Rebecca Darsto Chronicles: Its Just the Beginning

Rebecca Darsto Chronicles: Its Just the Beginning Rebecca Darsto Chronicles: Its Just the Beginning

Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



This is a story of a Vampire Human hybrid. You learn about her life and all she has been through. Her name is Rebecca Darsto, child of one of the best Vampire Hunters and the creation of the one Vampire that killed her Mother when she was little. As she takes you through her story, you learn that there is more to her then just Vampire hybrid.
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This is a story of a Vampire Human hybrid. You learn about her life and all she has been through. Her name is Rebecca Darsto, child of one of the best Vampire Hunters and the creation of the one Vampire that killed her Mother when she was little. As she takes you through her story, you learn that there is more to her then just Vampire hybrid.

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The week seemed to go by fast, I had a few bad dreams about the man Jeremy that I killed, but it slowly started to pass. Ever since I had my last feeding, I haven’t felt hungry very much, my body would feel weird and I would wake up with parts of my body feeling really sore. When I would try to drink a glass of the clone blood it wouldn’t stay down after an hour. Valick and Vince don’t know that I haven’t been feeling right lately, I didn’t want them worrying about me. I just knew I was going to be alright. I never lost energy from not feeding though; I would just sleep and feel better when I woke besides feeling sore.

I mostly thought I was sore from my new training with Vince and Valick, they were starting to train me on how to defend myself, which means wrestling with Valick and man it hurt sometimes when he got me down on the mat, but I would shake it off and keep going, I had to try my best to not hurt Valick when I started to get the moves down. They also started to get me ready for our visitor that will be arriving tonight, telling me how to approach him, what to say and what not to say. Vince even told me that it would be best to keep me being part angel and not part human between us three and me walking in sun. Vince found out a way for them to walk in the sun, they just had to drink about a pint of my blood and a vampire could be in the sun for a few hours. They didn’t want that to get to the elders or any other vampire or I would be a target for a lot of people.

I asked Vince why the elders should not know about me being angel not human, he mostly just told me that because that I am vampire/angel hybrid I might turn out to be the strongest person they will know, even stronger then the elders one day and that wouldn’t go very well with Eric, Vince thinks he might have me killed. So I decided to agree with Vince on that one.

I softly start to wake from a good day of sleep, I start to stretch, and then I hear a rip from my clothing when I did. I then realized it was a little hard to breathe, my cloths felt really tight for some reason. I open my eyes and pull the covers off of me and my eyes go wide as I looked at my body. My body grew, my chest was bigger, I grew hips and I was about 2 inches taller now. My legs became more toned as well as my stomach and arms. I groan as my pajamas were ripped and tight around my body from out growing them, I quickly just ripped them off and throw them to the floor.

I had line indents in my skin from the clothing being so tight around my body, I get up and hurry to the bathroom looking at my body in the long mirror, my eyes go wide as I look at myself. I had the perfect skin as it was soft and smooth and glowed lightly, my hair was now a darker brown and my face it became more toned into a women then a little seventeen old girl. As I looked at myself, I did not look seventeen, my body became fully mature and I looked about 25 years old now. I had the body that a super model would die for.

I swallow hard as I didn’t know what to do, I grab my robe putting it on as it fit just fine, I go to my closet going through my clothes seeing if there was anything I fit into any more, but as I went through everything I found nothing. I breathe heavy as I didn’t know what to do, Hector was going to be here tonight and I had nothing to wear now. What was Valick and Vince going to say about this, I look at my hands and body some more as I run a hand through my hair.

There was a soft knock at my door which made me jump, I rushed into the bathroom shutting it and locking it. I lean on the counter breathing heavy trying to think of something. I then hear my door open, “Rebecca are you up?” I hear Valick call to me as he walks in, he looks around the room and sees that my bathroom door is shut; he walks over to the door and knocks on it.  “Rebecca, are you in there?” I bit my lower lip and look at the door; I then let out a sigh. “Yes Valick” I say and covered my mouth as I sounded so different, I felt confusion come from Valick as he heard it too. “Rebecca are you alright?” I hear him say with confusion on his voice.

I look at myself and bite my lower lip, I sigh some more as I had to show him. “Valick something happened to me when I woke up today. I’m going to come out and show you but please do not freak.” Valick looks at the door and folds his arms over his chest. “What happened, Rebecca? Let me see.” He says with a bit of stern voice as he thinks I did something without his permission again. I swallow hard looking at the door handle, I lean off the counter and put my hand on the handle, I was really nervous to show him.

