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Finally back from her lunch break with her childhood friend, Lucy is back at work for more entertaining visits

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Annoying Werewolf

Submitted: May 17, 2016

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Submitted: May 17, 2016



As soon as I entered my office, I did my usual routine before I sat back into my chair. Already pulled out the folder, I read over the contents while I waited for my heavenly BBQ ribs to come to my rescue.

While I waited, I kept trying to keep my stomach from making any more monstrous noises which was a big task that took all my concentration. I already knew the folders contents by heart yet I still had another look at the contents once again, hoping to pass the time.

Mumbling, “I’m the great Grand Master, bow at my feet puny mortals.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say that but good impression.”

Surprised, I quickly raised my head to the familiar voice that stood in my office’s entrance. Not noticing her must have shown how out of focus I was, that meant death in this world. Getting annoyed at that Grand pain in my butt wasn’t helping, though I admit my impression of him was awesome.

“What an annoying pleasure as always, Gin.”

The woman at the door was Gin Ashton, she was werewolf. She wasn’t like the other pretty and snarky werewolves in town, she was a tomboy though she was still quite pretty with her dark skin and short black hair that she had in a ponytail today. Slightly muscular, she was dark in general and seemed more of the type to find in a gym than in a beauty parlor.

She was the only female werewolf I liked from this area’s pack but that was only by a small margin. That was because she has tried to get me together with her alpha before, that was a low blow. Knowing I had powerful abilities, she believed I would be perfect for the pack and requested me to the Alpha as a possible candidate to be the female-alpha. Even non-werewolves could be one though they had to be very powerful to hold the position since they get challenged at times.

Taking a seat without asking, her eyes shined gold all of a sudden. When I didn’t flinch or look away, she smirked, “always a pleasure in my case, Red.”

What is with everyone calling me Red lately?! Do they want me to make them become red all over or something?!

Leaning back in my chair, I made sure to swiftly move the folder out of sight. The werewolves and the Grand Master weren’t on bad terms but they weren’t on good ones either, didn’t help that both sides believed I was on their side. Idiot supernatural creatures for you.

Before I could speak, there was a knock at my door. The smell of BBQ ribs instantly shot my senses and finally my stomach let out a very angry noise. My cue to jump up and get my rips, making sure to thank the delivery boy and to tip him, one of my golden rules was in effect.

Sitting back in my seat, I eyed Gin with narrowed eyes, “mine!” I kept the food close to me, no werewolf was putting their greedy mitts on my food.

Letting out a loud laugh, Gin seemed to be in stitches for a few seconds before she calmed down, wiping an escaped tear from under her right eye, “this is why I like you, you don’t hold back.”

Chewing on the first rib, I raised my eyebrow at her. Hoping she would get the signal to state why she was here, having guests was unusual for me. Unless they wanted something, which always turned bad for me.

Suddenly becoming serious, she kept eye contact as she spoke, “the pack is having an event from tonight till tomorrow night. I’m here on request of the Alpha to ask you to attend this event.”

Licking away the source around my mouth, I shuck my head, “busy.”

Werewolves could easily tell if one was lying, luckily I was busy tonight. Though the reason to be busy was still a downer.

“Tonight or tomorrow?” She narrowed her eyes at me, getting more specific to check out my alibi. I felt like I was being questioned by my old school teacher. Though I did get that prune old crone back by making her old car into a big feathered chicken. Fun times.

Trying my best to hide the knowledge that I was caught, I responded with that only tonight. Which resulted in Gin smiling happily, “you are free tomorrow then!” She then passed me a card that seemed to resemble an invitation with only an address and my name on it. With ‘no plus one for you’ written above the crossed out ‘and plus one’.

She was a smart one, why did I hate her again? Oh yes, the whole this is a setup thing.

Stuffing the invitation into my pocket, I returned her smile, “why don’t you just be female-alpha, you have the sneaky and annoying part down already?”

Raising an eyebrow to my question, she seemed amused by the question, “because one the responsibility is a pain and two, the Alpha is not my type.” Those two reasons, she made them sound like that was good enough. But before I could reply, she wiggled her finger at me, who wiggles fingers these days? Other than my mother, “don’t even say you are the same, I agree to the first one with you but we both know the Alpha is so your type.”

