A Firefighter's Baby

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Chapter Eleven

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Submitted: September 20, 2012



Chapter Eleven

“How’d it go, Char?” Mom asked as I walked through the front room tugging off my jacket. “You two all set for tomorrow?” I looked back at Kellan as he pulled Jamie out of her car seat gently.

“Jamie is growing well. They want me to continue breast feeding her and giving her the bottle. They cleaned her for the flights. I have the note incase anything happens.” I put the diaper bag down on the floor. We just got back from Jamie’s two week check-up. I took Jamie to the doctor for a checkup a couple days after she was born and they put her on a diet of some formula as well as me breast feeding her.

“That’s good.” Mom smiled walking into the room. I smiled at her taking the cup of tea she handed me.

“How did your appointment go?” Kellan kissed my head as he walked into the kitchen to make a bottle for Jamie who was lounging in his arms.

“They want me to get a CAT scan when I get back to Cali to make sure my fall didn’t cause any long turn damage.” I shrugged. “Otherwise I got my stitches removed.” I took a sip of my tea.

“Baby can you help me?” I smiled walking into the kitchen to see the formula spilled on the counter.

“Let me do it.” I laughed at him as I made the bottle for him. “Go sit down. I’ll much us lunch. We need to talk about what we are going to do when we get back to California.” He kissed me gently before going back into the living room. I made sandwiches as my mom came into the room.

“I have to get going. Will you two be alright? I won’t be long.” I nodded at her.

“Thank you Mom.” I hugged her. “Go, we’ll be okay.” She gave me a kiss on the head before walking out. I took the sandwiches and grabbed us two bottles of water. I walked into the living room and sat down on the chair as Kellan put Jamie in her bouncer. “Did she drink it?” He showed me the bottle.

“Not much, but I’m sure she’ll want some later on.” I nodded handing him the sandwich. I took a deep breath. “We have to figure out what we are going to do.”

“I know.” I picked at the crust on my bread. “I’m just nervous about this all.” He cocked his head taking a bite of his.

“Of what?” I sighed.

“That we’re going to go back and everything is going to change. That something is going to happen and we aren’t going to be close.” I looked up at him from my food. “I want our daughter to grow up in a happy household.”

“I don’t want to lose you two.” I blinked at him.

“I would never take her away from you, Kellan. She’s your baby too. I couldn’t do that to you.” He nodded.

“I know, Char. I can’t lose you. I still love you.” I looked at Jamie as she lay quietly snuggled in the blanket around her.

“I don’t want this to end. Us being a family.” I sighed before running a hand through my hair. He took a sip of his water.

“We can live in my house. You can make the nursery, designer to your taste.” I bit my lip. “You can even redesign the entire house if you don’t like it. I want to be there for everything. Just like we’ve been doing now, I don’t want it to end. I want us under one roof. I want to be there when my daughter grows up. I want to watch her.” I nodded at him as I fought the tears.

“I’m not trying to take her away from you.” I covered my mouth as I yawned. Kellan ran a hand through his hair.

“I know you don’t want to.” He stood up and pulled me to him.

“Come live me. My two favorite girls living with me; we can have dinner every night. We’ll be a family.” I kissed him.

“Okay. We’ll move in with you.” His face broke into a grin as he picked me up and spun me around in circles. I squealed and held onto him tightly.

“Ah! Kellan!” I giggled smacking him. He put me down. He took my face into his hands and kissed me passionately on the lips.

“Thank you.” He whispered as he pulled back. Jamie gave a cry moving her arms.

“Oh come to Mommy.” I pulled her little body out of the bouncer. Kellan gave me another kiss as he picked up his phone. We have our tickets to fly back tomorrow as the Firehouse needs Kellan back now as they lost a firefighter to college two states over.

“I’m going to call my parents.” He kissed Jamie’s head as he dialed. “Thank you, Charlotte, for making my day.” I gave Jamie her bottle as she whimpered and stared up at me.

“I just don’t want your daddy to screw up again and both of us are on the other end of it.” I sighed. “He can hurt me all he wants but he doesn’t you, Baby.” She moved her hands to rub at her eyes. “I won’t let him.” I leaned back turning on the TV to watch. “Not for you.” I sighed pulling the blanket over me……..

I stared at the airport holding onto Jamie’s car seat tightly. “It’s going to be okay, Lottie.” I looked at Dad before looking down at Jamie sucked on her pacifier.

“Are you sure you called to make sure we got a baby bassinet?” I asked Kellan biting my lip.

“I called before we left again, Char. They said we have to book it when we get here.” I nodded. I knew that, it was the fourth time I asked. It’s a long flight from New Hampshire to California. We were stopping off in Charlotte, North Carolina then in Denver, Colorado then finally into San Diego, California. We were going to be in the air and in airports all day. That’s why we are here now, at 5 o’clock in the morning. I yawned as I put Jamie down to hug my parents.

“Thank you for everything.” I hugged Mom first before Dad.

“We’ll come visit. We’ll see our Grandbaby again.” She kissed my cheek. “I love you Lottie. Call, I expect pictures too!”

“Love you too Mom.” Dad pulled me in and squeezed me tight.

“I love you Lottie. I’m always here when you need me. I’ll fly out in a heartbeat.” He kissed my head. “I’m not good at good-byes.” He laughed wiping his eyes.

“I love you too Dad.” I smiled as my mom hugged Kellan. I picked up Jamie as she made a baby noise as the sun come into her eyes.

“We should get going to book everything.” I said wiping my eyes. Mom waved at us as they went to the car to go to work.

“We’ll see them soon.” Kellan said kissing my head making a face at Jamie as I put her car seat on the stroller. I just bought everything and I’m not buying it all again so we’re going to see what we can do. This isn’t a big airport. Dad is shipping us her pack and play, highchair, and bouncer.

“I know.” I smiled at him.

“I’ll go confirm our tickets and the bassinet. Why don’t you go sit down?” He kissed me. “I’ll only take a minute.” I made my way towards one of the benches and sitting down. I doubled checked the diaper bag making sure I have everything we’re going to need to fly all day. We had enough formula to last us two days, I have a pump in the bag just in case we don’t use the formula and I don’t breast feed. Kellan had both our bags with him to check in. I closed the bag looking at Jamie as she looked around the place. I’m trying to keep all the germs away from her as I pulled the hood up so she was just looking at the fabric and me. “Alright, we are all booked. The women I talked to this morning must have pulled a couple strings because we already have the bassinet ready. The bags are all checked in. We just need to get through airport security and we’re good.” He smiled at me.

“Let’s get this over with.” I pulled a face making him smile as we made our way over. Jamie started to fuss as we got in line for security. Once we got there Jamie started to cry making me take her out of the car seat and everyone turns to look at us annoyed.

“What’s wrong?” Kellan asked looking at her.

“She needs a change.” One of the TSA agents walked over to us.

“Come with me.” Kellan put the bag in the car seat and pushed the stroller as I tried to calm Jamie down. We were taken to an empty aisle. The TSA agent nodded at us to continue to put our stuff to get checked and everything. We got through quickly the agent helping us the whole why, telling us how to travel with an infant. Another agent checked our stroller so it would be on our flight. I smiled thanking them. I went to the bathroom and changed Jamie’s diaper.

“Are you ready to go home?” Kellan asked as our flight was called. I looked at him.

“Yeah, I’m ready.” I kissed him as we stood up. “Here is the start to the rest of our lives.” I smiled at him.


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