Her Red Lips

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Selena has followed her plan well with only one small set back, how will she get the fighter she is looking for? Why did she drop her phone and ordered of her guys let the bodyguard with her phone to get passed him? It nearing the end now of her journey in the underground fighting arena.

Chapter 10 (v.1) - It Ends Here

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Submitted: January 02, 2016



"Hello, young Master."

A young man was sitting in the fighters waiting room, dressed ready for tonights fight. Hearing an unfamiliar female voice, he raised his head to see a beautiful blonde with red lips.

Remembering what she just called him, he narrowed his eyes, "do I know you?" He would never forget someone with her looks, as well as that intimidating figure behind her. He looked like a fighter and by the state of him, he had already fought and... Won.

"No, but I know your family."

"What?" Realization hit, "they sent you to get me?"

Simply nodding her head, she walked over to take a seat in front of him. With the other fighter staying close behind her.

"I'm not going back to them," he practically spat those words.

He got a smile as his reply, she then got out of her seat and walked over to him. Just as he was about to raise his head to look at her, she crouched down till they were eye level.

She cupped his face, "that's the thing, they told me to get you out, not to take you back to them." Her smile became mischievous, "I know about the attempted assassinations on you by them, since your grandfather mysteriously vanished but left all the family's possessions and fortune to you. The youngest of the family and the only one not tainted like the rest."

"H-How? No one would believe me, even when my own father tried to poison me..." Defeat was consuming him, he just had to get out. The only way was a place that his family's influence couldn't get him and it just happened to be the underground.

"I have my ways," she rubbed her thumbs back and forth against his cheeks, "now the manager of this place is blackmailing you to stay by threatening to turn you over to your family. You aren't the only fighter to be blackmailed to stay and fight."

She knew way too much to be a normal investigator, "who or what are you?" He had to ask.

"No one important, but I have a proposal if you wish to accept it, it's up to you." Noticing his nervous glance to Kieran, she caught his attention quickly again, "I am not threatening you, you have the right to refuse. You will not be touched no matter your reply."

Swallowing the thick knot in his throat, he tried to calm down his nerves, "what's the proposal?"

Moving away from him, Selena took out a folded up piece of paper from one of her pockets and handed it over to him.

"We will get you out of this mess and you will be free of your family as well. But you will still keep all your grandfather's possessions." Kieran passed her a pen out of nowhere.

Eyeing her warily, "how?"

Waving her hand to dismiss his question, "that's already sorting itself out."

"What do you want in exchange?" He opened the piece of paper up and read over the contract with clear focus.

Soon he raised his head again, "you will sort this mess out, for my friendship?" He couldn't believe it.

She couldn't help but laugh, "friendship is better than any favor, I think. This friendship is leveled, you can ask favors of me like friends do and I can do the same."

"What could you possibly want me to do?" He hoped it didn't involve killing people.

"No killing," as if she read his mind, "such as access to certain parties or certain information. We will trust each other and if the other is in trouble then the other just needs to be asked. A friendship." She kept her warming smile.

"How can I trust you?"

"I have already signed the contract as you see," she met his eyes square on, her face suddenly becoming serious, "I never go back on my word and I hope you honor yours as well."

Gulping his next words down, he took the pen off her and signed. He somehow had the urge to believe her, she could of killed him if she wanted to. She could get here when his family couldn't, she had resources.

Passing the contract back to her now smiling face, she tucked it away again before they shuck hands, "let's introduce ourselves then, I'm Selena Turner and this is my companion, Kieran." Kieran inclined his head slightly.

"Nice to meet you both, truly. I'm Gregory Michaels Ireland." He suddenly sounded professional. But he wondered why her name sounded somehow familiar?

"Stands for GMI like the company," it somehow amused her further.

Gregory nodded his head in acknowledgement, "I was named completely after my grandfather who named the company after himself."

"Well then Greg, we have one more stop and then we can leave. Do you want to join us to bring the man down whom blackmailed you to stay or meet us later?" She already knew his answer by the dark look in his eyes.

He easily agreed, allowing Selena to continue her plan with two skilled fighters having her back.

As they finally reached a pair of huge old oak doors that were painted bright red, "Kieran..." She glanced over to Gregory, "up to let some anger out?" With his nod of agreement and excited expression, she allowed them to take the lead.

They slammed open the door, knocking two guards out of the way. That's when the fight started, fists were thrown. Kieran and Gregory got to the guards before they could pull out their guns, it was so fast and precise. Yet still such dirty fighting, it's the underground after all.

Selena licked her lips at the sight, the joy in Gregory's and Kieran's face was undeniable. They were enjoying this as much as she was.

"What is happening here?!" The elderly bubbly guy finally appeared, he was as white as chalk after seeing the mess on the floor, of all his best bodyguards beaten within seconds by two unarmed men.