Smiling triumphantly when she realized I couldn’t really deny that, he was hot but a thing about Alphas; they are very protective and get jealous easily. That would be alright for some girls but for a girl who hunts monsters for a living and is surprisingly surrounded by OK-looking guys if I didn’t include you-know-who. It would be a disaster waiting to happen, which sounds awesome if it didn’t drag me into it. I preferred to watch the drama from a good distance, I hadn’t seen any today; which was a disappointment.

“You can leave now,” hoping she would take my words and put them into actions. She basically gave me an invitation to a full-on drama fest that I would love to go to if most of those blood thirsty stares weren’t aimed towards me. If they were aimed at someone else, I would try and spark that fire to see if a fire broke out. Amazing party action.

Happily, she followed my instruction and got out of the chair but she leaned over the table, a little too close for comfort but my first instinct was to pull my BBQ ribs away from her. Not taking any chances with my food and this werewolf.

Suddenly a blood thirst poured from her, my instinct kicked in and before I knew it. She was propelling to the other side of the room with see-through light blue chains around her body, making her unable to move. I didn’t return her smile then, she tricked me to use one of my powers.

So I left her there to try to get herself out which she couldn’t, “see? You didn’t even try and I can’t move an inch.” Proving a point that I wouldn’t agree to, I should have punched her instead.

Tapping my fingers on the desk, a sudden cold air formed in the room that Gin’s breath started to show in white puffs, “I don’t like being tricked or tested, werewolf.”

Watching the fear form in Gin’s eyes should have calmed me but it didn’t, I became strong to stop such things from happening. Being toyed with was a sore spot of mine, another golden rule; I could mess with them but they couldn’t mess with me. Not a rational rule I know but it works for me.

“What’s going on in here?!” Boss came in that moment, forming his own white puffs of air when he talked. After a glance at the chained werewolf and my face, he knew instantly. Letting out a sigh, he looked to Gin with his usual stern look, “don’t mess with my employees again or your whole pack will be banned from using my business.”

That was a firm warning, Boss loved business and if you were hated by this business then you couldn’t go anywhere else. A form of powerless to those who cross this company, everyone stays on good terms with the company and the Boss. Except a hand full that don’t push it too far to earn this warning at least, I might be one of those people.

With a swish of my wrist, the chains faded away and I simply went back to my ribs. Noticing they were getting cold, “if these are cold then I won’t ever forgive you.” I warned before taking a bite, “passable.” Still warm, I happily ate them while in the corner of my eye, I watched as Gin was escorted out.

“Sorry Iris, I just wanted to be sure you could defend yourself before you come tomorrow.” And with those quiet words, Gin left.

Wow, she called me the named given to me in my profession. She must have been more shaken up than she let on, it wasn’t a name people spoke lightly for some reason. Old rumor that if they do, they are inviting me to come to their door one night and execute them. What am I, the Grim Reaper? Idiots.

Soon after I finished my yummy ribs, the Boss walked back in. He stood there in silence, crossing his arms in a seemly relaxed position. Though I knew he wasn’t even close to relaxed, he was waiting for an explanation.

Throwing the take-away box into the bin, I wiped my hands and mouth before meeting his eyes, “nothing to worry about Boss, it wasn’t about to company.” My personal business was my own, as long as it doesn’t involve his company then he had no right to more.

“She still trying to get you together with her Alpha mutt?” How I loved the way he thought of the other supernatural creatures, though it wasn’t the time to admire his dislike for them. He didn’t dislike them as much as he did with the Grand guy though.

It was common knowledge of Gin’s intentions but it didn’t give the reason why and how she does it; everyone already knows the why anyways. It’s always about power in this world, no one chooses someone because they are weak. But I didn’t want to be used, which is usually because I have power, I prefer to use and I can kick butt doing so. When the day comes that I’m chosen because of my power and not for myself, well then… Showing them why I’m called Iris would be the consequences of their actions.

Seeming to guess I didn’t want to talk about it, the Boss left it there, “just try to keep the trouble out of the building next time.”

After nodding to his words, he left me alone. It quickly showed that it was just after 7 o’clock, it was almost time to leave. It was a long journey to the place the great holiness lives, get it? The holiness, though the holy stuff would burn or kill him, if only the stuff was easier to buy then I wouldn’t mind using some of my toys against him when he annoyed me; which would be all the time. Though I try not to recall how he annoys me, it wasn’t smart to think too much about him and here I was doing so. I bet he would smile if he knew he was in my head, just one of the places he’s always loved to be when it comes to me. Annoying guy.

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