Where Home Really Is

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Submitted: January 26, 2013



Chapter Forty-One


It was midnight. The DJ was packing up, and the dance was over. Jordyn had had the time of her life tonight. First, being on stage, everyone clapping as Cole chose her to be his queen, kissing her in front of everyone. Yes, tonight had been wonderful.

And it was about to get better.

Her shoes in one hand, Jordyn and Cole walked out of the gym with the rest of the party-goers. The night air was like ice on her bare skin. Cole saw her shivering, took his tux jacket off, and placed it over her shoulders.

She glanced up at him and smiled. “Thanks.”

He leaned over and kissed her. “I had so much fun tonight.”

“So did I. Thanks for picking me, Cole.”

He chuckled. “Of course I picked you. You looked just too cute in that sexy pink dress.”

“That doesn’t make since. The dress can’t be cute and sexy at the same time.”

“It can on you.”

“Oh, with the lines!” she sighed overly dramatic.

He just laughed and pulled her close. “It’s not a line if it’s true. So, are you ready for the next part of our big homecoming night?”

Jordyn felt her stomach flip. She’d been thinking about their plans all night. She was nervous and excited all at once, but she hadn’t changed her mind. She still wanted to go through with this. She knew she was ready, and this night had already been so perfect.

And then she saw Ashley, Shari, and Leah. She hadn’t seen them at the dance all night, but their ride was parked right beside Cole’s BMW.

Jordyn kept quiet as she walked between the cars, heading toward the passenger door of the BMW.

“Hey, Jordyn,” Ashley called. “Your dress is gorgeous.”

Jordyn didn’t turn around. “Thanks.”

“It would really contrast with purple, don’t you think?”

Jordyn turned around, just in time to see Ashley throw whatever purple liquid that was in her glass.

Jordyn didn’t have time to move. Next thing she knew, she was sticky, purple, and her dress was ruined.

Ashley laughed hysterically. “Oops! It totally slipped, new girl.”

“Yeah, well my fist is about to slip,” Jordyn snapped, stomping toward Ashley.

Cole rushed over, catching her and holding her back before she could get to Ashley.

“You bitch!” Jordyn shouted, catching the attention of some students nearby. Ty and Natalie were nearby, and now starting to rush over. “What the hell is your problem!”

“Yeah, Ashley!” Shari snapped. “Why’d you do that?”

“You just ruined that dress!” Leah snapped.

Ashley shifted uncomfortably. “I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“Yes you did!” Leah snapped. “As usual, you’re trying to be cute and funny.”

“That was a bitch move, Ash,” Shari huffed.

Natalie walked over, and took one look at Jordyn’s dress before turning to Ashley. “You’re a fucking psycho. Go the hell home. Now.”

Ashley genuinely looked hurt. Her little joke hadn’t gotten the laughs she’d intended, and now the whole lot of them, including some passersby, were glaring accusingly at her.

Cole sighed, looking down at Jordyn’s dress and his jacket. “Really cute, Ashley. Jordyn, come on. Let’s go.”

He had to pull her away, and he opened the passenger door for her.

Ashley turned on her heel and Jordyn could swear she saw tears in her eyes as she collapsed into the front seat of her car.

Leah and Shari looked sympathetic.

“Sorry, Jordyn,” Shari said shamefully. “I didn’t think she would do something like that.”

“Me, neither,” Leah added. Then they both got into the car and sped off.

“That was bullshit,” Natalie said, walking over and examining Jordyn’s dress.

“Cole you should have let me at her,” Jordyn grumbled. “I could have done worse.”

“I think she got hers,” Ty chuckled. “You got anything else to wear?”

Jordyn nodded. “Yeah. Let’s just go.”

Ty raised his eyebrows, more so at Cole as he slid his hands in his pockets. “Where you going?”

“I’m sleeping at Alice’s,” Jordyn said, now lying to her brother. She felt awful, but not quite as awful as she would have felt telling the truth and throwing Cole to the wolves.

“We’re leaving, too,” Natalie said, taking Ty’s hand. “Congratulations, Cole.”

“You, too, Nat,” Cole said.

Once they were gone, Jordyn turned to Cole, sighing. “So much for the perfect night, huh?”

“Our night’s not ruined. We’re getting out of here, getting to the cabin, and you’ll get out of that dress.” He winked at her when he said that, so she had to smile. Cole was right. There night hadn’t even started, yet.


