

Tears start to fill my eyes, “I know that Valick and that what is scaring me, I did that without thinking twice on my first try. Like my hunger took over and I lost my emotions. I became a monster.” My voice shook, as what I just did scared me, a tear escapes my eyes softly rolling down my cheek. Valick looks at me softly giving me a soft smile, “You are not a monster Rebecca, I have met monsters and you are not one of them.” I look at him softly as he was right, what I did was just natural for us. I sigh and close my eyes, “What do we do with him?” I ask softly. Valick gives me a small smirk and lets me go walking over to Jeremy’s body. He kneels down and picks him up. “I’ll take care of him, just wait here.” He says and disappears into the night somewhere getting rid of Jeremy’s body.

I move over to the car and lean on the passenger door, Valick then comes back, he walks over to me and softly looks down at me, “Let’s go home” he says softly, I nod not feeling that excitement I had inside me anymore, I felt regret for taking that man’s life, but I also was happy at how well I did, it made me feel weird. I lean off the door and Valick opens it for me, I get inside, he shuts the door softly. I put my seat belt on and lean on the door looking out the window at the club. Valick gets in and starts the car, pulling away. I was silent on the way home and when we got home the sun was just starting to rise as we stepped inside. That was a night and a man I would never forget for the rest of my immortal life.

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