Where Home Really Is

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Chapter 27 (v.1)

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Submitted: December 25, 2012



Chapter Twenty-Seven

“Jordyn, these are gorgeous,” Natalie said about Jordyn’s pearl necklace as she pulled it out of her jewelry box. “Do you have any earrings to go with it?”

Ty and Natalie had spent the entire day at her house, but had come back to their house about an hour ago, where Natalie insisted she wanted to hang out with Jordyn a little while before her date with Cole.

Jordyn was happy she had, though. It was like having the big sister she’d never had helping her pick the right outfit, and Natalie had amazing taste in clothes.

Jordyn smiled and nodded. “Yes, they’re my favorites.”

“You have amazing taste. I love pearls. Here. You should totally wear these.”

So Jordyn went with the pearls. That, along with a pair of dark, low-rise jeans, and an off-the shoulder yellow cropped, tunic looking shirt she’d bought from Wet Seal before she left California over a black camisole. She’d left her hair curly, long, and falling down her back, and let Natalie do her make up.

Jordyn wasn’t too into make-up, usually she limited it to a dab of lip gloss and eyeliner. But Natalie did her eye shadow to match her yellow shirt and smudged the eyeliner just enough to give her blue eyes that smoky look she’d only seen on makeup commercials. But Natalie did it so perfectly.

“Wow,” Jordyn said, impressed by her own face when Natalie was done with it. “You do such an amazing job at makeup.”

“I worked at Blush over the summer,” Natalie said, puckering her lips, meaning for Jordyn to do the same. She did and Natalie put lip gloss on Jordyn. “I only quit because of cheerleading. After basketball season I plan to go back.”

Jordyn had heard of Blush. It was this popular, expensive, cosmetic shop over by Winn-Dixie.

“Plus it doesn’t hurt that you’re a perfect palette for my artwork.” She held out a napkin. “Blotch.”

“What do you mean?” Jordyn asked once she’d blotched her lips on the napkin.

“Your face. You’re very photogenic, Jordyn. You’re pretty. You’re easy to do makeup on. Doesn’t take a lot to make you look good.” She smiled. “Cole has good taste.”

Jordyn just blushed. “Where do you think he’s taking me?”

Natalie shrugged. “No idea. Not a lot to do in Cedarwood. I don’t think he’d take you to Mickey’s for a first date, but, maybe somewhere in Woodbury. Couldn’t say for sure.”

Jordyn’s phone vibrated on her desk.

“Oh my gosh, he’s here.”

Natalie chuckled. “Don’t be nervous, Jordyn. He likes you. Trust me, OK?”

Jordyn tried to regain her composure, sighing deeply and calmly picking up her phone. “Nervous? Not me. I’m not nervous at all.”

“Yeah, well you hide it pretty good,” said Natalie with a smirk.

Jordyn just smiled and shoved her phone into her jeans pocket. “Thanks, Natalie. For helping me get ready and everything.”

Natalie smiled. “No problem. I don’t have a little sister and hanging out with you is pretty fun. So, go out, be safe, and have a great time. Trust me. Cole’ll make sure of it.”

When Jordyn and Natalie got downstairs, she found Cole, Ty, and Jack sitting in the living room in front of yet another football game, the three of them talking like Cole was there to hang out with Ty, not take Jordyn out.

At least Jack hadn’t brought the pistol out. Thank God.

But Cole looked really good. He wore a nice pair of fitted jeans, and a tight red t-shirt with the Under-Armour logo splashed across the front.

He smiled when he saw her, and stood up. “Hey, Jordyn.”

“Hi,” Jordyn replied.

“You, uh, ready to go?”

“Yes. I’m ready.”

Then Jack stood up. “Alright, have fun you two. And Cole, have her back by 11:00.”

“Dad?” Jordyn said. “Eleven? It’s Saturday.”

He looked at Cole, ignoring his daughter. “Cole. Eleven.”

