The Girl With the Eyes

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Home Cooking

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Submitted: March 20, 2015



Louise watched her father enter the house first before she followed behind, the silence was almost suffocating.

"Your brother's won't be coming back anytime soon, even Paul went out a moment ago." Her father spoke after having a look at his phone once more before turning it off.

She couldn't help but sigh a breath of relief to hear those words, clearly not wanting to ruin their day out and she knew she would have to apologize to Jane when she sees her next time.

But still no words left Louise's mouth, she continued to follow her father up the stairs and into a room other than her own. As he opened the door, the inside was the exact same as a private hospital room but more of a appealing looking bed in the corner, "get changed first, please." Their eyes never met as he held the door open for her and she then began to get changed into her pajamas.

Listening to her father, she lied down in the bed before he put a IV drip needle in her arm and gave her a plastic cup with water and then a few tables along with it. All different shapes and colors, she gave up long ago at remembering the names and what they were actually for and just swallowed them down with the help of the water.

Taking her blind glasses off her face, he put them to the white desk at the side of the bed. Before fixing the covers around her body to keep her warm, he was very careful when it came to her.

Looking down at her face, her father let out a long and depressed sigh, "I'm not angry anymore so please don't pull that expression anymore..."

Finally their eyes met as she looked up to him, she wondered what expression she was showing but she couldn't figure the answer out, "can I ask you something?" A question suddenly appeared.

"Of course you can."

Hesitation was clearly shown for a moment after hearing his reply, "is it bad to use my eyes for others even though it might kill me?"

Her question struck a cord in her father, he never thought he would hear her acknowledge her circumstances with such a straight face. He saw no fear or wavering feelings in her eyes but he didn't like hearing those words, the idea of a short life isn't something to take lightly. But he knew she didn't but he only wished she wasn't so kind as to use it for others. But that part of her is what made her, her so he wiped that wish away in a instant.


The tone of his voice shot a arrow through her heart, "s-sorry..." She quickly turned her head away, knowing her question had hurt him and she wasn't surprised why.

Pulling a stool over, he took a seat and laid both of his hands on the hand that stuck out of the covers with the IV needle in, "don't be sorry." Louise finally turned to look at him again and felt warmth from his smile, "you're too much like your mother..." He commented, feeling the warm resemblance between his wife and daughter.

Louise finally smiled, "finally." Her father touched the side of her face, feeling relieved to finally see her pull that expression.

She knew she had made him and everyone else worry so she didn't smile but not smiling was the main cause of making them worry, which she finally found out. Feeling stupid was only the start of it for her right now.

Pulling her free left hand out of the covers, she laid it palm-up on her forehead seeming to be in deep thought for a moment, "I wonder if I can surprise everyone when they get home..."

Hearing her words brought a even bigger smile on his face, feeling calmer than before, "I'm sure whatever you do, everyone would be happy."

That moment, Louise shot up, "phone!" She stuck her hand out, confusing her father before he slowly passed his phone to her.

As soon as she got her phone, she texted away for a bit before putting her phone down, "I need a favor!" Meeting her father's eyes with a confident and determined expression on her face.

Covering his mouth with his left hand in a fist, he slightly laughed to her sudden change of expressions and attitude, "sure, what do you have in mind?" He went along with it.


Later on, the front door opened, "we're home! Everyone is with us like you asked, Louise!" Chris was the first to come in, with his girlfriend Andrea behind followed with Leo, Jane and some of Leo's friends as they walked in. Paul was entering through the gate as they were entering so Jane kept the door open for him.

As they all entered the hallway, a sweet smell clogged their noises and caused their bellies to growl, embarrassment spread, "guess we should of eaten..." Leo said awkwardly with a silly grin on his face.

Everyone couldn't help but laugh, "no need." They turned to the kitchen door frame to see the father leaning out slightly, "Louise has a surprise," just after he said those words, he went back into the kitchen.

Confused and curious by his words, everyone walked into the kitchen and soon were surprised from what they saw, "L-Louise?" Chris, Leo and Paul synced with their word when they saw it.

"Yes?" Turning around to them in the kitchen was Louise with a bright smile, a frilly pink apron on and her hair tied up. She had rolled up her pajama sleeves third of the way up to not get any stains on them with a bowl and whisk in hand, she seemed to have been baking. The clear signs of flour on her face was a big sign to their conclusion.

Seeing as there were only six chairs in here, "while Louise finishes, everyone follow me into the front room." Paul allowed his father to continue to keep an eye on Louise as he navigated everyone into the front room which was much bigger and had enough seats on the long "L" shaped couch and other chairs to fit everyone and even some extra room.

Conversations started and everyone got to know each other while they still questioned what came over Louise so quickly, "she would be a great bride." One of Leo's friends commented, daydreaming of seeing a day Louise being a homemaker in her pink frilly apron.

A sudden tap hit his shoulder, "what...?" One of his friends got his attention, to the dark atmosphere that emitted from Louise's brothers, even Leo who was his friends, "uh-oh..." Over protective older brother's with a sister-complex, he realized that was what there were, "I'm joking!" He quickly tried to pass it off as a joke and get rid of the heavy atmosphere which Jane quickly helped with.

Paul nudged Leo while they sat next to each other on the couch, getting Leo's attention, "so that's the girl you like, how cute." He whispered in Leo's ear, guessing after seeing how Leo was looking at Jane while she talked with everyone else.

