Human Hunter

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - The Fight is On!!

Submitted: January 15, 2015

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Submitted: January 15, 2015



Saya walked down the stairs from the VIP box and in the direction of the ring.

Meanwhile, the announcer received a call as the crowd continued to be in a uproar, "yes... Boss?!" First surprised by his Boss' sudden call, it soon turned into terror from what he was hearing on the other side of the phone call, "u-understood..." His Boss then hung up, allowing him to put the phone down before picking up his announcer speaker, "Ladies and Monsters everywhere, we have a new challenger!" He shouted with enthusiasm.

It slowly calmed the audience down as they began to become curious on who was this new challenger but it never interested the White Werewolf, "what a pain." He complained, wanting this all to end.

"Saya Zedler!" As the announcer shouted her name through the speaker the audience froze like statues.

"Move," they turned to a single voice, before quickly moving out the way.

The White Werewolf looked over, seeming slightly unsure on who Saya was but knew she must be someone feared to cause the audience to freeze, instead of cheering, "Saya Zedler...." He repeated her name, to try and recall that name but he hasn't been in public for a long time so he hasn't yet heard of her which was very rare.

Meanwhile, Saya walked towards the ring, continuing the audiences silence but unknown how the room became fuller after a word from the Boss about who would be fighting today which caused a uproar in the market that caused this place to be flooded with excitement to see today's big and unexpected fight.

Saya never paid attention and just entered the ring, looking at the White Werewolf with the same expressionless look plastered on her face which intrigued him a little, "I wonder who is making you do this." She commented only loud enough for him and her to hear, thanks to his enhanced senses.

A spark of interest appeared from hearing her words, "none of your business, woman..." He showed clear dislike for her comment.

It only interested in Saya as well, it had been a while since someone has said something bold like that to her face, "place your bets!" A bookie yelled across the room, showing the increase of money betted on Saya but some still betted on the White Werewolf, the arena was making a lot of money on this fight before it even started.

The room only became more crowded, causing people to shove each other to get a better view of the ring. While the announcer got a signal off his Boss to continue this fight, "the White Werewolf, known now for his crazy strength is in the blue corner!" People cheered loud and clear as the announcer spat out those words, "then in the red corner, you all known her as the first Human Hunter, a demon with unmeasurable strength... Saya Zedler!"

The cheers stopped from a single glance from Saya, which turned their bodies to ice in fear, "amusing..." The White Werewolf muttered to himself, causing Saya to turn her head back to him, feeling a sudden familiarity from his attitude.

"Let the fight begin!" The announcer quickly spoke after seeing the frozen audience, wanting this to start as soon as but he also had a interest in the crazy match up.

As he shouted those words, the bell rang and finally the match started but for a while, neither of them moved and just stared at each other which confused the audience, "they both can't find openings!" Someone took the microphone off the announcer and spoke through it, seeming to know the reason.

The announcer turned to see who it was and one glance told him who it was, a famous retired announcer, so he felt no anger for his microphone being taken from him, "openings...?" The announcer took out another microphone and questioned his words.

The man took a seat while nodding his head, "no matter how one of them attacks, it would be blocked and counterattacked by the other person, so they cannot move."

After saying those words, Saya finally took a step forward in a average pace, "haven't seen a White Werewolf in over a year," she commented seeming not afraid as she moved forward.

"A year...?" He was clearly shocked by her words, "that's impossible, it's a average of a century for others."

Saya thought it as amusing that he finally speaking to her normally, "I think his name was Arthur Leonardo." Recalling the name before saying it out loud.

The White Werewolf was even more surprised after hearing that name leave her mouth, "that's my father..." A suddenly angered expression came on his face for the first time, "that's around the time that my youngest brother died." He became suspicious of her suddenly.

One side of her mouth slowly raised, forming a smile but it quickly reverted back, "I am a Human Hunter, I don't kill anything else but it's not like you would believe me, right?" She noticed from his expression.

Everyone watched, only seeing their mouths move but they still weren't fighting, "like I would believe a demon."

After speaking those words, the White Werewolf charged forward towards her, blinded by anger, "finally the fight starts!" The announcer shouts down the microphone, causing the audience to roar in enthusiasm.