Valick could feel that I was really nervous, “Rebecca get out here now or I’ll come in there and get you out?” he says a bit annoyed that I haven’t come out just yet. I let out a slow breath closing my eyes; I softly turn the door knob and slowly open the door, revealing myself to Valick. I was still in my bath robe though, I look up at Valick and he froze as his mouth dropped open a little as he looked at me up and down. I blushed deeply looking down at myself. “I had grown while I slept, my clothes don’t fit me anymore Valick.” I say softly looking back at him, he didn’t say anything he just kept looking at me.

I blushed deeply even more, “Uh Valick?” I say trying to get his attention, he shakes his and looks me in the eyes, “Umm well…this is not what I expected, I thought you got sun burnt again or something.” He says slowly as his eyes left mine looking at my body again. I hold the robe tighter around me feeling uncomfortable how he was looking at me. “Valick please stop looking at me like that, you’re making me uncomfortable.” Valick looks me in the eyes, looking away clearing his throat, “Ok um… so none of your clothes fit you now. Well we will have to find something for you to ware and I need to go tell Vince. This is going to be hard to do because he is down stairs right now with Hector.” He says trying to think of something for me to put on.

My eyes go wide as I look back at him, “What? Hector is here?!” Valick looks at me and puts up a hand to make me lower my voice. I breathe heavy and lean back on the wall as I run a hand through my hair, “What am I going to do Valick; I don’t want him to meet me in a robe. That’s so embarrassing.” I said as I was really nervous, my hands shook a little. Valick moves to me softly taking my hands in his and has me look him in the eyes, “Stay here, be quite and let me go talk to Vince, he might have something for you to wear.” Valick says softly and then starts to walk to my bedroom door to leave. I nod softly and stood against the wall as he left to go talk to Vince.

I lightly bite on my nails as I was so nervous, I then start to hear footsteps coming back down the hall, my door opens and Valick comes back in, but he wasn’t alone, Vince came in as well. Vince looks at me as he enters and stops, then slowly walks in coming to me. I blush deeply as he looked me over just like Valick, “Wow Rebecca… When Valick told me you grew, this is not what I expected.” I bite my lower lip and wrap my arms around me, looking away as I was so embarrassed. I then hear another pair of footsteps enter the room, I lift my head to see who it is and I froze swallowing hard as a tall man about Valick’s height walks in, short brown hair, amazing brown gold eyes, well toned body wearing a nice black suit with a white handkerchief folded nicely like a triangle in his jacket pocket. He had warm eyes but they were very old as well, with power.

The man gives me a warm smile, which reminded me of Vince’s warm smile; he walks passed Vince slowly moving to me, Vince and Valick look at him then at me as we locked eyes. His eyes softly looked me over and then came right back to my eyes, his lips then form into a charming to die for smile like Valick gives to girls when he charms girls. I couldn’t think as the man softly stopped in front of me, “Hello Rebecca, I’m Hector.” He says softly to me, he had a strong voice with a deep Italian accent. I swallow hard and then quickly did a small bow as I didn’t want to bend over to much with my robe on. “Hello Master Hector” I say softly say as my voice shook a bit from being so nervous and embarrassed he was seeing me like this. My hand was tight on my robe over my chest as I held it close to me.

Hector gives a soft smile and softly puts his hand under my chin has me stand up straight looking into his eyes, “Please just call me Hector. I’m so happy to finally meet you.” He says with a warm smile removing his hand away from my chin, I give a soft smile. I blush deeply as I adjust my balance, “It’s nice to meet you too Hector, Valick and Vince have told me a lot about you. I’m really sorry I’m not in a proper clothing right now.” I say blushing more. Hector smiles and nods, “That’s alright, they told me you had a bit of a growth when you slept and I do have to say you look beautiful.” I give a smile looking away blushing more.

Hector the turns to face Vince, “It looks like we get to go out and shop, I love shopping.” Vince gives him a warm smile and nods, “Yes you do, but we need to find her something first before we go out and do that. I think I might have something here that I think Christina left behind, last time she was here.” Vince softly says, I look at Vince, then back at Hector as he turn back to face me, “Well that’s good, I wouldn’t want you have to go out in your robe.” I blush and let out a nervous laugh. Hector gives me a warm look and then turns walking around the room, looking at everything.

