Miss.Starburn's Lessons

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After all the drama and bringing Cerberus to heel, Miss.Starburn has brought to attention on what she knows while Kyle failed in his tactics and even his powerful family are of no help to him learning more about the new teacher.

Chapter 12 (v.1) - Magic Lesson

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Submitted: May 17, 2016



The next morning, the sky was grey with clouds while strong force rain hit down to the earth and those who stood in the way.

Though in class, the weather didn't match the radiant smile on Miss.Starburn's face. Her class looked to her suspiciously, waiting for some sort of revenge from her after what they pulled the other day. But she had yet spoke a word to them, only a simple morning greeting when she walked into the room.

Out of all the students, only Eva was happy to see Miss.Starburn safe and sound. Though she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw Cerberus acting like a well trained dog around Miss.Starburn.

Snapping everyone's attention to her with a clap of her hands, she then pulled out a magic book from the desk, "today's lesson will be about magic."

That was confusing, they already knew magic, "we don't need your help with that," Kyle spoke, seeming on edge today.

Holding her laugh in, Miss.Starburn suddenly tied her hair up, "well this might interest you Kyle, we will be having a Magic Lesson with actual combat." Knowing that wasn't enough for him to become interested, she added, "you could even fight me."

That got his attention, he could fight a teacher? A dream come true and he could finally find out what she is hiding.

Eva was the first one to question about this class, "what will this class entail?"


"Outside?! It's raining!" Cindy screeched in horror, "do you know how long it takes me to do my hair?!"

Holding back an eye roll, she continued, "outside we shall have a contest, one-against-one in magic and the winner can fight me." She met eyes with Kyle when she said those words, "though you are not allowed to go to far in injuring your opponent and no dangerous spells, the standard rules apply here."

She knew that some of the students didn't wish to fight against any of the top five in this class especially Kyle, so she created two sides that ensured those particular students didn't fight against the more aggressive ones.

Leading her class outside, she whispered, "ventraiin," as she walked into the rain. She used the magic to form a water barrier around herself just an inch away that was impossible to see by the human eye. It stopped water from touching her as she walked into the crazy wind and rain that continued to pound down.

Everyone watched in astonishment to watch Miss.Starburn walk outside completely dry. It took amazing talent and control to be able to accomplish that with the water repellent spell. It was the an advanced example of the spell since the basic spell is only supposed to deflect some rain.

Though there were a few of the five top students that used their own magic to stay dry, which were Kyle, Eva and Cindy. With Cindy glaring at Miss.Starburn's back, hoping a curse would take effect for making her come outside in the rain,

"Now then, I will split you up into two teams then give you your own numbers. Go into your team and when your number is called, then come to here." She gave everyone their own group and number.

Making sure that the stone ground was fine for a combat class, "proticbaris." She then created the barrier around the area chosen for the combat, she ensured the properties followed that magic couldn't come out and in, unless it was her own magic. She didn't want to take any chances if the fight went too far then she needed to stop it and if her own barrier stopped her, well that would be inconvenient.

"Number one!" She then called, causing one person from each team to step forward. They both seemed relieved that neither of them was one of the top five.

When they both entered the barrier, she started the fight and watched them exchange and try and counterattack their opponent. Making sure to write down notes and comments about each student's methods and everything down to their flaws. Everyone needed to learn, at the moment she needed to learn her student's limits and they soon needed to know how to improve their abilities. Luckily she knew the best methods to teach them.

The fights continued as such, simple and quick, until she called the next number, "eight!"

That's when Eva and Neil stepped forward. Both giving each other a serious look, acknowledging that their opponent was going to be a challenge.

Watching them walk into the barrier, they watched for Miss.Starburn's signal for them to fight. Then as soon as she said the words, there was first silence as they assessed the other.

But with Neil being more of the aggressive and impatient type, he was first to attack, "zipteco! Flameto!" With super speed now apart of him, he sprinted toward Eva with flames coating his fists. He was clearly the close combat type.

"Slimiteto levo," Eva muttered, causing a slimy substance to form in Neil's path.

Successfully causing him to slip and slide in top speed, Miss.Starburn watched with clear eyes. Neil was strong but impatient, while Eva was strong and clever but if Neil overcame the impatient issue then he could be quite an amazing magician. All five of these top students have the ability to become a S Level Magician in their future if they trained right. That was a gold mine in many eyes, five of them in one place, that was very rare and also very dangerous.

"Yuck!" Neil yelled at the top of his lungs, Eva seemed to have recalled that he disliked slime. Smart move maybe, depending on his reaction.

Watching Neil try and wipe the slime off him in haste, seeming genuinely uncomfortable with the green stuff on him. Eva smiled and continued her attack, "spikyo lito, slimiteto levo!"

Her magic caused spikes to shoot out to surround Neil like a cage while the slime began to coat the spikes to stop Neil from trying to break them with his fists.

"Stop with the damn slime, four-eyes!" Neil shouted, looking very angry and red faced, "halucmet faze," he spoke another spell with intent in his eyes.

Eva cursed she realized what spell he used and quickly everything began to change, her surroundings began to shift into darkness, "no!" She screeched, darkness began to swallow everything up around her, freaking her out. It was an unnatural sight that made her feel cornered, "stop!" Her breathing began to shallow as she tried to keep taking deep breaths to calm herself down. Causing her to fall to her knees with no light in sight to give her comfort.

Just as she was about to pass out in fear, a light began to shine in front of her until slowly the darkness faded and so did the hallucination.

What stood before her eyes was shocking, Miss.Starburn stood in front of her. Holding Kyle's fist in the middle of aiming for Eva that was coated with flames once again, yet she held it with just the palm of her hand.

Then with a calm voice that shot fear inside everyone who heard it, Miss.Starburn spoke, "you went too far Neil."

Neil quickly moved back, seeming to sense danger but he didn't know why. She didn't cast any type of magic, one moment he was aiming at Eva's face, the next his fist was stopped by Miss.Starburn.

Before Neil could complain or do anything stupid, Miss.Starburn took something out of her pocket and clipped it on Neil's wrist while he was still dazed, "you are disqualified and therefore you are banned from using magic for a while."

Looking down at his wrist he saw a bronze bracelet that seemed to have formed into the perfect size of his wrist, making it impossible for him to take it off, "flameto," but no magic appeared.

"The bracelet stops any magic, now leave the barrier and take a seat by yourself."

With a defeated look on his face, Neil walked off as he continued to pulled at the bracelet. Hoping by miracle that it would come off.

Helping Eva up, Miss.Starburn helped her over to some shelter and got her to rest. Making sure she was healthy in every sense before she returned to the class, "if I see anyone else use such methods just like Neil did then be prepared for the consequences."

Seeing that everyone understood, she called the next number. Watching them walk into the barrier to start their fight.

"Where did you get that bracelet?" Turning her head, she met eyes with Kyle.

"A friend," she replied, she knew the bracelet was super rare and you had to have a permit to have one. Since it could stop the wearer from using magic, it was a dangerous tool especially to a physically weak magician. That is why it needed to be recorded on who had one and if they were trusted and qualified to have one.

"Some friend you have," he commented, knowing he wouldn't get anymore information from her than that. But knowing she had one was something, she could of used that on him anytime and stop any of this mess but she didn't... It only made is all more confusing and suspicious.

But then he remembered it was his turn next and he was going to win this stupid magic lesson and finally openly fight her. She can't always be on alert and when she slips, that's when he will strike.

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