"Idiot..." Saya muttered to herself, dodging his charge easily but he had quickly grabbed her arm easily after she dodged, "talented though..." She complimented, feeling his squeeze on her arm, it would of broken other people's arms like a trig easily.

He was about to fling her into the air before slamming her but her hand touched his that held her arm and easily peeled it off, "w-what?!" Clearly shocked, he then quickly tried to get another grasp on her.

Looking to the ground, she saw some blood from previous fights and simply bend down and slid her fingers across the blood until her fingers were cloaked in red. It confused everyone, even the announcers, "I need to talk to you when you wake up."

Speaking those bold words caused his anger to only heightened, before charging at her once more but just as he was about to grab her, he froze with her blood cloaked fingers against his forehead, "w-what the..."

Without saying another word of English, she began to mutter some words as she drew a circle with odd symbols around it on his forehead. She then completed her circle before stepping back, only causing more confusion throughout the room, "you need to pronounce the winner," she looked over the the announcers box.

"B-But he's still standing," still in shocked, the announcer just replied as quickly as he could.

Saya turned to the White Werewolf and simply poked him, causing him to fall back towards the ground, frozen stiff, "well?" She looked back up to the announcers box.

"Winner, Saya Zedler!" The announcer suddenly shouted, unsure on what just happened.

The audience as well questioned what happened but they were all afraid to ask, "what do you want as your prize?" The Boss moved closer to the ring with a few pushers here and there.

"I want him," she looked to the White Werewolf as she spoke those words.

First shocked by her request, a smile soon appeared, "you figured it out... Sure you can have him, saves me money." He then walked off without another word.

Saya just turned to the White Werewolf once more and grabbed his arm, but a sudden pain shot through her, "he's strong..." She slowly pulled down her coat to the arm that she grabbed his with, seeing a black bruise wrapped around it from his grasp before.

Fixing her coat back to normal, she just changed arms to drag him off the stage and through the back. Throwing him to the brick wall in the back alley way, she then bent over him and passed her hand over the blood circle which caused it to vanish, "y-you cheeky little...!" He had quickly snapped out of it, seeming still slightly weak from being frozen, so he was unable to stand up just yet but his mouth was clearly working now.

"Energetic one, aren't you?" Looking down to him coldly didn't help to cure his suspicions of her.

Soon crouching down to his level, she pulled out a black fabric before soaking it in a puddle close by. The White Werewolf sat there watching her every move with a slight complicated expression on his face. But as he watched her, he saw her rinsed out the soaked black fabric over the puddle before bringing it over and to his surprise, she patted down his forehead and then the rest of his shown skin gently, cleaning all the sweat, dirt and also the marks on his body from possible past injuries from something that no normal creature could go through.

He was now not sure if this mysterious woman known as Saya was cold hearted or it was just a act after seeing her actions. The White Werewolf just couldn't take his eyes off her that moment, without a word leaving his mouth.

Soon finishing, Saya backed off while squeezing the black fabric completely dry before putting it back inside her pocket, "why did you...?" A calming tone finally showed itself in his voice as he asked that question while looking up to her, not an ounce of suspicion was left now for some reason.

Their eyes then met as she lowered her head after hearing his question, but she seemed unwilling to reply. Seeming uninterested in his sudden interest in her actions that haven't been matching with her character. She hid her reason but it only raised his interest, it was a first for him to be interest in a different species before, yet he couldn't shake the feeling that something about her was still very suspicious.

"Get up or I'm leaving you here." Speaking coldly, she looked down to him with a look that sent a chill down his spine, feeling like trash from her stare but it didn't make him depressed for some reason.

Waiting for a few more seconds, she then turned around and walked away, showing her seriousness in her words just before and her small amount of patience, "I'm coming..." He quickly forced himself up of the ground, using the bricked wall as support to get himself up as quickly as possible before slowly walking behind her without losing sight of her as they left the alley and entered the path that was crowded with many monsters.

The White Werewolf followed behind her with all the strength he had, still only slowly healing from the spell that she put on him before. Many questions popped in his mind but soon his eyes met the crowds, seeing them move out of her way with terror in their ways. They were all monsters and she was a Human Hunter only, which confused him to why everyone was so afraid of someone on their side in this war but knowing would probably change his behavior to her as well.

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