Vince walks out going to a room down the hall to see if the clothes were there. Valick softly stood by my bed watching me and Hector. I didn’t move much I stayed near the bathroom looking at the floor, my cheeks felt so hot, I glance at Valick as he was still looking at me in a way that made me feel weird. “So how are you enjoying being here Rebecca?” Hector says softly as he walks into my closet looking at my clothes and then glances at me, “I’m starting to enjoy it more, it was a lot to take in at first” I say softly looking over at him. Hector picks up a dress and looks at me again, “Well that’s good, I could understand why it would be hard for you at first having to share a home and emotional bond with your family’s killer.” He says and softly shakes his head putting the dress back seeing it wouldn’t fit me.

I look at Valick when he said that, then I look back at Hector, “Yes that was hard to take in; I’m still working on dealing with it.” I say softly Hector nods softly as he looks at more of my clothes. “So tell me a little about yourself Rebecca, I’d love to get to know more about my new Great Grandchild?” He says with excitement in his voice, I smile and softly shrug. “I don’t know, what would you like to know?” I say as I was unsure what to really tell him, I didn’t really get out much and I didn’t get to do much when I was human with my father.

Vince enters back in the room with a nice long red dress, it had a slit going down the right of it from the hip, so it flowed more to the left, it had thin straps and a V neck. Vince softly brings it to me, “Here, see if this fits you dear.” I look at the red dress blushing as it was a very revealing dress. I look at Vince give him a soft thank you smile. I turn walking into my bathroom and locking it. Hector comes out of the closet with a warm smile as I walk into the bathroom. “Anything you like darling, what are things you like to do?” Hector softly asks me through the door. I remove my robe and softly take the dress putting it on, “Umm I’m not sure, I never really got to get out much and do things. My father didn’t let me go out anywhere.” I say softly back to him through the door.

I lightly slip on the dress as it fit just perfect, I zip up the dress and then look at myself in the mirror, I blush deeply as I looked amazing, I don’t think I ever looked so great in my life. The dress hugged my new curves very well, flowing lightly with my skin letting my blue green silver eyes stand out a lot. My dark brown curly hair flowed perfectly over my shoulders. “Well that’s a pity; I think we should change that. Would you like that?” Hector says to me a bit excited to wanting to take me out and show me the world. I didn’t fully hear him as I was lost at looking at myself. “Rebecca?” I snap out of my thoughts as I her Hector call to me worried.

I turn to the door and softly opening it, stepping out, all three of them stopped and stared at me with amazed eyes, which made me blush deeply looking away from them. “My word, you are such a beauty my darling.” Hector says to me with such pride in it, he comes over to me softly taking my hand, I look at him blushing and he softly moves me to do a twirl for him. “Yes I would have to say you wear that dress better the Christina ever did.” Hector said with a warm smile as he softly steps back looking at me, letting my hand go, after I twirled for him. I blushed deeply, “Thank you Hector. I will be honest you guys are making me nervous, I’m not use to this.” I say letting out a nervous laugh.

Hector steps over to me and puts his hands softly on my shoulders, “I’m sorry darling, we don’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable, it’s just hard for men to not look at such a pretty girl. Now how about we go out and get you new clothes.” Hector says trying to calm my nerves, I smile and look at Hector nodding softly. “Sure, I never have been shopping before.” Hector looked at me shocked, “My poor thing, you have been locked away from the fun of the world haven’t you. Well no more, we will make sure you get to go and have as much fun as you can.” I smile and laugh a little as I started to feel a bit more comfortable around Hector. Hector gives me a warm smile and turns to Vince and Valick, “I do hope you two will join us?” Hector says giving them puppy dog eyes, Vince smiles and Valick rolls his eyes. “Of course we will Hector.” Vince says with excitement a little in his voice. “Yeah, I don’t really have a choice; I need to keep an eye on her.” Valick says as he didn’t seem like he enjoyed that fact of shopping.