Cole smiled and nodded. “Yes, sir. I’ll have her back at eleven sharp. I promise.”

“Thank you. Now you two go ahead. Have fun.”

“Not too much fun, though,” Ty warned. Natalie chuckled and playfully hit his shoulder. “Hey, I mean it, Cole. Be careful with my little sister.”

Cole smiled. “No worries, man. I’ll take good care of her.”

Jordyn rolled her eyes. “Let’s go.”

After Jack reminded him once more about the 11:00 curfew Jordyn had, Cole led her out of the front door.

Jordyn expected to see Cole’s Jeep in the driveway, but instead, she saw a white BMW, not brand new, but it was really cool. It was low to the ground, with tinted windows and black rims.

“What’s this?” she asked upon seeing it.

“My car,” Cole said, unlocking the doors. He walked over and pulled the passenger door open for her.

“Thanks,” she said. She slid into the passenger seat, comfortable black leather. The car smelled good, and it was obvious it was kept up, very clean, very new-car-like on the inside. All the interior was black, and there was a Black Ice air freshener hanging from the rear-view mirror.

He came around and got in the driver’s seat.

“What happened to your Jeep?” Jordyn asked, thinking that was what he would have picked her up in.

“It’s at home,” Cole said. “I went mudding on it last night and it’s filthy, got no doors and shit right now. This is much more appropriate,” he added with a chuckle, cranking the car.

Oh yes, mudding. Ty had told her all about that. He was actually with Cole last night as a bunch of guys brought their trucks and Jeeps, complete with “mudding” tires, and drove through the woods, through piles of mud. Apparently that was fun here. Ty sure seemed to like doing it.

“This is really nice,” she commented. “When did you get it?”

“End of last year,” he said. “I bought it for a good price because it’s not new and it needed a little under-the-hood work. Fixed it up, now it’s worth about the same as a brand new BMW after the shit I put under the hood.”

“Wow. What did you put under it?”

Cole chuckled as he pulled out on Cliff Road. “Let’s just say it goes pretty fast now.”

Jordyn smiled and put her head on the headrest. “I like it.”

“Glad I drove it, then.”

“So, you say you fixed it up? That what you do? You fix up cars and stuff?”

He nodded. “Yeah, I’m pretty good with cars and shit. Helped me save money on this thing. Bill Martin saw it after I had finished—he’s the one who sold it to me when it barely ran—liked my work, hired me on to help him fix up cars. I’m taking a few months off until football season is over then I’ll start spending my afternoons at the garage again.”

Jordyn nodded, really interested in this. When she thought of mechanics, she pictured greasy men with pot bellies in head to toe jump suits. But imagining Cole under the hood of a car was far sexier.

“I see why you and Ty are good friends, then,” Jordyn laughed. “He’s into cars, too.”

“Yeah, and he’s done some good work on that Mustang. I’m looking for a few parts for it now.”

“That’s really cool.”

He shook his head. “It’s not that cool. How do you like Cedarwood so far?”

“I think it might be growing on me,” she admitted with a laugh.

“I figured you would like it,” he said as he picked up speed, changing gears on the BMW as he headed down Lake Road in the direction of Woodbury. “So. I have two ideas for you tonight. First idea is I’m going to take you to a movie in Woodbury. Second is plan B in case you don’t want to see a movie.”

She laughed. “I’d love to see a movie.”

“Perfect. What’s playing that you want to see?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know. What good’s playing?”

“We’ll see when we get there, I guess,” he laughed. “But first, I hope you’re hungry, because I’m taking you to eat.”

“I’m starving. Where are we eating?”

“Italian. Your brother says it’s your favorite.”

She smiled and nodded. Who knew Ty would have helped Cole plan the date? “It is my favorite. What good Italian places are there in Woodbury?”

He just smiled, changing gears once more. “Lucky for you Italian’s my favorite, too. I’ll make sure you love this, Jordyn.”

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