Where Home Really Is

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Chapter 19 (v.1)

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Chapter Nineteen

Natalie dropped Lydia and Meredith off, so Jordyn and Cole relocated to the middle seat behind Ty and Natalie. Jordyn wasn’t happy about the extra room they had, either. She was perfectly fine with her bare knee “accidentally” rubbing against Cole’s jeans during the ride.

She stayed fairly quiet as they drove back to Jordyn and Ty’s house. Ty and Natalie were talking quietly while Ty played with the radio, and Jordyn sat, one leg crossed at the knee, looking out the window, and not looking at Cole.

She wasn’t good at flirting and she wasn’t about to make a fool of herself trying. So she thought about that weird stop at Blake’s when Lydia disappeared into his house.

Like, what was that about?!

When they were back at Jordyn’s, Ty and Cole hung around Cole’s truck talking, while Natalie walked up onto the porch with Jordyn.

“Hey, Jordyn, we’re really glad you came with us tonight,” Natalie said with a smile.

“Thanks for inviting me,” Jordyn said with a smile. She glanced back to Ty and Cole. “So, you and my brother—”

Natalie chuckled. “Don’t be weirded out. I really like him. He’s a good guy. Don’t worry, though. I won’t steal him away from you. Believe me, Jordyn. Dude’s crazy about his little sister.”

Jordyn just smiled. She was really starting to like Natalie.

“Oh, and by the way,” Natalie said as she started back across the lawn. “Cole kind of likes you, too.” She winked. “Trust me, babe. See you tomorrow.”

Jordyn smiled and waved, reaching for the front door handle. She looked back out across the yard once more at her Ty and Cole. Natalie had just jumped on Ty’s back when Cole turned and met Jordyn’s gaze with a smile. This time she didn’t pull away from his smile. Instead, she returned it then headed inside.


When Ty came in twenty minutes later, Jordyn was sitting on the couch, her bare feet propped up on the coffee table, flipping through the TV channels.

“So,” Ty said with a smile, shutting the door behind him. “Did you have fun?”

Jordyn smiled. “Yeah, I did. Thanks for inviting me.”

“Cole’s idea,” Ty teased, ruffling her hair as he passed her.


Ty raised an eyebrow at the way Jordyn had jerked around quickly, her eyes wide.

Ty laughed. “I knew you liked him.”

Jordyn regained her composure and stood up. “Psh. I think he’s cute. I don’t know him enough to like him.”

“He likes you,” Ty said. “Want me to hook you two up?”

“No!” Jordyn said, horrified. The gesture was nice, but the idea of getting hooked up with Cole by his best friend, her brother? Awkward. No way. “I mean, thanks, but I can handle it.”

Ty had taken her spot on the couch when she started up the steps, then she stopped suddenly.

“Hey, Ty, can I ask you something?”

Ty sighed as he took the remote. “Depends what it is.”

“What’s with Lydia.”

He turned around. “Don’t ask that.”

“Is it serious?” she asked, leaning against the banister. “And don’t look at me like that. I’m not naive. I learned about Blake Cormann on the first day at Cedarwood.”

Ty sighed. “She’s not on drugs or anything. Natalie says she just has a lot of pressure on her. Mostly from her dad.”

“Oh,” was all she could say. “And you don’t know what she’s taking?”

“No. That’s all I know.”

“I mean, Natalie doesn’t worry?”

TY shrugged. “She doesn’t say much about it to be honest, and I don’t ask.”

Jordyn just nodded. She didn’t know what else to say. It was obvious Ty didn’t know much about Lydia’s problem and she wasn’t going to probe him further.

“Hey, you heard about this Lake Fest thing?” she asked.

He chuckled. “Late much, Jor? That’s been the talk of the town all week. Well, longer than that, but we weren’t really here, so.”

“Sorry, Mr. Cedarwood,” Jordyn said, maybe a little too snippy because her brother looked offended. She started up the stairs.

“Hey,” he said. “Why so sensitive all of a sudden, Jordyn?”

“I’m not,” Jordyn said. “It’s nothing. I’m going upstairs, get a shower and call Shay. Thanks for taking me tonight, Ty. Really. I had fun.”

Ty smirked. “I bet you did.”

She knew he was talking about Cole, so she just laughed. “Night, Ty.”

Jordyn headed up the stairs, and heard her mother’s voice before she’d even made it to the top.

Zara was in her bedroom, laughing, speaking in Swedish, meaning she was talking to her mother or father.

Jordyn crept by the door, peaking inside and seeing her mother putting away laundry with her cell phone cradled between her shoulder and ear.

Jordyn didn’t interrupt, instead she just went into her room like she’d planned, took her shower, and called Shay.

After all. She had plenty to tell her best friend.

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