Hector waves him off and turns to me, “Oh Valick don’t be a party downer, this will be fun.” I laugh a little, smiling at Hector. Hector goes to Vince, “Go get the car ready, if you could be so kind to do.” He asks him softly. As Hector started to talk to Vince, I started to feel weird, then my throat started to slowly grow the burn of hunger then it hit me hard. I lose balance for a second, as my head gets dizzy; Valick sees me and was at my side holding me up in seconds. “Rebecca what’s wrong?” he says to me, trying not to sound worried. Vince and Hector look at me, I shake my head and let out a heavy breath, “My hunger just full on hit me. I didn’t tell you guys, but I haven’t felt hungry or been able to keep the clone blood down since I last fed.” I said feeling the burn get hotter in my throat as my fangs grow out feeling my strength slowly leave me.

Valick growls as I tell him this and picks me up, “Damn it Rebecca, you really need to stop keeping things from us. You know you’re not fully like us; we need to know everything that is going on with you.” He says with an angry tone in his voice. I look at him with sorry eyes, Hector moves over to us putting a strong hand on Valick’s shoulder, “Don’t get angry Valick, right now we need to get her something to drink” he says as the sweet voice of his turn stern in seconds. Valick looks at him and nods, Hector looks at me and gives me a soft smile, “When was the last time you went out to feed darling?” he asks me softly with his sweet voice again, I look at him with hunger in my eyes as I think of the night I took Jeremy’s life. “About a week ago” I say breathing heavy.

Hector smiles a bit excited, “That means you’re going to need to go out and feed again. That makes me excited, I really want to see how you hunt” he says with excitement in his voice then turns to Valick. I swallow hard as I didn’t feel so excited to have to take a life again. “Now let’s get her a glass of clone blood to hold her off till she feeds.” He says to Valick and then turns to walkout with Vince, talking to him with excitement asking about if I ever hunted before yet and if I did how I did. Valick looks down at me in his arms as he could feel the pain of not wanting to go out and feed, I look back at him feeling the anger still in him that I didn’t tell him I haven’t been able to feed. As he looked down at me though, I felt a sudden bit of pain come from him as he looked at me, brought him pain somehow. He quickly looked away from me and starts to carry me out of my room down to the kitchen.

We enter the kitchen as Vince, and Hector stand in the entry way talking to each other. Valick lightly puts me down and helps me till I get balance leaning on the counter, I was breathing heavy as the burn in my throat hurt so bad and I felt my strength leaving me faster, making it hard to stand. Valick quick makes me a glass and walks over to me, helping me hold it in my hands till I had a good hold on it. I start to bring the glass to my lips, I get a smell of it and it made my stomach turn, I move the glass away breathing heavy. “Oh god, I can’t…” I say with pain in my voice, Valick growls a bit and brings the glass back to my lips. “Rebecca you have to try.” He says urgent and annoyed. I hold my breath closing my eyes tight as I take in a gulp of the blood, but my body wouldn’t let me swallow it and it tasted god awful. I quickly turn to the sink and spit it out.

Valick growls and grips the counter, I cough a bit and set the glass down, “I’m sorry, my body is rejecting it and it tastes horrible.” I say rinsing out my mouth out with some water. Valick sighs and looks back at the kitchen door listening as they were still talking in the entry way down the hall. Valick then turns to me, “There is only one other thing we can do and that’s to give you my blood, but that means opening up a wound which will hurt you.” I look at Valick and then at the door as Hector does not know about the spell and we don’t want them to know. “Then what do we do Valick, we have to think of something.” I said feeling nervous trying to think.

Valick looks at me for a moment as he had something on his mind, I look back at him, “What Valick?” I ask him wanting him to tell me what he was thinking. He then moved really close to me, pinning me a little against the counter with his body, he puts a soft hand on my cheek. “There is only one way for this to work without Hector finding out about spell and for me to give you my blood. Don’t think any different about me when I do this.” I look Valick in the eyes confused as I didn’t know what he was going to do and before I could speak, he press his lips quickly to mine, kissing me deeply as he cuts his lip with my fangs, a cut then forms on my inner lip. My eyes were wide in surprised as he kissed me; I just went with it when I then taste his blood my body accepting it right away, wanting it.

I lay my hands on his arms as I pushed my lips back on his and suck on his lip drinking out his blood, our blood mixing together as I had to keep reopening his lip to get enough of his blood. Valick’s hands softly hold me close to him on my hips as we kissed and I drank from his lip, I started to feel something new stir inside of me, that I was unsure what it was but it made me enjoy this even more then I wanted too. I start to feel myself have enough strength to get control again, my fangs slowly go back into hiding, when Valick felt my fangs leave, and he then softly pulled away from my lips. We both stood there, breathing heavy. I had my eyes closed as I felt his blood work inside me.