"You finally show yourself." The elder man knew that voice and couldn't help but glare at her.

Selena noticed Gregory going towards the man, "Greg, hold back, please." Gregory did as he was told but it didn't stop his murderous look towards the manager of this place.

"Secretary! Call for back up!" He shouted for his secretary, in hope that could save him.

"Oh, stuff it!" In shock, he turned to his angry looking secretary who was now walking over to Selena, "I'm sick of you!"

He saw his secretary pass Selena a file of some sorts, "y-you are betraying me?!" He couldn't believe what was happening.

"This lovely lady offered me a job if I helped. But truthfully, I would of said yes to anything if it meant teaching you a lesson," his now ex-secretary walked off then, without a single glance back.

Glaring back at Selena, "y-you won't get away with this! I have friends who will see you dead if you do not leave!"

Selena suddenly burst out laughing, "the so-called friends who are after your blood for misinforming about the game results, you mean?"

It seemed impossible but he got even paler, he then looked over to Gregory, "without me, you will have to go back to your family!"

Gregory didn't even flinch, he just kept his murderous look on the manager. Holding his anger back quite well.

Alarms suddenly went off everywhere, as well as his office phone with multiple different lights going off from multiple calls. Until the shutters for emergencies came down to seal everyone inside.

"What is happening now?!"

"Seems one of your guards have finally fully loaded my phone into the system, on time as well," Selena went and took a seat in his desk chair, spinning round in a carefree attitude while each room flashed red from the alarms.

"What did you do?" He turned to look at her but he was still frozen in place.

Kieran and Gregory walked over to stand between the manager and Selena, "let's just say my phone holds all the information I found on you, as well as a virus that will give me full access to every computer connected to this place." She picked at her nails in boredom.

He suddenly collapsed on the floor, "oh and don't think about blackmailing again, all your blackmail material has been deleted and the ones needing help. Such as Gregory's family issues, I sent to a very trustworthy detective friend of mine. As well as some of that information to the media. Full on attack I must say." Her smile widened.

The manager finally lost it, he wet himself in fear of the demon smile on Selena's face, "d-demon..."

She waved off his word and turned on the monitor of his computer until she gained access to the screens in the rooms around the building, switching on the camera until everyone saw her, "Hello, everyone."

Everyone stopped their panic and stared to the screen, many recognized her from before, "this place is now under new management, the board of this place already agreed so no worries there. Every fighter and person here who was blackmailed or threatened in some way to stay here and to fight, whatever reason. Is now free, you are clear and whatever help you need is now being sorted."

Selena couldn't see the many people who collapsed to the ground in happiness, finally breaking ties with such a dark place was a miracle.

"I have much to do so I'm leaving a certain person here to take charge, she is capable. Oh and if anyone is after the old manager then he is running somewhere around here, without protection..." Instantly many people went on a run to find him, they couldn't wait to get a piece of him.

She already knew that the old manager snuck off when he thought she wasn't paying attention.

"Did you just take charge of one of the top underground fighting areas?" Gregory asked in disbelief.

"All in a day worth, my work allows me to get some more people and places in my book," she smiled as she turned the screen off and got up.

"Is that why the board said yes?" Kieran asked, even he didn't know everything about her plan.

Selena nodded her head slightly before leaving the room, "make sure you get Quinn to look at this," she threw a USB drive at Kieran.

"Where do you hide these?" He asked with a mischievous grin.

Leaning over to him she whispered, "somewhere no one would look without having a ulterior motive."

She then continued to walk while Kieran stared at the USB drive in disbelief, and Gregory laughing at his expression.

Meeting up with Philip, the guards didn't even try to stop them, they were now under different management, "Philip, how do you like working as head of the security here?" Selena asked.

"Why would I want to do that?" He asked in the same casual tone as she did.

"To chose your own guys to guard this place and train them, you wouldn't be under the command of anyone other than I, not even the manager I'm putting here. Oh and great pay, I guess." She unwrapped a piece of bubble gum she took from a kiosk in the underground and popped it into her mouth.

Smirking, "I'll think about it, it does sound tempting."

Smirking back, they continued until they reached outside. The alarms had finally been shut off and people were allowed to leave. Many fighters wanted to stay on even after being blackmailed since they thought they owed Selena while some finally went home.

Weeks after, Selena got the news of the huge busts Detective Dean Jackson had from his 'source'. She also got news from Gregory about his family's arrest and that he was settling well in his new life and thanks her. As well as Philip accepted the job in the underground fighting area and now the place has risen in security, business, money and many other darkly things.

She never looked at her bank account so she didn't notice the sudden profits she was making as usual. Her life continued as like nothing happened.

"Kieran, get ready. We are going out." Time to start a new day.

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