A Firefighter's Baby

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Epilogue

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Submitted: December 31, 2012




Four Years Later

“Mommy, wake up.” I listened to the groan that came out of Kellan’s throat as he covered his face. “Mommy, I’m hungry.” Jamie’s voice squeaked as she tried to shake me.

“Go ask Daddy for breakfast.” I giggled wide awake. I’m used to the six o’clock wake ups from my daughter. She’s like her father, always hungry. She crawled over me sitting on her Daddy’s back trying to pull the pillow out of Kellan’s powerful grip.

“Daddy I’m hungry.” She whined at him. I couldn’t help the giggles as she pulled with all her three, now four, year old strength. “Daddy up!” She huffed at him. I felt another set of little hands pulling on the comforter trying to get up on the bed. I looked down at two big blue eyes getting frustrated at not being able to pull himself up on the bed.

“What are you doing you silly boy?” I smiled pulling him up onto me. He clapped happily moving to help his sister. Kellan pulled his face out from under the pillow. “How did he get out of his crib now?” He groaned.

“He’s the family Houdini. Isn’t that right Greyson?” I smiled at him as he giggled lying down on Kellan’s back.

“Your children are going to be the death of me.” He groaned putting his head back.

“Oh? They’re all my kids now?” I asked pulling at Greyson’s chubby legs making him sequel. Greyson, being the baby of the family, I still dote on him. He always has his father’s goof smile on his face. He’s the trouble maker of the group. He may only be a year and a half but he throws around his weight with his sister.

“They’re your kids before 7.” Jamie looked over at me rubbing her stomach.

“Mommy my tummy is all empty.” She pouted at me, her little lip popped out as far as she could get it.

“Okay Birthday Girl, what do you want for breakfast?” She beamed at me stepping over her father to tell me making Kellan grunt loudly.

“I want Manny’s!” She was jumping up and down making her blonde hair fly into her face. I was working with Manny for work. I usually would meet with him over lunch or breakfast at his diner which meant the kids came long. Jamie loved him and I have to say the way he fed her made me think he loves her too. “I want Manny’s Mommy!” I smiled at her.

“Okay baby, anything for you. Do you want to go there and eat or want me to go pick it up?” She frowned at me. “What baby?” I asked her as Kellan turned over.

“I want to spend time with Daddy.” She frowned sniffing looking over at him sadly. She loves her Daddy.

“I’ll go pick it up now. You snuggle up with your Daddy while I go.” She smiled at me lying down on her father’s pillow cuddling up right to his side making him hug her tightly and kiss her head.

“Come take a nap with Daddy.” He smiled at her. She stuck her thumb into her mouth giving me a pointed look.

“I’m going, I’m going.” I shook my head as Greyson clung to me as I sat up. “Pushy. Takes after her Father.” I smiled walking to the dresser to pull out a pair of yoga pants to wear out and a bra and t-shirt. Greyson sucked his thumb as I put him on the bed so I can change.

“I heard that.” Kellan said moving his arm from over his eyes to look at me.

“Good.” I said popping my hip as I walked into the bathroom. I walked back in and smiled. This is like my family. Greyson fast asleep again with his butt in the air. I walked over kissing Kellan head. “I’ll be back later.” I walked out leaving the three of them to themselves. I walked down the hall and put my head into my oldest son’s room. “Harrison, want to come out with me?” He looked up from his v-tech. He blinked moving his hair out of his face.

“Okay.” He smiled putting down his v-tech and looking at me. I walked over pulling down his bedrail. My poor baby is a restless sleeping and fell out of bed and had to get stitches. Now he has to have his bed rail up. The doctor says he should outgrow it. He lifted his arms beaming at me. “How did my Sugar-baby sleep?” He wiggled his fabric covered feet as I moved the hair out of his eyes.

“Good, Mommy.” He is my little baby, my little helper, and my little boy. My first little boy.

“We’re going to get your sister her birthday breakfast.” I walked downstairs pulling my keys out of the bowel. There really is no use changing the kids at 6 in the morning to get them food. I’d go crazy if I did every time. I have enough laundry to do.

“Mommy can I get a cupcake?” Harry asked as I clicked him into his car seat.

“You can get a muffin, Baby.” I smiled at him. He smiled clapping. Harrison is a year younger then Jamie. I remember when Greyson was born he wouldn’t even leave the hospital, just stayed curled up on the bed with me. I didn’t want to leave so we redid the room over the garage taking down all walls and splitting the area into three rooms. We still have a study but it’s nicer to have a spare room. Harrison was singing to the radio replacing every word with Mommy or Daddy. I was able to get all the food and even pick up Jamie’s cake for her party later. My phone started to ring as I was on my way back.

“Yes, my handsome husband?” I smiled.

“Where are you? We’re hungry.” He whined into the phone. No wonder Jamie knows how to, she got it from her father.

“Yeah Mommy, We’re hungry!” Jamie whined coping her Dad.

“Yeah Momma.” Greyson giggled clapping her hands.

“I’m almost home. Kellan you have to bring something in for me.” I pulled into the driveway. “Come get it.” The front door opened and Jamie came bouncing out.

“Did you get the food, Mommy?” She asked opening the side door.