I lick my lips clean from our blood and feel my lip heal right away from his blood, I softly open my eyes looking up into his dark blue eyes. I swallow hard as that was different for me, the first time I ever get kissed and it was by Valick. I didn’t expect that at all. Valick licks his lips clean and gives me a smirk softly pulling away from me. I look down at the floor as my body felt hot inside but I slowly start to get control again feeling better and stronger, I softly stand up right off the counter. Valick looks at me with those eyes he gave me when he first saw me, “Let’s go Rebecca.” He says to me, as he then walks out of the kitchen, “Whoa” I say softly to myself as that was something. I shake my head and hurry out of the kitchen to meet with them in the entry way. Hector and Vince look at me and Valick as we walk out of the kitchen.

My cheeks were burning hot blushing deeply from what just happened in there, Valick smirked at him feeling like nothing just happened. “Feeling better Rebecca?” Hector says with a warm smile, I look at him breaking my thought about the kiss, I glance at Valick and back at Hector. “Yeah I’m feel a lot better.” I say softly and give a warm smile back. Hector looks at Vince and motions to the door, “Shall we?” Hector says with excitement as he couldn’t wait to get this night started.

Vince nods and walks to the door walking out, Hector fallows him, Valick walks behind Hector and then softly stops by the door looking back at me. I look back at him as I walk over to him; he smirks and lets me go first. My cheeks were still rosy red; I softly passed him and he fallowed me out, shutting the door and locking it behind us. I walk over to Hector, standing next to him; Valick comes and stands on the other side of me. We watch Vince get into the 1927 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A Boattail Tourer, starting it up and pulling it out of the garage, I smile as the sound of that car sent a thrill through me. I loved that car, Hector looks at me seeing the look in my eyes as I watched the car. “Do you have a thing for cars Rebecca?” Hector says to me with a smirk, I look at him and smile. “Yes very much so, it brings joy to me seeing my favorite cars and being able to ride in them.” Hector smiles more and turns to face me, “Oh so you know what kind of car that is?” he asks me very interested; I smirk and look at the car. “Yeah it’s a 1927 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A Boattail Tourer.”

Hector smiles and claps his hands together looking at the car, “Very impressive Rebecca. You’re Italian almost perfect as well with the words; tell me do you speak Italian or any other language.” I keep looking at the car as Vince gets out, opening the car doors for us, “No, I don’t but I’ve always wanted to learn other languages, and I always wanted to go to Italy.” I say softly and look at Hector, which brought joy to his eyes hearing that. “Oh well I shall teach you, it would bring me much pleasure to do so.” I blush and smile softly nodding, “I would like that, Thank you.” I give him a warm smile.

Hector smiles and softly takes my hand moving along with him to the car and has me sit in the back with him, Valick sees him join me in the back and goes to take the seat up front. Vince gets back in the driver seat and starts heading to town. “Vince was kind enough to tell me the first time you hunted, it seems like from the sound of it is that you were meant to be a vampire darling.” Hector says to me, I look at him a bit surprised, then pain fills me a bit as I think about the man I drained, Jeremy. I look away down at my hands, “Yeah well, did know I don’t really like drinking from people” I say softly. Hector looks at Valick and Vince, then looks at me, “Oh I see, you are still attached to human life.” He says softly understanding, he then light takes my hand having me look at him, he light rubs his fingers over my hand. I look at our hands and his hands looked strong and were bigger than mine.

“Try not to feel bad about taking a life Rebecca, it’s what we need to do to survive.” Hector says lightly to me, I look at him and give him a small smile, “I know Hector, I already told Valick and Vince that I’m starting to accept who I am, just going to take me awhile.” Hector smiles and pats my hand softly letting it go, “Good, I’m glad to hear that, the sooner you accept who are, the sooner you will be happier.” I nod and turn to look out the window as I tried not to think about Jeremy, but my mind softly drifted back to Valick, thinking about our kiss, my first kiss.

As we drove to the little city, Hector mostly talked the whole time, asking me all kinds of questions. He wanted me to be open and honest with him, he wanted to show me he could be a friend and not someone I had to be afraid of. Vince then pulls into the mall’s parking lot, parking the car. I look out the window at the mall as there was so many different stores inside, I smile as I never been to a mall. The three of them get out of the car and Valick opens my door for me, softly giving me his hand to help me out like he did when we went to the club. I look up at him, starting to blush again; I look away and softly take his hand as I step out. Was I going to blush every time I looked at him, because I every time I did it made me think of our kiss.

