A Firefighter's Baby

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Chapter Twelve

Submitted: September 25, 2012

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Submitted: September 25, 2012



Chapter Twelve

“Excited to be back home?” Kellan asked as the plane finally touched down in California. I rocked Jamie as she suckled on her pacifier.

“It’s much warmer, but I’m going to miss my parents.” I sighed as we were allowed off the plane first, thanks to the little one squirming in my arms begging for my boobies.

“You’ll see them again soon.” Kellan rubbed my back as we walked off the plane. I nodded stroking the back of Jamie’s head as she lay on my shoulder.

“I know.” I smiled weakly as Kellan’s phone buzzed in his pocket. “How are we getting home?” I asked as he answered the text message.

“I left my truck here so we’ll just take that back to the house.” He smiled at me. “Home. That sounds great.” I smiled back at him.

“I was thinking about her nursery.” Kellan looked at me as we got to his truck.

“You have?” I nodded putting Jamie in the car seat in the back of the pick-up. I got into the front of the truck pulling my seatbelt on.

“I was first thinking of yellow but then I changed my mind. I want it pink, but not too much pink.” Kellan shook his head at me as he pulled out. “What?”

“You just sounded so girly at that moment. Oh a little bit a pink is good.” He said in an extremely high voice trying to mock me. He dodged my smack. “Oh look at that butterfly. Oh it’s just so pretty I could cry!” The highness of his voice just sounded so weird compared to his husky voice. I smacked him again. “Hey no smacking the driver.” He laughed at me. I shook my head but couldn’t fight the giggle that escaped.

“I’m serious. We need to talk the nursery.” Kellan smiled at me as he looked both ways before turning onto a street.

“I already told you I don’t care. Whatever you want her room to look like, it will look like. As long as my girls are living with me, I don’t care.” I smiled at him leaning back in the seat.

“Are you always sweet? Or did you get a romance implant?” He gave me one of the Kellan famous looks as he rolled his eyes.

“I’m always this sweet. You mustn’t have noticed.” I looked out the window as we pulled up into this cute little neighborhood. I watched the houses around us as we pulled into a dead end street, into a little cul-de-sac.

“You live in here?” I asked him as he pulled up into the drive way of the cutest house.

“Well, here we are.” I stared at this little yellow brick house with a little porch. The windows were placed perfectly so they shined in the late sun. “Oh Kellan.” The lawn was cut to match its neighbors. The flowers going around the base of the house went flawlessly into the walkway leading to the driveway were we stood.

“What do you think?” I blinked at him in shock. “I, uh, I bought it a little after you told me you were pregnant. Will lives down the street and told me this one was for sale. So I bought it.” I turned to look at him. “I wanted a house that we could raise our daughter in. This just looked perfect.” He turned to me. “Charlotte say something.” I took his face into my hands and kissed him hard on the mouth. He pulled back. “You like it?”

“Oh Kellan it’s beautiful.” I whispered. “It’s perfect. Just what I imagined.”

“I tried to remember from when we were younger what you wanted in your first house. I couldn’t remember if I got it.” I smiled at him stroking his cheek. “It looks better on the inside. Come on.” He turned the car off opening his door. I opened the door going around getting Jamie’s car seat. “Come on!” He grinned at me. Jamie whimpered before putting her hand into her mouth.

“I’m coming.” I laughed at him as I moved around the truck to follow him. He wrapped his arm around me.

“We have two spots in the garage; we can put in the truck and your car when you pick it up from my parents.” He smiled at me wrapping his arm around me. “Come on, in we go.” He pulled out his keys unlocking the door. “Welcome home, Girls.” He smiled at me taking my hand in his pulling me into the house.

“Oh wow.” I gasped as he took me into the great room. “This house is breathtaking.” I smiled at him putting the car seat against the couch. It looked like a designer came in. The walls were a warm color making me feel right at home. I ran my fingers over the cool leather of the couch. “Who picked this all out?” I asked him unhooking Jamie and pulling her out.

“Who says I didn’t pick it out?” He asked me running a hand through his loose hair. I raised my eyebrow at him giving him a skeptical look. “Will’s wife might have helped me a tad bit.” I raised the other eyebrow. “Okay she helped me with pretty much all of it. I just paid for it.” I watched the blush creep up his cheeks.

“She did an amazing job.” I smiled looking around the house. There were pictures on the walls of Kellan’s family and some of his friends. There was a table in the foyer with a picture from a party with his entire family and me. I smiled thinking of all the old times when we were a family living under the same roof, now we’re a family with our little girl.

“I’m glad you like it.” He smiled at me pulling me into a hug kissing me gently. “If you don’t like anything, Baby, we’ll change it. This is your house too now.” I smiled at him as Jamie moved her fist shaking it. “Yeah Baby, Mommy’s house too.” He smiled at her kissing her head as the house phone started to ring.

“Go get the phone, Rock Star.” Kellan gave me a lopsided smile.

“Go look around.” He ran off to go grab the phone in kitchen as I walked upstairs to look around at the bedrooms. I walked up smiling at the pictures as I walked into the hall. I found the master bedroom easily. It’s beautiful, neutral colors with a king size bed in the middle. I glanced into the spare room, a blue room with everything based on the wallpaper around it. I walked to the other room and smiled.

“Look baby.” I rubbed Jamie’s back gently. “This is going to be your room. We’re going to make it perfect.” Jamie whimpered as I walked around the empty room.

“Okay Mom. I promise. I love you too.” Kellan smiled at me. “Okay I’ll ask.” He rolled his eyes. “You up for dinner at my parents? They have a crib we can use till the pack and play gets here.” He shrugged. “I can go just pick it up if you don’t want.”

“They want to meet they’re new grandbaby.” I smiled at him. “I want a shower, but I’m up for dinner.” I rubbed Jamie’s back as she sucked on her hand again.

“We’ll be over in a little while.” He took Jamie from me. “Alright. Bye Ma.” He hung up the phone putting it in his pocket. “Go shower. Ella put some of your things in the guest room. The rest is in my parent’s garage.” I nodded walking towards the room grabbing an outfit for dinner. I walked downstairs to get my things for the shower. The mail was on the counter.

“Baby what should I change Jamie into?” Kellan called. I went through the letters curious as to what he could be getting.

“Do you see the yellow dress?” I called back to him as I found a folded up letter in the mix. I opened it. It was two pages. One of them mine, my letter from before I left for New Hampshire. The next wasn’t. It was a letter from another woman. I put it down covering my eyes. Who could be sending him a letter? Guilt started to build in my stomach for going through his mail. But it was just sitting here right? So it’s okay. We’re together. Kellan’s said it, this is my house too. I’m living here too with our daughter.

Did it give me the right to look at this piece of paper? What if Kellan is only with me because of Jamie? No, he wouldn’t do that…would he? I opened my eyes to peek at the letter sitting on the counter. I bit my lip. I reached my hand towards the letter only to pull it back. No. No, I shouldn’t do this. I shouldn’t be doing this. This is Kellan’s privacy. But what if something’s wrong. I need to know that. No, if something’s wrong, Kellan would tell me. I shook my head my mind beating my heart. I pick up the letter reading it quickly. I dropped it quickly, covering my mouth with my hand as I closed my eyes.


Where are you, Baby? I miss you! Call me Sugar!

Love you Doll,



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