Where Home Really Is

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Chapter Twenty-Eight

Cole had been right. They had dinner at Rimarrio’s, a genuine Italian restaurant in Woodbury, and Jordyn had never had pasta like that in her life. He paid for her dinner, then they went to the Megaplex for movie. During the movie, he’d reached over the arm rest, taking her hand, lacing their fingers together. She’d glanced down at their entwined fingers, smiling, then looked up to find him watching her with a smile.

After the movie. They headed back to town. It was after 9:00 by then, and Jordyn was hoping he still had more planned before he took her home.

She’d skyped Shay earlier in the week, right after he’d asked her out. Shay had assured her if he took her home early, that was bad. So Jordyn was hoping he’d keep her out all the way to curfew.

“So, you like ice cream?” he asked when they were back in his car after the movie.

“I love ice cream,” she said smiling, hoping he knew she was having a good time, but hoping even more that he was having a good time with her, too. “Dairy Queen around here?”

He smiled and cranked the car, shining blue headlights on the white SUV in front of him. He really had made this car over.

“Dairy Queen?” he asked. “Oh no, Jordyn. I have something so much better than Dairy Queen.”


“Welcome to what makes Cedarwood famous,” he said once they were back in Cedarwood, on Main Street. He pulled into a diagonal parking spot a couple of store fronts away from Jordyn’s dance studio, in front of a small storefront called the Cedarwood Creamery. It looked pretty old-fashioned from the outside.

Cole got out and ran around the car to open the door for Jordyn. “This is the best ice cream in the state, no lie,” he told her, shutting the door when she was out. “They have every flavor, every topping imaginable. You’ll be addicted, I promise.”

Jordyn smiled, well, beamed, when he took her hand and lead her into the Creamery. It was pretty crowded inside, and apparently the old-fashioned look was all a part of the theme. The booths were red vinyl, like the type of material in an old fifties car seat. The walls were lined off with pictures of fifties singers and actors and an old jukebox near the back was blasting an old Doo-Wop song.

Oh, and it was packed full. Apparently this place really was popular. How had she not heard of it, before?

“What do you like?” he asked her as they got in line.

“I like hot fudge sundaes with sprinkles,” she said with a smile, still happy to be holding his hand.

“They have the best hot fudge sundaes,” said Cole, squeezing her hand.

Soon it was their turn to order. They stepped to the counter, and waiting to take their orders was a familiar red-head in a red and white striped apron over khaki pants and a white t-shirt.

Leah Turner opened her mouth to take their orders, until she focused on who was standing in front of her with surprise. Then she smiled. “Hi, Cole. Uhm, hey, Jordyn. What can I get you two?”

“Two hot fudge Sundaes,” Cole said casually. “One with sprinkles.”

He paid, and they went to their table to wait for their ice cream.

“I didn’t know Leah worked here,” Jordyn said thoughtfully as they sat down. She figured she’d get to go back and tell Ashley, now, what she’d seen at the Creamery Saturday night.

“Yeah, she’s worked here awhile,” Cole said. “You’re not friends with them, I know. Leah’s not too bad, though. She’s Meredith’s sister. It’s Ashley who’s the bitch, not Leah.”

Jordyn nodded. She remembered what Meredith had said about Leah and Shari at Mickey’s that first night Jordyn had hung out with them. That Ashley was the one who bossed them around. Jordyn looked up at Leah where she was rushing to take the orders of a still long line. Maybe without Ashley around, she and Shari weren’t too awful.

They finished their ice cream, which Jordyn had agreed was literally, the most amazing ice cream she’d ever tasted, then headed out the door.

“I told you you’d love it,” he said to her once they were out on the sidewalk.

“I did,” she sighed. “It tastes just like homemade ice cream. Have you ever had that?”

Cole nodded. “Oh yes. I have. And yeah, it is, because that’s what it is. This place is traditional as it gets. Nothing fancy, just nonstop, homemade ice cream churning in the back.”

This town was getting cuter by the second, Jordyn realized as she folded her arms over her chest, shivering. The nights in Cedarwood were starting to get cooler, but Jordyn had a coat in Cole’s car.

They were walking toward the BMW when a shiny new pickup truck pulled up next to it and out got Davis and Jenner, friends of Ty’s that she recognized from his table at lunch.

“Anderson,” Davis said, slapping Cole a high five. “What’s up, man.”

“Hey, guys,” Cole said, immediately taking Jordyn’s hand. “What are y’all up to tonight?”

“Been riding around,” Jenner said. “Going mudding in a little while. Ty’s coming. You should go.”

“Nah,” Cole said. “I’m kind of busy. You guys know Jordyn Hamilton, right?”

“Oh yeah,” Jenner said. “Ty’s sister. What’s up, little Ty.”

“Don’t insult me like that,” Jordyn said. They laughed.

They talked a little more, then said their goodbyes. Davis and Jenner got back in their truck and sped off, squealing tires.

“Jenner’s an idiot,” Cole sighed. “He’s already wrecked two other trucks. But his rich father keeps buying him more.”

“That’s a nice truck,” Jordyn said. “He’s going to drive that in the mud?”

Cole chuckled. “No way. Davis has a truck. He’ll drive.”

“Is mudding fun?”

Cole laughed. “I like it. I can take you sometime. I think you’ll have fun.”

Jordyn shrugged. “Maybe. I mean, Ty seems to like it.”

Cole nodded. “Oh yeah, your brother is really into it.” They got into the car. “So. We still have another hour. I got something I want to show you if you want.”

Jordyn smiled. He wanted to keep her out later. She guessed that meant the date was going extremely well so far.

“And don’t worry,” he told her. “I’ll have you back by eleven, I promise.”

She nodded in agreement. “Sure. I’d love to.”

Anything to make this date last longer. Even if they did only have another hour.

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