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Chapter 22 (v.1)

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Submitted: December 24, 2012



Chapter Twenty-Two

Jordyn never thought she’d think of Lake Fest as cool. But, wow. It was actually cool! The beach was packed as Jordyn, Alice, and Erin walked up. Gosling Beach—which Jordyn learned was named for baby geese, not for that hottie from the Notebook—was the most popular recreation spot on Cedar Lake. Tonight, though, it was the most popular spot in the county.

Jordyn knew Lake Fest was big, but the beach was crowded. More crowded than she’d ever seen Moon Bay Beach on a good day, it seemed. Or maybe it was just smaller.

All around, Jordyn recognized classmates, but she also saw a ton of people she didn’t know. There was a DJ booth set up by a long, wooden dock, and in front of it, a group of people were dancing, like the type of dancing someone would see in night clubs. There were coolers, towels, tents, and a few officers from the tiny Cedarwood police force were even patrolling the party.

“Lake Fest is supposed to be a family event,” Alice explained as they walked past the warm bonfire in the middle of it all. “But as you can see, tonight it’s not so family-oriented.”

“It’s a little PG-13 right now,” Erin explained. “Bye about 1:00, it’ll die down some, because there’s a party somewhere, and we’ll find out where later.”

“It’ll be rated G tomorrow,” Alice added.

“We’re gonna upgrade to R, later,” Erin chuckled.

“So, look,” Jordyn said as they found a spot to put their towels down. “I thought we were spending the night at Alice’s. Is that right?”

“Well,” Erin said. “I was kind of hoping to go to a party. I really need a drink and it’s not going to happen here with Cedarwood’s finest watching.”

She pointed to one of the cops lining off the beach, patrolling the parking lot.

“We won’t stay long, Jordyn,” Alice said. “But I mean, if you don’t want to go-”

“No, it’s cool,” Jordyn said honestly. “I don’t mind. I’d love to go.” She looked away as she stretched out on the blanket with the girls, watching a glow-in-the-dark Frisbee sail overhead.

“Hey, there’s your brother, Jor,” Erin said.

Jordyn followed her gaze as Ty walked through the gates to the beach, surrounded by his usual crowd, a few football players, Natalie, Lydia, and Meredith.

And Cole.

They all slapped high fives with their friends, Ty fitting right in like he’d lived here his whole life. While the football players were getting patted on the backs for a good game, Jordyn’s eyes dropped on Cole, who wore a black tank top, colorful, floral swim trunks and a backwards baseball cap.

He was gorgeous, and the tank top revealed some muscles she hadn’t seen this week at school. She watched them go straight for a cooler, grab a bottle of water, each, and they all headed to the dance “floor” and started dancing. Jordyn decided to look away when she saw Natalie and Ty grinding to the blasting music. She couldn’t really take looking at Cole, being that he was in the middle of Lydia, Meredith and other girls.

“Hey, Jordyn,” Toby said, stepping up. “Want to dance?”

“Uh, no thanks,” Jordyn chuckled.

“What’s wrong, two left feet?”

Jordyn chuckled, shaking her head, but didn’t answer. Truthfully, this wasn’t her kind of dance, and she felt more comfortable just watching.

And once Cole had stopped dancing on Meredith, Lydia, and other cheerleaders gathered in their little circle, Jordyn found herself very comfortable watching him.

And their eyes met, just like that.

“Oh my gosh, Cole Anderson is so hot,” Erin sighed as her eyes landed on the group of football players.

Yes he was, Jordyn thought, following her new friends’ gaze across the beach where he stood near the DJ, eyes still locked on Jordyn. But Erin and the girls didn’t seem to notice.

“Did you guys see that last pass?” Bethany asked.

Jordyn saw it. She also saw when Cole smiled at her. But they didn’t. She saw him lean over and say something to the others, then started toward them.

“Oh my gosh, he’s coming over here,” Alice said.

“He so is not,” Bethany said in disbelief.

“Oh yes, he is,” Erin said, close to hyperventilation.

He walked up to them, smiling, his eyes on Jordyn. “Hey, Jordyn Hamilton the Genius,” he teased with a smile. “You having fun?”

“Uhm, yeah,” Jordyn replied, not sure exactly what she was doing. Here she was, face to face with the hottest guy at Cedarwood High, and she was about to make an idiot out of herself. “This is pretty cool, I guess. Hey, uh, good game tonight.”

“Thanks,” he replied with a smile, taking a sip of his beer. Then his eyes dropped to her bared stomach, then made their way up, stopping on her chest, where they lingered for a moment. The right corner of his mouth lifted into a smile, then he met her eyes again and took another drink.

“Hey, you want to dance?” he asked. “Ty said you’re pretty good at it. I kind of want to see.”

“Oh she’s great,” Alice said.

“Really great,” Erin added. “Believe me, I’ve seen her.”

“I’m not that great,” Jordyn said.

“I don’t know, everyone else says different,” he said. “I think you need to prove it to me.”

Just then Rihanna's Cockiness started playing.

She just smiled, and went with what she hoped was best. She took his hand and let him lead her out. She glanced to the group that Cole had come from, wondering if Ty was watching. She wondered if he would mind it too much his new friend dancing with his little sister. She quickly saw that he wasn’t paying attention to anything except Natalie, who laughed gracefully and flipped her hair.

Cole turned her away from him so that her back was against his hard chest. He put his hands on her hips, and started to sway with the music, moving her hips with his.

Oh, What the hell, she thought, letting go of her inhibitions as best as she could and started to let loose, moving seductively against him. So seductively that she surprised herself.

Cole was actually a really good dancer. Jordyn thought a guy that could dance like this was sexy, and the fact that he was already sexy without the dancing made it even better. She felt his hands on her bare belly, and his mouth was by her ear. She could hear him breathing, and she could smell the mixture of alcohol and pure male scent—having two brothers, she knew what guys smelled like. But she wasn’t attracted to it before now.

On Cole is was very, very sexy. Mostly Axe, but plenty male.

She felt a slight tugging at the pit of her stomach, and her heart was beating faster and faster. She was having fun. Who knew?

Somewhere in the crowd, Jordyn spotted Ashley and her friends. They were watching her with envy. Evil envy.

Jordyn ignored her, and kept on dancing with Cole. It was no party on the beach in California, but Lake Fest in Pennsylvania was pretty awesome.

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