Valick smirks seeing me blush; he lightly has me wrap my hand around his arm again like last time. I look at him and then look over at Hector and Vince, Hector gives Valick a playful teasing look, “Why Valick, I didn’t know you could be quite a gentleman.” Valick smirks at him “Don’t think anything of it Hector.” He says to him letting him know he has no feelings toward me. Hector smirks, we walk together to the mall as it wasn’t very busy right now as it was an hour away from closing time.

Valick holds the door open for me as we walked inside, I smile as I look around as it was amazing, Hector looks at me seeing my eyes light up seeing the place.  Hector then has me take his arm and we walk together through the mall, Vince and Valick lightly walked behind us as I listened to Hector and looked at all the different stores. Hector then eyes a working man all alone in a dress store, he lightly stops, I look at him and then fallow his eyes to the man. “I bet your hungry darling; How about you show me how you hunt. Go make him yours.” I swallow hard looking at the man fixing up the store getting ready for closing, I then feel my hunger come back to me as Valick’s blood was wearing off.

I look at Hector and give him a soft smile, “Alright then.” I say softly, I lightly leave his side and as I started to walk to the store something switched in me, my emotions went blank and hunger and power took over. I smirk as I walk into the store; I lightly start to look around. The man glances at me, then dose a double take as he has never seen an amazing looking women before. I flash the man a charming look and he blushes looking away as I caught him watching me. He goes back quickly to fixing the dresses in front of him. I smile and lightly move over to him, “Good sir I was wondering if you can help me.” I say with a sweet wanting call, which made him look at me and lock eyes with me. I smirk as I was getting him, “I’m going to a friend’s party tomorrow and I seem to be shopping for a dress at the last moment, if you could be so kind and help me find the right dress”

The man swallows hard as he moved closer to me and gives me a small smile, I see his cheeks turn rosy red as he glanced over my body, “Sure Miss, what kind of dress do you have in mind?” he asks me stuttering a bit as he was nervous to talk to me, I give him a warm charming smile. “Well I was thinking about something more like I’m wearing but in blue maybe and with glitter?” I ask as I turn side to side softly showing my dress and body off to him. Then man’s eye fallows every flow and curve of my body’s movements. He then looks back at me in the eyes, he smiles and holds up a finger for me to wait a moment, as he hurries over to the right side of the store, he goes through a few dresses and then pulls out a dress. He then quickly brings it over to me to show me.

I could see the man shaking a bit as he was nervous, he looks me in the eyes and smiles “I think this might be to your liking?” he asks me holding up the dress for me to see. I smile at the man as I look over the dress, it was dark blue at the top and got lighter as it went to the bottom turning into a aqua green blue, light glitter flowed with the dress as it flowed to the right, a emerald green strap wrapped around the waist of the dress with a small bow at the hip. It had a V-neck and two inch traps. It was a very lovely dress; I smile more looking at the man now, “I love it, do you mind if I try it on?” The man blushes a bit and shakes his head, “No Miss, right this way.” He says as he carries the dress for me, bringing me to the back of store to a dressing room around the corner. He pulls back a curtain, hanging the dress on a hook for me that was on the wall; next to the hook was a mirror. He smiles at me and softly steps out of the way; I give him a warm thank you smile, “Thank you, do you mind waiting here to tell me what you think, I like to have a man’s point of view.” I say with my charming smile, the man blushes and nods, “Sure Miss” I lightly walk into the little room and pull the curtain close.

I start to unzip my dress and then stop half way, “Sir, Do you think you can do me one more favor?” I softly call to him, “Yes Miss?” I lightly open the curtain, then man turns and looks at me half unzipped. “Do you mind helping me with the zipper, it always gets a little stuck.” I give him a warm wanting smile, the man blushes deeply and slowly comes into the dressing room with me, and I turn a little so he could get to the zipper alright. He carefully takes a hold of the zipper and lightly pulls it down unzipping me. He swallows hard as he watches more of my skin appear before his eyes. He then let’s go, I smile at him and lean in giving him a small kiss on the cheek thanking him, I got a nice smell of his blood as the burn in my throat wanted it.

