Miss.Starburn's Lessons

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As the fights continue, unexpected matches and outcomes are to be seen

Chapter 13 (v.1) - Almost Time

Submitted: August 14, 2019

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Submitted: August 14, 2019




Miss.Starburn could easily guess who was staring a whole into her back.

As she glanced over as the person in question, walked into the ring. Before turning her attention to his opponent, who was Henson.

She guessed who the next top 5 opponents would be, as she pondered on the possible outcome and what magic they would use on each other.

Never really seen Kyle or Henson talk much, their personalities were very different. Which oddly amused her.

Snapping out of her thought process, noticing everyone were staring at her to start the match. Her smile was blinding, as she finally announced the match, "Begin!"

"Clenata!" Henson casted his magic, making clones of himself, as another four of him ran by his side, "Icereco!" Forming ice on his and the clones arms to create weapons, as he closes the gap between him and Kyle.

With a small smirk, Kyle sliced his arm through the air, "Flameto," a burst of intense heat his Henson and the clones, causing them to watch the ice on them to melt.

"How?" Henson asked, they should be balanced.

"Instead of using the flame to cover something in a range like you have, he condensed it to a point, causing intense heat, won't do any damage but will effect a magician's ice or water magic." Miss.Starburn explained with her signature smile, feeling pleased with Kyle's quick thinking. Guess his arrogance isn't all for show, after all.

In Henson's moment of stupefied condition, Kyle didn't miss a beat, "Invisiblia!"

Vanishing from Henson's eyesight, he quickly looked around for any hint of Kyle's location.

"Biyatii Human..." Hearing a low voice, Henson looked around him, surprised to notice there was an extra clone.

Recounting in his head, he was completely sure that there was another clone.

Causing him great confusion but before he could calm down and fix this problem, "Snoziiya," was whispered into his ear by one of his so-called clones.

Feeling drowsiness hit him like a sledgehammer, Henson went down, causing all his clones to vanish, except one.

That one clone caught Henson, "Xeoretee Expo."

The canceling turned the Henson clone back into Kyle, before he looked over to Miss.Starburn, with determination burning in his eyes.

Miss.Starburn understood then that Kyle was the top dog in the class for a reason, he was very determined to be the best. Her eyes then went to the asleep Henson, thinking he had great potential if he could keep calm, he didn't seem to do well when the thought of losing goes into his head.

Otherwise, he would of known how to detect Kyle and stopped from all of that happening. Sadly, the fight wasn't as entertaining as she was hoping for. Just means there is a lot more to teach these children than both she and them thought.

"Yentiyee Killamele," magic words left her lips, causing Henson to levitate out of Kyle's arms and started coming towards her, out of the ring.

Kyle strolled out, before having a seat, waiting for the expected results to come.


Stepped forward were the two more normal students stepped forward, this continued for a while with the normal staff. Since there was more of them then the top students, the only student that didn't have a match yet, was Cindy. Whose main focus was not getting wet.

Miss.Starburn couldn't help but swish her finger a little causing a small hole to form in Cindy's rain barrier.

Feeling a slightly chill down her spine, Cindy looked around, making eye contact with Miss.Starburn. Confused on the odd smile on her face, she just turned away, not liking this teacher much anyway.

That's when she felt something off, her scalp felt a wetness that shouldn't exist, feeling her head, she felt water. Was her magic spell acting up? Panicking at the inclination of herself getting wet by the downpour, she quickly checked her rain barrier, to find a very small crack.

Odd, that shouldn't even be possible, it was as if someone caused damage to it, but it only stops rain, so how could someone damage it?

Her eyes went back to Miss.Starburn, whose eyes were back onto the current match.

Realizing her thoughts were unnatural she shuck her head, knowing she was being overly suspicious like Kyle, currently. She must not have put enough magic power into her spell so it was deforming on her. It has never happened before but it was the only plausible explanation.

Holding her laugh in at Cindy's ever changing expressions. Miss.Starburn tried her best to keep her attention on the student's match.

'Very professional', she warned herself, knowing that any other teacher, wouldn't have done that.

Eyes back to the match, she noticed it was coming to an end, before she called in the next students.

Continuing at this pace to get all the normal students through before she went to Cindy and her opponent, and whoever won that, would fight Kyle. Then the winner would be able to challenge her. Thinking up a sneaky plan, she called over Eve to her, to have a 'innocent' chat.

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