The drive to the cabin wasn’t long, but between being covered in sticky grape something and anxiously thinking about what would come next tonight, it seemed like the BMW was winding up endless, tree-lined roads with no actual destination.

Jordyn hadn’t paid much attention to the Appalachian backdrop behind Cedarwood the two months since she’d moved there, but now that they were travelling further up the mountains and deeper into the forest, she was astounded by the beauty that surrounded her. Were they really this close to the perfect vacation spot their entire time of living in Pennsylvania and she didn’t even know it?

“This road is usually pretty busy,” Cole explained. “There are a lot of campgrounds up here, a lodge further on toward the peak of the mountain. This area gets pounded with snow in the winter, so snowboarding an skiing are both pretty popular around here.”

“That’s cool,” Jordyn said. “I’ve never actually seen real snow.”

“Seriously? You’ve never seen snow?”

“It doesn’t snow in San Diego. I mean, I’ve competed in dance all over. Chicago, Detroit, New York. Your typical ice cubes. But it never snowed when I was there.”

“Well, you are in for it, then,” Cole said. “Because you are definitely going to see it here this winter.”

He slowed down finally, and turned onto a narrow, secondary road, unlined and really wild looking. As far as Jordyn could see, there were no houses, and the trees were thick.

“When hunting season starts up, me and dad will take a lot of trips up here,” Cole said. “Spend the weekend hunting and fishing. You may not believe it, but it’s fun up here. I’m going to try to get your brother up here one weekend. Turn him into a true country guy.”

“I actually think you won’t have much trouble doing that,” Jordyn said. “He’s already cut his long surfer hair and the other day, he bought Timberland boots. I’ve never seen him wear a pair of boots.”

Cole chuckled. “I’m sorry. That’s my fault. He went shopping with me and the guys. I picked them out.”

Jordyn smiled. “Aw. Well, that’s just adorable.”

Cole laughed. “Shut up. We’re here.”

Jordyn looked out the window, and Cole was slowing down, but she didn’t see anything. Just trees.

Suddenly, Cole turned onto this side, dirt road, that was almost invisible by the trees and shrubbery, and he followed it slowly until a small log cabin came into view.

“Wow,” Jordyn said. “I thought my house was secluded.”

Cole laughed. “Secluded is the object when the cabin’s up here for hunting and fishing. Come on.”

He pushed the door open, and Jordyn did the same.

Cole led her to the porch, holding her hand as she shivered in her short dress. So much was running through her mind. Her nerves were going crazy, her butterflies fluttering. She watched Cole as he fumbled with the lock on the door. She smiled. She knew this was right. He was right. She was nervous, but she trusted him.

Cole pushed open the front door, and they faced a dark living room. He flipped a switch on, and suddenly, they were faced with the most simple living room she’d seen. A bearskin rug in the middle of the floor—she’d never seen one of those before—white sheets covering what looked like a couch, a chair, and a small TV in the middle of the room.

“It’s not much,” Cole said, looking around. “But it’s just a hunting cabin, so the amenities don’t exactly rival the Marriott.”

Jordyn just smiled. “I think it’s perfect.” She looked down at her dress. “I gotta do something with this.”

“There’s a washer and dryer in the kitchen,” Cole suggested.

Jordyn tugged at the material, looking down at the awful stain. “If this thing can be saved, I don’t think I’m the one who can do it.”

She would have to take it to the dry cleaners as soon as possible, but for now, her best bet was to blotch as much of the stain off as she could.

“I have a few things to do,” Cole told her. “The bedroom is right at the end of this hall. Come on whenever you’re finished working on the dress.”

Jordyn nodded, then grabbed her duffel bag and headed to the kitchen. She stripped of the dress, laying it neatly on the table. She scoured the kitchen and finally found a couple of rags, dabbing the huge stain as much as she could. But her resources were limited, as was her knowledge of stain removal. This was a $200 dress, and she could already see Ashley getting her dry-cleaning bill in the mail.

She gritted her teeth just thinking about it. She couldn’t believe the girl had stooped so low. Of all the nights for her to go psycho, this wasn’t the one. She just couldn’t wait to see her again.


Jordyn turned around and saw Cole standing in the doorway. Immediately, she realized she stood there in only her lacy white underwear and strapless white bra.

“Oh my gosh,” she laughed, not bothering to hide her embarrassment.

He chuckled. “You’re beautiful, Jordyn.”

