God's Grace

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Submitted: April 08, 2010



“Grace,” the nurse with curly red hair said, “Your x-rays are back. You need to come in the room now.”

I turned back to Carly. I smiled at her, “What room are you in? I’d like to give you a present when I get done talking to my doctor.”

“I’m in room 321, in the children’s wing,” Carly replied surprised before heading down the hall.

 “Grace,” the red headed nurse said impatiently.

I sighed, getting up slowly before heading back to the dingy hospital room.

“Hello Doctor Jordan,” I said when I saw him by the lit-up board.

 “Hello Grace,” he said, “You know to just cal me Jordan. I’ve known you since you were eight, after all.”
Everybody knows everybody in small towns such as my home in McMinnville, Tennessee.

I sighed. “There’s nothing wrong with me,” I stated flatly.

“I know. I just want to know how. It’s not possible. That big a fall and not a scratch on you. What happened?” Jordan exclaimed.

The nurse looked surprised. “What?” I demanded her, “ Think I was loony? Hit my head too hard to know if I was alright or not?” she made a stiff nod while adverting her eyes from Jordan and me.

I turned my attention back to Jordan. “Don’t talk to my staff that way, if you please. Now, what happened?” he asked again impatiently.

I took a deep breath… “God saved me.”

“I can see that much or you wouldn’t be sitting here in front of me..”

I cut him off, “NO, I mean literally. Jesus was there. I saw him, I swear to it. He stopped me from hitting the ground…”

Jordan looked between the nurse and me. He seemed to come to a conclusion as he looked at the nurse. “Christa, make a room up for Grace. Grace,” he turned to me, “ I’m going to keep you here a little longer. Before you say anything, it’ll be a week, tops. I promise. Christa, I’m not paying you to stand around all day, go.”

Christa scurried out of the room. I glared at Jordan. “I’m not crazy. I’m perfectly san. Isn’t it enough proof that I’m alive and well?” my voice started to quaver, a tear on the edge of my eye.

Christa cam to take me to my room before he could answer. She had an odd smirk on her face. I glared at her.

When I was alone in my hospital room I let it out. I cried like I hadn’t cried in years. Could no one understand that I could have died today? Alicia come in and saw me crying, her own eyes red and puffy. She ran over and comforted me. She said she was staying with me tonight. I didn’t argue. I wanted her to stay anyway. She was the best I had to family.

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