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Chapter 33 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 14, 2013



Chapter Thirty-Three

Friday, October 5, 2012

Two weeks had passed since the day Jordyn and Cole had become official. After the night at Lookout Point, the actual ‘official’ didn’t have to be questioned anymore. Jordyn was relieved, because she knew where they stood. And of course, she liked it.

According to Natalie, Jordyn had also done something no other girl in school had been able to do the entire four years she’d been at Cedarwood High.

“He calls you his girl,” Natalie had told her with a smile one day. “And he gave you his jacket. Never happened before.”

Jordyn hadn’t responded. She didn’t know what she’d done to make Cole do things for her he’d never done before, but she didn’t mind. She didn’t know him as a player, she knew him as Cole. Her boyfriend.

He’d been her boyfriend, officially for two weeks, now, and everyone in school knew that Jordyn was wearing Cole Anderson’s letterman jacket, and since the weather was cooling down more and more every day, Jordyn had taken to wearing it more and more often. She didn’t do it to boast, but she wore it enough to remind herself that she was Cole’s girl.

Of course, things weren’t all happy on the Cedarwood front.

Ashley had been working pretty hard to get her silly rumor mill started and it was going around. Jordyn wasn’t sure how much of it was believed, but as long as Cole and her friends knew none of it was true, she didn’t bother herself so much with it. She and Alice had, however, picked their very favorites.

One was that Jordyn had had a boob job. Alice had attributed that one to A-cup Ashley being jealous of Jordyn’s abundance up top. Another one was that she took steroids—what the hell? And of course, Jordyn’s personal favorite, she really came to Cedarwood to live with her Aunt and uncle—Zara and Jack weren’t her real parents—because she’d had a baby at fifteen, got hooked on drugs, and lost custody to her real parents.

“You can stop being so protective over me, now,” Jordyn had teased Ty after they’d heard it. “You’re not even my brother, and cousins don’t act like that.”

Ty hadn’t been so amused. In fact, he and Natalie were pretty pissed off about the whole thing until Jordyn convinced them that it was no big deal. No one was even listening to those ridiculous stories anyway.

Friday morning, one week into October, was chilly in Cedarwood, so Jordyn had pulled on Cole’s jacket, happy for yet another excuse to wear it, and headed downstairs, finding her father pouring a cup of coffee, still in his police uniform after pulling third shift last night.”

“Morning, sweetie,” he said with a smile when he saw his daughter. He kissed her forehead.

“Morning, daddy,” Jordyn replied. Soon they were joined by Zara, Ty, and Logan. Ty and Cole had an away game that night, and Zara was busy insisting that she and Jack wouldn’t mind making that drive to Berrywood to see the Cougars take on the Bears.

Yes, the Berrywood Bears. No lie, that was the team they were playing.

“Mom, it’s almost a two-hour drive to Berrywood from here,” Ty was saying. “You guys make all my home games. You don’t have to go to the away ones. At least not that far away.”

Logan stepped up beside his sister, grabbing the carton of orange juice. “Why does Jordyn have a football letterman jacket but Ty doesn’t?” he asked casually.

Jack and Zara laughed.

“It’s a wonderful thing, Logan,” Zara said. “They both have good girl and boyfriends. Good enough to exchange jackets.”

Zara hadn’t understood why her son had given Natalie his letterman jacket when he did. Considering she was Swedish, she was pretty good about keeping up with her American teenagers’ rituals. The San Diego ones, anyway. Jack was filling in the blanks with the small town rituals and how they differed. Jordyn didn’t know the big deal about the Letterman jackets herself, besides what she’d seen in movies. But she knew the night Cole gave her his it meant a lot.

“So,” Jordyn said, casually. “I’m going bowling with Alice and the girls tonight in Woodbury. It’ll be kind of late when we get back so is it OK if I sleep over at her house?”

She hoped she’d been believable. She was lying about staying at Alice’s, and lying to her parents not only made her uncomfortable, it wasn’t something she did too often. But she was going over to Cole’s tonight after he got back from his game and that would be late enough. He was sticking to his no pressure promise, but Jordyn planned on sleeping over there tonight. Cole didn’t know that, yet, though.

“Perfectly fine with me, Jordyn,” Zara said. “What time are you leaving?”

“We’re leaving straight after school,” Jordyn said, motioning toward her duffel bag full of overnight clothes. “Gonna go to the mall or something I think.”

“Well, make sure you don’t stay up all night,” said Zara told her. “Remember you have dance tomorrow.”

Actually, Jordyn had completely forgotten she had dance tomorrow. The Harvest Festival was Monday night, and since Miss Maggie had a full show prepared for them, she’d requested a four hour long rehearsal tomorrow to run through everything until it was just right.

“I won’t,” Jordyn said. “I’ll just come back early in the morning and get changed for rehearsal.”

So Jordyn had lied to her parents for the very first time in her life. For what? So she could sleep over at her boyfriend’s house.

After homeroom, Jordyn met Cole, and he walked her to first period.

“So I’ll be at Alice’s tonight,” she told him as they walked through the crowded hallway. “We’re all going to Woodbury to hang out. I guess I’ll come over after the game?”

“Yeah,” he said. “What time do you need to be home?”

“Uhm, tomorrow morning.”

Jordyn still hadn’t told Cole she was planning on sleeping over at his house. She knew his parents were going to visit his sister in Philadelphia this weekend, though, and she’d made the decision herself to stay at his house.

“So, you’re sleeping at Alice’s?”

“That’s where my parents think I’m sleeping,” she said. “You haven’t shown me your house, yet.”

He smiled. “So, you lied?”

She laughed. “I feel kind of bad so shut up.”

“You want to sleep over at my place?”

She nodded. “If that’s alright with you.”

“Do I look like I’d complain?”

She laughed. “Perfect. Call me when you're on the way home from the game?”

“Yes, ma'am."

She smiled. “Great.”

She didn’t know if anything would happen tonight. Anything more than what already had, which had limited itself to heavy making out and a little touching, but she was open to the idea that it would. She didn’t think she was ready to go all the way with Cole tonight, but she knew he was probably the one she’d want to go all the way with, when the time came.

She confessed this to the girls that night while they were eating pizza at Mickey’s after bowling. Of course, Alice was the one who’d started the conversation. Jordyn had mentioned that she was staying over at Cole’s and was sorry to use Alice as an alibi.

“They won’t call,” Jordyn said, knowing Alice was worried about what she would tell Jordyn’s parents. “My parents. I told them I’m sleeping at your house. They’ll take that and won’t call. They might call my cell if they need me, but that’s about it.”

That’s when Alice lightened up, smiling. “Is this the night?”

“What do you mean?” Jordyn asked, taking a sip from her Diet Coke.

“Are you sleeping with him?”

Jordyn shook her head. “No, I don’t think so.” She looked around to make sure no one in close range was listening. “We’ve only made out. Nothing further.”

“Wow, he loves you then,” Bethany said.

“Yes,” Erin said. “That’s really uncommon for guys like him. I mean, jocks. Popular experienced guys.”

Alice smiled. “If you two have been together like, two weeks, already and you’ve done nothing but kiss, you got that guy whipped.”

Jordyn had to laugh. She doubted if that was the case. But she had to wonder. If Cole really was the playboy everyone said he was before he started seeing her, did that mean she had something to do with his changes?

She didn’t reply. She just drank from her soda, and hoped that she was part of it.

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