“Yes, Baby. Kellan, it’s in the trunk.” I smiled as I got out. I handed her the small bag.

“Yummy.” She smiled running back in the house as I got Harrison out of his seat. I handed the bags to Kellan as Harrison took a sip from his apple juice.

“Did you get everything?” Kellan asked kissing me. I nodded walking into the Jamie squealing running around the front room.

“Jamie in your seat!” I put Harry in his before putting Greyson in his high chair.

“Mommy, I want juice too.” Jamie frowned as Harry suckled on his bottle. He scowled at her holding the bottle tighter.

“I got you some. Give me a minute to pass it out. Kellan get your butt in here.” I called to him as he brought in the plates.

“Manny made you your favorite Baby. Chocolate chip, strawberry, and blueberry pancakes.” I smiled cutting them up for the kids.

“When is the party again?” Kellan asked sitting down yawning.

“Noon. Will and Ava are decorating for me. Not every day my baby turns 4.” I pouted at him giving him his pancakes. I gave Harrison his muffin.

“Little pieces, Sugar.” I smiled at him as I gave Jamie her drink as she took a swipe at Harrison’s. I smiled at Greyson as he had syrupy finger’s shoved in his mouth. I sat on Kellan’s lap stealing pieces of his pancake.

“How is my beautiful wife this morning?” He asked kissing my neck.

“I’m good. Tired but good.” I sighed. “Can you believe she’s four?”

“It seems like only yesterday we were making her.” He sucked a little making me giggle and slap at him. “I still remember that day. One of the best days of my life. There’s that day. Then when Jamie was born, when Harrison was born, our wedding day and our wedding night,” He winked at me, “and when Greyson was born. Those are the best days a man can have.” I smiled at him kissing him.

“I love you, Kellan.” He pulled at my wedding and engagement rings.

“I love you too, Charlotte.” He snuggled into my shoulder.


“Mommy! Harry won’t leave me alone.” Jamie cried running into my arms. I put Greyson down and scooped her up hugging her close.

“Harrison!” He gave me a scared look and hit behind Patch, one of his partners in crime. “Enough!” Patch smiled at his cousin as his brother looked at me wide eyed. “All of you.” I gave Patch a pointed look knowing where his mind was going.

“But Aunt Charlie.” He pouted.

“No.” He crossed his arms before walking over to Maddy, his grandmother. I kissed Jamie’s head wiping her eyes.

“Is my little niece crying on her birthday?” My brother Joseph smiled at Jamie.

“Uncle Joey!” She screamed getting out of my lap running into his arms. Joey obviously just got off his plane. I knew how upset he was when he thought he wasn’t going to get to make it to her party. The first time in a long time I saw my brother was at my wedding when he showed up. Now I feel like my family is whole again. I didn’t fear that my brother hated me. Now I just wonder how bad he is going to spoil my children. Greyson frowned at me tears forming in his eyes.

“Momma, Momma up.” He sniffled. I lifted him back up. He wasn’t over his stumble before and wanted his mommy. I kissed his face making him make a face before kissing me back.

“Hey Bubba, Hey Sis.” Joey said kissing both mine and Greyson’s head. Jamie sucked her thumb looking at the boys as they played with the other kids.

“How was the flight?” I smiled stroking Greyson’s hair as he started to fall asleep.

“Good, boring, but good.” He smiled as Kellan walked over.

“Daddy.” Jamie whimpered reaching for him. He pouted at her before taking her into his arms. She snuggled into his neck.

“I love you. Don’t let some stupid boys make you cry on your birthday.” He whispered to her. She rubbed at her eyes. “Go play. If they’re mean to you, I’ll deal with them.” She nodded as he kissed her pouting lip. “Go have fun.” He put her down watching as she ran off. I handed him a sleeping Greyson as he leaned back in his chair as we watched our family walking around the Fire House talking and laughing. One of the guys just had another baby and everyone was fawning over him.

“Remember when ours were that small?” Kellan smiled at me. I nodded.

“Yeah.” He kissed Greyson’s head.

“I miss having a little one around. Don’t get me wrong I love all three of our kids and I would never change them. But I do miss having a baby around.” I looked over at him.

“So this would be a good time to tell you I’m pregnant?” I bit my lip at him. He threw his head back and started to laugh. “What?” I giggled at me.

“Only you would be able to pull that punch.” I shook my head.

“I’m serious. Kellan I’m pregnant.” I smiled at him. “You got your wish without any of the work. Perfect timing or what?” He leaned over and kissed me.

“It is perfect.” I smiled as he shook his head. “You always have a way of surprising me.” I looked out into the party as Harrison came up crawling into my lap. “Four perfect surprises.” I wrapped my arms around the baby in my arms thinking about the one in my stomach. “I love you, Charlie.” He smiled at me. He picked up my water and handed it to me. “Cheers.” He smiled at me tapping his beer can with my water.

“Cheers.” I smiled back at him.

“To a long happy life. You, me, and our four kids.” He smiled at me as we both drank our drinks. To a long happy life together. My loving family. People ask me if I could go back and change what happened the day I conceive Jamie, and used a condom or not slept with Kellan would I. It was no every time. I love all of my children. I can’t imagine life without anyone of them. I love my children and Kellan more than anything. I wouldn’t, couldn’t, change that one bit.

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