A Firefighter's Baby

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - Chapter Twenty-Three

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Submitted: December 26, 2012



Chapter Twenty-Three

“Marry you?” I gaped at him as he leaned back and closed his eyes.

“I’m going to marry you. We’re going to have a small wedding. Jamie’s going to be in it. I can tell. You would want her in it.” He turned his head opening his eyes to look at me. “It’ll be beautiful, just like you.”

“Are you sure?” He nodded leaning his head on my shoulder.

“More sure then I have been of anything in my whole life.” He whispered kissing my head. “I love you so much, Char.” He snuggled his head into me. “You’re just so comfortable.”

“You want to get married.” I sighed blinking. He looked up at me lifting his hand to stroke my cheek.

“What about it is hurting that pretty little head?” He asked seating up groaning. “Ow, warn me next time to not do that.” I smiled weakly at him.

“Are you really ready to get married? Don’t you think we are a little young?” He smiled at me.

“We were young to have a baby, Baby.” He ran a finger under my eye stroking the bag. “We are doing great. Well when we aren’t in the hospital.” He smirked. “But almost losing you made me think about it and buy the ring. This, this is making me want to run to city and just have you as my wife.” He closed his eyes. “I can’t lose you. I just got you back. I want to grow old together with our grandkids running around the front lawn while we sit in our rockers.” He stroked my hairline. “All these near death experiences are making me see all my wrongs that I’ve done. All of the pain that I’ve brought onto you and Jamie. Now I need to make up for all of it. I have to.” I looked up at him.

“You feel like you have to make up for it?” He shrugged.

“I just want to feel like I don’t owe you something. That’s not why I asked you to marry me, Charlotte. I asked you to marry me because I love you more than life itself.” He smiled at me.

“The past is in the past. It needs to be kept in the past.” I ran my hand over his stubbly cheek. “You made it up to me already. I forgive you. You just got to forgive yourself. I already did.” He sighed.

“The past is the past.” I nodded.

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present.” He smiled before taking a deep breath.

“Charlotte, will you marry me?” He whispered in my ear. I took his face in my hands and kissed him.

“Yes.” I smiled at him. “We’re going to get married.” I giggled snuggling up closer to him.

“You’re ring is back at the house. I’ll have to give it to you at another time.” He smiled as the doctor walked in.

“Good Morning Kids.” He smiled at us. “How are you both feeling?”

“I’m feeling loads better. I think I can go home now.” Kellan smiled at the doctor. He nodded.

“That’s good. I can deal with that. We talked about this before.” He nodded at him. The doctor turned his eyes to me. “And you Charlie?”

“I feel better. Not as tired.” The doctor nodded putting down the charts and walking over to the cabinet in here.

“That’s good. Your mother called before and asked how you were. I told her you were sleeping and I felt it was necessary that I didn’t wake you up. She agreed.” I nodded watching as he pulled out a little bottle of something and put a needle into it.

“Your Mom calls the hospital?” Kellan asked as the doctor walked over with the needle.

“You are used to these so come on give me your arm.” He rolled his eyes playfully shaking his head. I reluctantly gave it to him as he gave me a shot. “That should do it.” He took my empty IV out of my hand making me wince.

“What was the shot for?” Kellan asked looked at the bottle as it was put away by a nurse. The doctor looked at me.

“Shoo, shoo. You two talk while I go get the discharge papers.” I nodded weakly at him not wanting to do this but knowing I have to.

“Charlotte?” He asked the concern clouding his eyes again. “Is something wrong?” I bit my lip.

“I’m pregnant.” I twiddled my thumb nervously in my lap. “Please don’t be mad. I didn’t mean to.” I sat up turning my back to him. “I really didn’t.”

“Char.” I blinked the tears away to look at him. He smiled at me. “I’m not mad.” My heart gave me an unexpected jolt.

“You’re not?” He shook his head.

