God's Grace

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Carly

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Submitted: April 01, 2010




When I looked back up he was gone. Alicia landed ten feet from me.
“Grace, Gracey! Oh my God! Are you okay? How could you be okay? It’s my fault, all my fault. I shouldn’t have made you come with me!” Alicia wailed. She must be too shocked to see that I was alright. She hugged me hard and cried on my shoulder.
 The other parachuters, along with the two instructors, came floating down gracefully. They surrounded Alicia and me. I could barely breath. Finally, the instructors shouted loudly over the noise, “Get back, let her get some air!” The people parted like the red sea. The instructors pried Alicia off of me and told me to lie down.
 “But I’m not hurt,” I half-whispered.

“I called for paramedics,” the blond instructor named Greg told no one in particular, “They should be here soon. She’s probably in shock.”
Since the parachuters kept coming back to crowd me, Greg took them to the road about a hundred feet away and made them sit on the pavement. He let Alicia stay with me when I protested. She still hadn’t stopped crying when the medics came fifteen minutes later.
 They put me on a gurney and in a neck brace. Alicia and Greg rod in the ambulance with me. The medic that was in the back with us was constantly on top of me, making sure I wasn’t going into shock I guessed.
I thought of what I saw out on the field. He saved me…It’s only by the grace of God that I am alive, the irony. How could I explain this to everyone? They would just think I hit my head on the ground too hard. No, I’ll tell them after the doctors say I’m fine.
We finally got to the hospital. One of the nurses had to give Alicia some xanax. Since I didn’t have a scratch on me, the nurses took me straight to the x-ray room. That took about half an hour. They let me sit in the hall in a wheelchair while they were pending the results.
A little girl wearing a hospital gown came up to me.
 “Hi, I’m Carly. What’s your name?” she asked.
 The poor girl was bald, pale, and fragile-looking.
 “My name is Grace,” I smiled warmly, “So why are you in the hospital?” I already knew by her appearance though.
 “I have leukemia,” she answered sadly, “What’s wrong with you?”
 “Well Carly, I just jumped out of an airplane. My parachute didn’t work right, but God saved me,” I told her. Her eyes widened.
 “Really?” she asked, “Who’s God, that guy that saved you. How did he do it?”
 “You’ve never heard of God or his son Jesus?” I asked bewildered.
 “No,” Carly asked looking confused, “Who is he?”

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