A Firefighter's Baby

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Chapter Fifteen

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Submitted: October 22, 2012



Chapter Fifteen

“What’s going on?” I asked Kellan as Will put Jamie in her car seat and bottle fed her from there.

“Yeah, Kellan what the fuck is going on?” She glared at him. I looked at him as he looked back and forth between the two of us.

“I have nothing to say to you, Kimberly.” He turned to me. “Char.” I shook my head.

“Nothing to say to me? Really? You rather talk to this whore than me?” I picked up Jamie’s diaper bag putting it over my shoulder.

“Enough Kimmy!” Kellan shouted at her.

“I will not stop until you talk to me!” She growled at him walking over pulling on Kellan’s arm. “You can’t just leave randomly and not tell me, then expect me to not care.” I shook my head. I knew it.

“Charlotte.” He whispered to me as I rubbed my forehead.

“I’m talking to you dammit! ANSWER ME!” Kellan ignored her reaching for me. I pulled back shaking my head. “Why are you ignoring me for that home wrecker?” She screeched at him posting him. I watched Jamie spit out her bottle as she started to scream, the loud noise hurting her ears.

“Charlotte, please, talk to me.” I took the bottle from Will putting the top on. I shoved it into the bag.

“Stop talking to her! She’s just a man stealing whore.” Kimmy pulled at Kellan’s arm trying to get his attention. “The baby probably isn’t even yours! She’s a stupid whore. We were perfect.”

“SHUT UP!” Kellan yelled at her as I buckled Jamie in picking up the car seat. “Charlotte please, answer me.” I shook my head.

“I don’t have anything to say to you.” I wiped my eyes roughly. I walked past Kimmy as she glared at me.

“Home wrecking whore.” She huffed as I walked out the rest of the firefighters in the room silently pitying me. I walked to the truck putting Jamie in the back as she screamed.

“Shhh, Mommy’s here.” I whispered rubbing her belly picking up her bottle. She whimpered as I put her ducky blanket in her arms. I put the pacifier into her mouth as I buckled the car seat in. “We’re going home. Mommy will figure out something to do.” I smiled weakly at her wiping my eyes again. “Everything is going to be okay.” She stared at me blinking as I sighing getting out.

“You okay to drive back?” I looked over at Will as I clothed the door to the truck. He ran a hand through his hair.

“Yeah, I’m okay.” He gave me a sad look. I shook my head. “I’m not okay.” I walked into his arms as I started to cry.

“I’m sorry, Sweetheart.” He sighed rubbing my back. “It’s going to be okay.” I shook my head as I cried into his shirt as quietly as I could.

“What am I going to do?” Will sighed.

“You have to do what’s best for you right now. Jamie needs her mother, and you need to be happy.” He wiped away the tears on my cheeks. “You can deal with him later. For now, it’s you two.” I sniffled wiping my nose.

“I don’t want to take her away from him.” Will shook his head.

“I never said to take her away from him. You need to think of the two of you right now. Kellan is an ass for what he did.” I took a deep breath. “You need to think of what is best for you and the baby.” I nodded.

“Thank you.” He rubbed my back.

“Do you want me to drive you home?” I shook my head.

“I can do it.” I wiped my face with my sleeve. “Thank you.” I smiled at him as I opened the truck’s door.

“You have my number. Call me if you need anything.” I smiled at him.

“Thank you.” I got in the truck turning it on and pulling out of the parking lot. I pulled into the driveway of the house. “Come on Baby, in we go.” I pulled Jamie’s car seat out of the truck. I unlocked the door putting the car seat down. “Stay here.” I smiled at her as I watched her eyes get heavy. “My little baby.” I got the bags out of the truck putting them in the great room. I put Jamie in her swing in the front room with the baby monitor next to the floor. I took the bags up, folding the sheets and putting them in the hallway closet. I put the toys in the closet in the room. I had everything set up and ready for tomorrow when the furniture was to be delivered. When I finished I leaned against the wall sliding down the wall. I folded my arms leaning my forehead on them as I sighed. What am I going to do?.....

I had my bag packed and ready when the front door opened. Kellan put his bag by the door taking off his boots. “Char, I’m back.” I took a deep breath as I fought the emotion that wanted to come out.

“In here.” I took a quick deep breath as Kellan walked into the room. I gave him a sad look when his eyes fell onto our bags. The color drained from his face.

“Charlotte.” I wiped my eye nodding to the chair.

“We need to talk.” He sat down across from me. The color didn’t come back to his face as he ran a hand over face as the tears formed in his eyes. “I think it’s best if me and the baby go stay somewhere else for a little while.” I watched every emotion go through his eyes as he stared at me.

“Please, Charlotte.” I closed my eyes at I fought back the tears.

“I can’t, Kellan. I know you’re a great Dad. But I can’t. I really can’t.” He pulled at the hair on the back of his head as the tears rolled down his face. “How long were you with her?” I bit my lip. “How long were you with her, when you were with me?”

“I wasn’t, I didn’t.” He shook his head.

“Answer me, Kellan. I need the truth.” I pulled at the sleeves of my hoodie as I looked at our sleeping daughter. “I need the truth.” My voice cracked as I put my hand over my mouth as I felt the tears rolling down my cheeks.

“We dated on and off since I met her back when I first started at the Fire House. She’s, uh, one of the guys sister.” He shook his head. “It sex most of the time. I didn’t want more, but if didn’t go into a relationship with her. We got into a fight the day of the party. I thought we were done, I guess she didn’t.” I shook my head as I fought the sobs. “I went back,” He shook his head. “I got back together with her a little while later.” I squeezed my eyes closed as the tears blurred my vision. “I’m sorry.”

“You cheated on her,” I took a gasping breath, “with me?” He rubbed his forehead. That was my answer. To her I am a home wrecking whore. I shook my head. “What about when you came to New Hampshire? What about then?”

“I told her I was done. That you were pregnant and I was going to be a father. I said I was leaving.”

“What did she say?” He took a deep breath.

“She called you terrible names that I can’t even repeat. She said that Jamie probably wasn’t even mine.” I ran a hand through my hair. “She said I should just wait for her to be born and get a paternity test.” I shook my head as the dam broke and the tears just fell down my face.

“What did you say to that, to getting a paternity test?” He closed his eyes shaking his head. “Tell me.” I said loudly making him open his eyes. They were blood shot, there was little white left.

“I went to tell you that I wanted a paternity test.” I stared at him as my chest felt heavy.

“You didn’t trust me? You didn’t believe me?” He looked down. “I can’t believe you, would, do that.” I looked at him in horror. I couldn’t even find the words to say to him. I was flabbergasted. I was hurt.

“Charlotte, I,” I shook my head silencing him.

“When did you decide that I wasn’t a whore?” I glared at him. “When did you think that maybe Jamie was yours?”

“Charlotte it wasn’t like that.” I shook my head.

“No, it was. It is. Kellan, you cheated on her with me! You didn’t even believe that she was yours. How can I trust you?” He put his head in his hands. “What you do to me is one thing but you denied Jamie. And that hurts the most.” I shook my head standing up.

“Charlotte.” He didn’t know what to say.

“Do you still want a paternity test?” He looked up at me as I put the last bag of clothes on my shoulder, the rest already in my car.

“No, I don’t.” I picked up Jamie’s car seat.

“I’ll call you. We’ll figure out visitation.” I wiped my eyes. I tried to be strong but my voice cracked.

“Please don’t leave me.” He whispered as I handed him my key.

“Good-bye, Kellan.” I said quietly kissing his forehead. I walking out of the room leaving Kellan and the life we had behind me…..


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