“No. I figured I was going to have another baby with you. We make amazing babies.” He winked. “I thought we would have waited but I’m happy. I can’t wait.” His smile grew bigger. “Another baby. We’ll get to design another nursery. We can change the spare room into it. I can move the furniture into the room above the garage.” He had a thoughtful look.

“Just imagine in a couple of years they’ll be running around the house.” He tugged at my shirt wanting me to lay back down with him.

“That’s your job to deal with Mommy.” I pulled a face at him as he winked. I kissed him as the doctor walked back into the room.


We decided to have a family dinner over at ours to welcome a crippled Kellan home. Poor thing was all banged up and I had to help him everywhere. The sad part is since he now knows I’m pregnant, he doesn’t want me doing anything like that. Lose-lose situation here. Stubborn man was in agony and wouldn’t even let me help him. Men, I tell you. Maddy is bringing something over as I got ready. I could hear the sound of Kellan snoring on the couch with Jamie, who is now asleep on his chest. My mom was right here next to me helping me get ready. “Happy to have him home?” She asked as we put the plates out on the table.

“Yeah. It really is great to just know he is awake from his coma.” Kellan gave a loud snore making me giggle. “Well mostly.” Kellan only snores when he is extremely tired or when he isn’t feeling well. I’m going on the latter of the two for this situation. My poor sick baby.

“I’m glad you’re happy.” She smiled at me. “I always thought you and Kellan would end up together. It was just one of those feelings.” I smiled at her.

“I always loved him, Mom. Now it’s really happening. He’s really my boyfriend.” I smiled as I put glasses by the plates.

“I’m happy for you, Sweetheart.” She cooed as Maddy and Bob came into the house.

“I see sleeping beauty is still in her slumbering stage.” Maddy laughed as she put the food on the table.

“He doesn’t feel good. He was just in the hospital. Cut the kid a break.” Bob said shaking his head at his wife. I smiled walking into the front room where Kellan was sleeping. I kissed him.

“Time to wake up Sleeping Beauty, dinner’s ready and it’s time to tell our parents.” I gave him another kiss picking up a sleeping Jamie as he pulled himself up. I put Jamie in her bouncer walking back into the dining room with Kellan behind me. We sat down in our chairs as he rubbed his eyes tiredly.

“How are you feeling, Kellan?” Bob asked as Maddy passed out pizza slices.

“Better since Charlie said she would marry me.” He said before rubbing his nose and yawning. My mom spit out her drink.

“You said what?” She gasped at me.

“We’re engaged.” I smiled as Maddy squealed.

“Oh this is amazing! The wedding is going to be amazing. We’ll help you plan it. Oh I’m just so happy!” Maddy was bouncing in her seat.

“I’m helping Maddy!” My mother giggled. I could just leave it to them and not have to worry about a thing because I know they would have everything I like. Bob smiled at Kellan.

“Told you she’d say yes.” I blinked and looked over at him as he shoved a piece of pizza into his mouth hungrily.

“I had to tell someone. Will helped me pick out the ring though. You have him to thank.” He winked as I picked at my pizza not really wanting it. It just wasn’t agreeing with my stomach.

“You okay, Honey?” My Mom asked as my stomach rolled.

“Yeah, I’m just not hungry.” I pushed my piece towards Kellan who frowned at me. “I don’t want it.” He nodded before shoving it in his face as well.

“Are you okay?” Bob asked cocking his head. I gave him a weak smile.

“This happens a lot when you’re pregnant.” I shrugged taking some salad. That wasn’t making want to tear out my stomach and throw it away.

“You’re pregnant too!” My mom shook her head. “My old heart can’t take any more surprises. Enough surprises before I topple over.” I rolled my eyes.

“You’re not old.” She shook her head.

“Those two grandbabies say otherwise.” Kellan laughed. This was normal. A family dinner with my daughter sleeping in the next room, her father laughing at my mother’s bad jokes, my soon to be in-laws watching it all unfold. It really is normal. I could get used to this. My life seemed content. My daughter is happy and healthy. My boyfriend, now fiancé, is on the road to recovery with a lot of tender loving care ready for him. I am happy. I really can get used to this.

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