I whisper into his ear seductively, “Thank you good sir” the man breaths a little heavy as I get to him hard, then in one swift move, I pin the man on the wall with my body, cover his mouth so his screams don’t carry, I bite down into his neck groaning to the pleasure of how he tasted. Then man struggles but I drank him fast, he slowly lost strength to move, I then pull away at the point for me to stop. I let his dead body drop to the floor; I smile and take in a deep breath as I enjoyed the feeling of his blood filling me. I turn to the mirror smiling as I lick my lips, my eyes then flash silver and it hits me hard, my emotions come back, the hunger and power leaves. The smile on my face slowly leaves my face as regret and pain fills me.

Valick, Vince and Hector stood outside of the store watching me as I worked my charm. Valick felt everything that went through me, pleasure, power, hunger and then at the end he felt my regret and pain take over. Valick turns to Vince and Hector, they couldn’t see me as I was in the dressing room out of view. “Let me go check on her.” He says to them and leaves there side into the store walking over to the dressing room. He stops when he sees me, seeing a tear roll down my cheeks looking down at the man. Valick sighs and goes to me, putting a soft hand on my shoulder, he wasn’t great at comforting someone, he hated seeing me cry as he didn’t know what to say or do. “Breath Rebecca it’s alright.” He says softly. I look at him with scared eyes, “Valick it happened again, I like changed, I became dark.” I said looking back at the man. I then blush deeply as I feel my strap fall from my shoulders, I hold up the dress as I was still unzipped, I never thought I’d let a man do that, I was so embarrassed.

Valick softly turns me around and zips my dress up for me, “Rebecca, that’s what happens when we hunt, hunger and power takes over shutting your emotions off. Its normal, you just got to be strong and accept the pain when your emotions come back to you.” He says softly as he zipped me up, I look over my shoulder at him, “So that happening is normal?” I ask him not knowing that, Valick gives me a smirk and nods, “Yes Rebecca, that’s what I was trying to tell you, that it is normal.” I look away from him as I take that thought in; I then softly nod, “Alright then…” I look at the man on the floor, “What do we do with him.” Valick looks at him, “Leave him, the night guard is a vampire that works for us, he will take care of him.

I then clean my face from the tear that left a blood streak on my face; Valick puts an arm around me and walks me out of the store. Valick goes closing the store so no one walked in there finding the man. Hector gives me a big smile as he was very pleased with me, “My word Rebecca, You are amazing. You almost made me want to fallow you” he says teasing with me, I blush and smile at him, “Thank you Hector.” I softly say.

Hector had me take his arm again as we continued on to shopping, we went to many different stores, I tried on so many things, showing them when I tried things on, Vince and Hector enjoyed seeing me try on things, Valick stood of to the side, glancing at me every now and then when I came out with a different piece of clothing on. When I glance at him, he would just give me a smirk and a soft nod, but when I went to go change into another outfit I could feel something from Valick that he was trying to hide from me, but I felt it, I felt his pain from something. When we finished shopping we headed back to the Mansion, we sat in the living room chatting and talking, having a good time. It made me happy to do this, to have this moment I never experienced before. As the sun started to rise, Hector wanted to call it a day as he wanted to rest from the exciting night. We three say goodnight to him and then Vince says goodnight to me and Valick heading to his room as well. Hector had a room he stayed in every time he visited here upstairs next to Vince’s.

When those two left to their room, I look at Valick, Valick looks back at me. I give him a small smile, “Valick are you alright?” I ask him softly as I wanted to know why it pained him to look at me sometimes. Valick looks at me confused, “Yes I’m fine, why?” I bite my lower lip a little looking away from him, “It’s just that I feel your pain sometimes when you look at me.” I lightly say to him, looking back at him when I finished. Valick’s eyes go a bit wide and he looks away stiffening up a bit, he closes his eyes, “It’s nothing Rebecca, You just look a lot like your mother now, you sometimes act like her.” He says softly and opens his eyes as he thinks of something that pains him. I look away feeling bad that I bring pain to him because how I looked, He then looks at me feeling my emotions, “Don’t feel bad for me little one, you should be the last one feeling sorry for me. Don’t think any more of it, I’ll be fine and I’ll get use to it.” I swallow hard and look at him as I stop feeling sorry for him. I nod softly and start to leave to my room. Valick watches me leave, then heads to his room in the basement.

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