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Chapter Thirty-One

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jordyn was pretty sure she’d never imagined herself quite this happy in Cedarwood, but here she was, not even two months in, on cloud nine. Of course, she was pretty sure that had something to do with the boy walking her to class and kissing her by her locker every day. It had been nearly two weeks since Jordyn and Cole’s first date, and everyone at Cedarwood High knew Jordyn was the girl Cole Anderson was hanging out with.

Yep, things were going pretty great, Jordyn thought. She’d even finally gotten her parents to budge on the driver’s license and her dad was taking her to the DMV tomorrow. If she passed on the first try, he was even rewarding her with a car. Not a new one, or anything, but who cared? It was a car. No more hitching rides with Ty anymore. Hopefully.

Things were getting better with Ashley, too. She was finally laying off a little bit, although she did still pout a lot at dance class. Like tonight, for example, when Jordyn was put in the front for their Fall Festival choreography and Ashley was put in the second row. Yeah, it was actually to the point, now, where Ashley was running out of things to scowl at Jordyn so she’d stooped to pouting over spots in a Fall Festival dance.

But Jordyn didn’t care. What mattered most to Jordyn was that she was walking out of dance to Cole waiting for her in his BMW, with Ashley and her crew close behind to see her dip into the passenger seat.

The second Jordyn was in the car, she looked to Cole, smiling as she leaned over and met his lips in a quick kiss.

“Hi,” she said. He’d obviously had a shower, she realized when she saw that his hair was still damp, and he smelled like his sandalwood soap.

Jordyn liked the way he smelled. A mixture of clean, subtle, men’s soap and the smell of his deodorant and laundry detergent she’d become so accustomed to smelling over the past two weeks they’d been hanging out.

He smiled. “Hey.”

She sat back in her seat, hooking her seatbelt as Cole pulled away from the curb. They’d enjoyed the movie so much last week, they were going again tonight. And after? Who knew?

“So, what time are you going to the DMV tomorrow?” Cole asked her.

“Like, right after school,” Jordyn said, reaching up and tucking a sweaty, strand of hair out of her face. “He’s picking me up and we’re going straight over there, so maybe I can drive to your game tomorrow night.”

“Well, you’re gonna have a long drive,” Cole chuckled. “It’s in Abbeville.”

“Abbeville?” Jordyn asked. “It’s an away game?”

He nodded. “Yeah.”

“Oh. Well, where’s Abbeville?”

“Oh the other side of Pittsburgh. Like, an hour on the other side of Pittsburgh.”

“Oh, well, I guess I won’t be driving to your game, then,” she laughed.

In only two short weeks, Jordyn had gotten really comfortable hanging out with Cole. It was really starting to feel like she’d known him for longer, and she wondered if that meant anything.

Really, she wondered if they were boyfriend and girlfriend now, but she didn’t ask. She wished she had some confirmation from him without having to ask. She didn’t want to look like the naïve girl she was. Was two weeks even long enough to consider themselves in an actual relationship? If not, what were they? Because they sure were acting like a couple.

Even Natalie thought so. Just that afternoon at lunch, she’d asked her what she thought. Natalie had confirmed they were a thing, now.

“I mean, it can’t mean anything else,” Natalie had said certainly, sticking her fork into her fat-free ranch coated salad. “Trust me, Jordyn. I’ve known Cole for a long time and you are the very first girl I’ve ever seen him kiss in public.”

After the movie, they’d decided they really weren’t that hungry, and with an fourty-five minutes left until Jordyn’s curfew, they headed up to Lookout Point.

They’d already made out several times in the two weeks since they started hanging out, and Jordyn liked it. A lot. But tonight, Cole seemed a little more into it than usual. And when he started to snake his hand up her shirt, she decided that then was the best time to tell him something important about herself.

“Cole, I’m a virgin.”

OK, so maybe she shouldn’t have blurted it out like that, but she did, it was out, and she was glad.

He shrugged. “I know.”

Now she was confused. She raised her eyebrows. “You do? How?”

“I can sort of tell,” he said. “Plus Ty told me you never really dated back in San Diego, and after he told me how many hours of dancing and gymnastics training you had a week, I believed him.”

Jordyn sighed. Of course Ty had told Cole everything he needed to know. Or, really, things he didn’t need to know.

“I mean, it’s Ok,” he said. “I promise, it’s OK. I’m happy just like this. Anytime you tell me to stop, I swear I will. There won’t be any pressure with us, Jordyn. I really like you.”

She smiled. “Thanks. I was worried about telling you.”

He furrowed his eyebrows and confusion struck his cute face. “Why?”

“Because I know how guys think about virgins. There aren’t a lot of us around anymore.”

He chuckled. “I know. And the fact that your kind is on the brink of extinction makes you pretty special and I’m happy to have you.”

Then he leaned in, kissing her again, this time, keeping his hands in safe territory.

Jordyn was regretful when it was time to go to dance. But before he cranked the Jeep, he told her he had something for her.

Cole reached in the backseat and grabbed his letterman jacket.

“Here,” he said with a smile. “I, uh, I’ve never given this to any girl to wear before. Ever. I want you to wear it.”

She was astonished. She’d seen guys giving their girls their prized football letterman jackets on TV before, mostly older movies and TV sitcom. No one did that in Moon Bay Beach, so it was weird doing it here in real life, but she did enjoy the feeling that she was being given something no other girl before her had been.

“So, does this mean, I mean—” She lost her words. She knew what she wanted to ask him, she just wasn’t sure exactly how.

“You’re my girl, Jordyn Hamilton?” he asked her.

She smiled. “I guess I am, Cole Anderson.”

And just like that, Jordyn got her answer. She had a boyfriend.

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