Blushing at Paul's words, Leo quickly tried to deny it but he soon realized he was digging his own grave from overreacting to Paul's words. It only got worse when Paul smiled at him from his panicked reactions, so for a while, Leo was unable to make eye contact with Jane without turning his head away.

Soon, Louise came out with the apron still one and plates in hand, her father followed behind with plates in his hands as well, "here~" Smiling cheerfully, as soon as she and her father put the plates down, he slid her blind glasses on quickly before she made eye contact with anyone again. It confused them but they never questioned it.

"Here's the cutlery," her father put the cutlery down and soon met eyes with Andrea, "Andrea, right? Chris' girlfriend?" He said with a charming smile, she couldn't help but blush as she nodded her head, "Chris is lucky to have you."

Chris pulled her closer to him, giving his father the stink eye to stop pulling that sales smile at his girlfriend, it made everyone laugh and Andrea only blushed more.

Everyone then looked to the table in the center, "wow!" They all shared the same expressions and words of surprise to see home made pizza with plain and others with different toppings, "y-you made this?!" Everyone looked to Louise.

Becoming embarrassed, she turned her head away and gave a simple nod, "I-I'll go and get the plates!" She quickly ran out of the room.

"Cute." All her family said at once with a proud smile smeared on their faces.

Louise soon came back in with plates and passed them out, "oh napkins...!" She was about to run out again but pulled with both her wrists that Paul and Leo held, they pulled her into a pace between them.

"Time to eat!" They shouted, bringing a smile on Louise's face as she joined them.

They continued to talk non-stop with moments when Paul would wipe off the flour from her face and Leo would serve her the pizza, "sister-complex..." They all thought at once.

Jane soon stood up and moved Leo along to sit next to Louise, "you all get to see her everyday already!" She pouted, sticking close to Louise.

"Jane..." Louise looked to her, slightly surprised but then she remembered, "sorry for what happened today..."

Seeing Louise's expression squeezed Jane's heart, "cute!" She shouted as she suddenly hugged Louise close, "I'll eat you up if you pull a face like that!" Jane slowly let go of Louise and pinched her cheek until Louise would smile back at her.

Leo raised his head noticing Paul was trying to get this attention, 'Who you mostly jealous of between these two?' He moved his lips, allowing Leo to read them.

"Idiot..." Leo moved his mouth to get Paul to lip read as well, before turning his head away to only get smirks from everyone else in the room who also noticed. Causing him to turn his head away once again, he was running out of places to turn his head to.

Finally everyone had finished, "desert anyone?" Louise got up and cleaned up with Jane helping her by choice.

"Desert?" Chris asked.

Nodding her head, "I tried making red velvet cake, mother's favorite..." She blushed.

Her family's ears twitched slightly from her words, soon bringing warm smiles on their faces from recalling the past, "I'll help!" Andrea suddenly jumped up and helped, leading all the girls to take the plates into the kitchen and leaving the guys alone.

"That reminds me Leo," one of Leo's friends caught his attention, "I've been to your house before but I've never seen your sister before." He realized, but they all agreed, they have came numbers of times and seen everyone here but not Louise until now.

That one question got to all four of them, the father never answered and Chris looked to Paul, who in turn looked to Leo, "well..."

"I've been in the hospital." They all looked to the kitchen's entrance to see Louise standing there with new plates for everyone.

"Oh, must of been in there longer than a year then, hope you are feeling better now," another friend of Leo's said with a smile.

"Yes, much longer."

She put the plates down and went back into the kitchen, her words somehow made a awkward atmosphere. Leo's friends quickly looked to Leo again, completely confused and unsure on what this feeling was but Leo said nothing.

Jane and Andrea asked Louise if she was alright, even they could tell something was off from her last answer but she simply smiled and reassured them otherwise. Jane listened and then began decorating the rest of the cake before Andrea put it on a cake tray and cut it into even pieces, there was more pieces for everyone to even take a extra piece home and still have a few left over.

Before long, they finally took out the desert and served the cake before they continued the happy atmosphere and everyone tried to forget the scene from before, for Louise's and her family's sake.

It was getting late, Louise had wrapped extra slices in tin foil for everyone to take home, "do you cook regularly, Louise?" Andrea asked, she took a liking to Louise after getting to know her better.

Louise shuck her head, "first time I've cooked my entire life so I'm happy you all enjoyed it." Her smile warmed their hearts, gave them the itch to hug her which in the end Andrea and Jane jumped in to hug her, squeezing her tight.

As soon as they let go of her, Leo's friends came closer and grabbed her hands with smiles on their faces, "marry me." They all said at once, resulting in a confused Louise and pain in the back of their skulls from Leo whacking them.

Laughing at everyone, Louise soon waved goodbye with her family and as soon as they walked away, she shut the door and re-entered the front room to clean up with the help of her family, "thanks for everything..." Louise said, a cute expression showed on her face as she walked into the kitchen to clean up in there as well.

Her family were completely happy with the results, it had all turned out better than they thought but soon thoughts of earlier today came in. They weren't sure who those guy's where who were following her but they knew one person who could answer them which was Harry, but they never spoke a word and their father also decided to leave it up to his sons and not to get involved in matters with children.

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