She chewed her bottom lip, anxiously. He walked over, putting his hands on her bare waist, looking intently at her. “Are you ready?”

She smiled back, and she nodded. “Yes. I’m ready.” So he took her hand, and lead her down the hallway to the bedroom, the dress still on the kitchen table.


The lights were off. The only light in the bedroom came from the moonlight shining through the window, and the candles on the dresser and the bedside tables. Jordyn closed her eyes and inhaled. The room smelled like vanilla. Cole had really gone out to make tonight perfect for them.

She wrapped her arms around her body, cold in only her bra and panties. Cole stepped up behind her, kissing her neck and stroking her arms. “Are you OK?”

“I’m cold,” she giggled nervously. His big arms draped over her shoulders, holding her close as his lips kept playing on her neck. “I’ll warm you up,” he whispered. Then with the quickest flick of his fingers, he’d unsnapped her bra, and it was falling to the floor.

Jordyn let out a sigh as she fell back against him, feeling the cotton-polyester shirt against her bare back as his hands cupped her chest, familiar territory for them since that night they’d taken the next big step.

Since that night, they’d spent plenty of time getting familiar with each other’s bodies, and sex was the literally the only thing they hadn’t done, yet. But tonight, the fooling around was different. She knew it would be. Because she knew what they were both expecting tonight, and she knew exactly what it was all leading up to.

She looked around the room. The convenience of this cabin was so perfect, but it made her wonder something; something that kept tugging at her thoughts. Something she wanted to know, but didn’t want to ask.

But she had to know. Tonight was going to be—so far—the biggest night in her sixteen years. She didn’t want to go into it blind.

“Cole,” she said quietly.


“I know I’m not your first. But I have to know. Has there been other girls, uhm, here?”

He sighed, dropping his hands, then he pulled her to the bed, urging her to sit. Now that they weren’t touching or kissing, she felt exposed, and she folded her arms over her bare chest.

“Jordyn, I’m not going to lie,” he said. “I’ve told other girls that they were the firsts I brought here. But they weren’t, and you aren’t.”

She nodded, a little jealous at the thought of other girls here with him, but warmth traveled through her insides at the idea that he was being honest with her.

“If this sounds corny, I don’t care,” he continued. “But Jordyn, you’re different. You’re not like any other girl in Cedarwood. I’ve never been like this with anybody else. I’ve never felt like this about anyone else. What we do here tonight? It’s your call. I really care about you, Jordyn and being with you means so much to me. But being with you at the right time, when you’re ready, well, that means more.”

“I’m scared,” she admitted. “A little bit. But I’m excited, and I want this. Cole, I promise, I’m ready. Besides the obvious mishap tonight, it’s been perfect so far. But I want you. And I want you now.”

She sighed, realizing she’d been holding her breath. She couldn’t believe she’d made that declaration out loud, but if she was about to share her body and something she could never get back with Cole, she figured she could be completely honest with him first.

So he smiled, pushed the covers back, and pulled Jordyn down beside him. They kissed, and Jordyn’s nervous, shaky fingers slowly unbuttoned his dress shirt, tossing it to the floor when it was off. He made quick work of getting out of his pants, socks and undershirt, until finally, the only thing that was between them was her skimpy panties, and his boxers.

Suddenly, their hands, their mouths, were ravenous. Touching everywhere, taking turns tasting every inch of each other. Jordyn knew what she was supposed to do. Now.

Then finally, Cole gently, pushed her away. “Jordyn.”

He kissed her lips once, then reached over her for his bedside table, opening the drawer.  In the light of the candles, she could see exactly what was in his hand. The foil, square package, was familiar, since she had four of them in her purse.

Cole sat up, and Jordyn’s mouth went dry from both nervousness and admiration as she watched him roll it on his hard erection.

This was it, she thought.

Cole leaned over, kissing her forehead, then her lips. Instinctively, she leaned back, slowly spreading her knees apart as Cole pulled himself on top of her. He hovered, still for a moment as he searched her eyes. Then he touched his forehead to hers. “I promise I’ll be easy.”

She just nodded, and he kissed her once more. Then slowly, he pushed his hips forward, and there was no turning back.

“Are you OK?” he asked, panting as her face registered the pain. But she nodded, and slower, still, he pushed all the way. She gasped. And just like that, the pain was gone, and Jordyn Hamilton, was no longer a virgin.

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